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the light shines in the darkness

As someone who sits at a computer for up to 12 hours a day, the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus lockdown haven’t shaken up my routine as much as they have for many other people. But the world outside has changed for all of us, which means we’re spending more time inside and more time online, where it’s clear that the web hasn’t changed in tandem. Hidden trackers aren’t self-isolating, snoopers aren’t social-distancing and content blocked in the UK hasn’t been liberated. Unless, that is, you access an alternative, anonymous internet. In this issue’s cover feature, we explain why and how you should delve into the so-called dark web, a place that’s far less scary and much more beneficial than its reputation suggests. We reveal the tools you should use, the…

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what’s new online

Record your own podcast with friends You may be social distancing at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get together with friends and start a fun podcast remotely. It’s a great way to indulge in a shared hobby or tell the world about something you’re doing. Using Anchor, you’re now able to bring up to five people together to make a single recording, no matter how much physical distance there is between you. All it needs is one of you to have the latest version of the Anchor app installed on iOS or Android – the rest can take part on a desktop or mobile device without an account. To get started, the host simply needs to send invitations to up to four others which, when clicked, open a browser window.…

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need to know

Privacy concerns raised over video-chat app Zoom What happened? The coronavirus lockdown has prompted many housebound people to turn to videoconferencing apps to stay in touch with friends and family. Zoom (zoom.us) is leading the pack, and the business app has sat atop the iOS and Android download charts for several weeks. However, the massive increase in Zoom’s popularity has also led to concerns that the app doesn’t do enough to protect its users’ security. Last year, Zoom was hit by a series of security flaws, which could have allowed hackers to take over webcams and shared screens, and send spoof messages between users. There are also concerns over the app’s privacy measures. Zoom doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption of video or audio meetings, which means the company can see what you say and who…

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first look

Huawei P40 Pro bit.ly/p40pro499 A Google-free smartphone? For many, it sounds like a dream, but for others it’s the first of several hurdles to jump when it comes to Huawei’s 5G-supported P40 Pro. Truth be told, the handset isn’t strictly Google-free. Due to trade bans set by the US on the Chinese brand, the P40 Pro runs an open-source version of Android 10. Ultimately, this means you can’t install Google’s own apps, such as Maps or YouTube, unless you use unofficial and unrecommended methods. But if you’re specifically after a Google-free phone, you’re presumably prepared to live with less effective substitutes and workarounds for its apps. The phone, co-engineered with German camera manufacturer Leica, is built with image capture at its core – or “Visionary photography,” as the Huawei hype describes it. On the…

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what’s the rumour

Is WhatsApp adding selfdestructing messages? WhatsApp could be getting a host of new features soon, if a leaked list of upgrades proves true. The Facebookowned messaging service recently submitted an update to the Google Play Beta Program and, in the app’s latest version, it appears the company is introducing expiring messages. Like a Mission: Impossible briefing, these messages can be set to self-destruct after a specified amount of time. In previous tests, only the administrators of WhatsApp groups could control expiring messages, but the new option should be accessible to all. It’s often been teased but, if the whispers are right, we can expect to see this feature appear in the near future. Beta testers also suggest that WhatsApp is working on support for multiple devices. Currently, your WhatsApp account is tied to…

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what’s new on kickstarter

NevoQ bit.ly/wallet499 | From £39 The NevoQ combines a wallet with a supercharged power bank to create a ‘charge anywhere, anytime’ device that keeps your phone juiced on the go, while stashing your cash and cards. Just pop your phone on top or connect one of three built-in cables to charge it using the wallet’s 4000mAh power bank. This convenience, however, involves some bulk and the NevoQ cuts a fuller figure than a traditional wallet. It comes in two shades – one for men, and one for women. We just hope it won’t clash with contactless cards while it’s charging our phone.…