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No magazine is more in touch with Kiwi women than Woman’s Day, New Zealand’s most popular weekly magazine. For the one-in-three women who read Woman’s Day each week, it’s a treat – a chance to escape daily life for a titillating fix of the best showbiz stories, hot celebrity photos, inspirational real-life reads, a TV guide and a lifestyle section packed with tips, tricks, puzzles and great columns.

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editor’s note

It seems Kiwis like nothing more than a bit of competition. We’re obsessed with reality TV when rivalry is at the fore. Opinions were heated after the final of The Block, when only Lisa and Ribz walked away with prize money after so much blood, sweat and tears from all the teams. This week (pages 24-25) we catch up with the Welly winners to find out how they plan to spend their $150,000 prize. I’m obsessed with Celebrity Treasure Island (page 26), and so is my little boy Darcy. We were gutted to see our camping buddy Jodie Rimmer exit last week, but now we’re gunning for Shannon Ryan or Moses Mackay to make it to the end. The ultimate Kiwi competition is, of course, watching our mighty All Blacks take on the…

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justice for diana

‘The police made astonishing errors and misjudgements’ It’s a mystery that has fascinated the world for the past 22 years, spawning dozens of conspiracy theories, leaving a dark shadow over the royal family and forever tarnishing unfaithful Prince Charles. Princess Diana herself predicted she would die in a car accident orchestrated by her ex-husband after their toxic marriage disintegrated because of his obsessive love for his mistress Camilla, who he married after Diana’s death. But there are claims that new evidence proves beyond any doubt what really happened in that Paris tunnel on the night of August 31, 1997, when the People’s Princess and her Egyptian lover Dodi Fayed died after their Mercedes sedan smashed into a pillar at high speed. The explosive findings contained in a new book, Diana: Case Solved, may lead…

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driver henri paul’s mystery $530 000!

Drunk and estimated to be driving at more than double the speed limit, Henri Paul – the driver of the Mercedes S280 that was taking Diana and her lover Dodi back to their Paris apartment – has long been held accountable for her death by French and British authorities. But mystery has surrounded the involvement of Henri, who also lost his life in the accident, and just why he was the one chauffeuring the couple that evening. In Diana: Case Solved, the author reveals there were a number of suspicious circumstances surrounding Henri, who at the time was the deputy head of security at Paris’ Ritz hotel, which is owned by Dodi’s father Mohamed Al-Fayed. The author writes, “Henri Paul was a 41-year-old professional driver. Yet when he died, it was revealed that…

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‘the memory of that night will stay with me forever’

For years he kept quiet as the memory of a dying Diana haunted him every day. For French firefighter Xavier Gourmelon, 51, who was one of the first emergency workers to reach the princess immediately after the car accident that took her life, it’s a scene that will forever be ingrained in his mind. In Diana: Case Solved, it’s revealed Xavier did all he could to save the People’s Princess, who was mysteriously free from blood and clinging onto consciousness when Xavier reached her and began administering CPR. “She was moving very slightly and I could see she was alive,” Xavier recalls. “I held her hand and told her to be calm and keep still. I told her I was there to help and reassured her. “I massaged her heart and a few…

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harry’s headache meghan suits herself again!

When Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in May last year, he desperately hoped it would mark the start of a settled and blissful new life. But after yet another week of scandal and controversy, he’s said to be struggling to cope with the emotional fallout over his wife’s refusal to follow royal rules. And Woman’s Day can reveal that Meghan’s surprising decision to travel to America to cheer on her friend Serena Williams at the US Open has sparked a major crisis behind palace walls, with the Queen calling emergency meetings with her senior aides in a bid to take control. “Each week the situation gets even worse,” tells our source. “Meghan is becoming more and more rebellious and appears to have taken matters entirely in her own hands. She now simply…