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No magazine is more in touch with Kiwi women than Woman’s Day, New Zealand’s most popular weekly magazine. For the one-in-three women who read Woman’s Day each week, it’s a treat – a chance to escape daily life for a titillating fix of the best showbiz stories, hot celebrity photos, inspirational real-life reads, a TV guide and a lifestyle section packed with tips, tricks, puzzles and great columns.

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maleficent mistress ange i’ll never wed again!

Standing tall in a breathtaking black Versace gown, Angelina Jolie looked more powerful than ever as she celebrated the premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in Los Angeles. But just last week, the usually private star opened up about the struggles and hardships she’s faced in recent years. While she describes her character Maleficent as “wild” and “free”, Angelina admits she herself has felt trapped. “There have been times in my life – and maybe I’ve hidden them well from the public – where I have not felt free, I have not felt safe, I have not felt free of harm. I have felt small. I have felt cornered,” explained the 44-year-old actress, who split from her husband Brad Pitt, 55, in 2016. “These last few years haven’t been the easiest and…

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editor’s note

You guys are amazing. We celebrated ur 30th birthday last week with a special issue and what’s blown me away is the lovely feedback we’ve received. People don’t write letters much any more, but I’ve read the most gorgeous messages of gratitude from all over New Zealand. Hazel from Feilding treasured the memories the issue brought back, and was dazzled by our past and present cover stars, excited to turn each page to see who was in the celebrity line-up. Felicitas from Otago dubs the mag “women’s best friend”, thanked us for the “beautiful read each week” and loved reminiscing with the birthday issue. Also from Otago, Erin cares for five children, including a baby, and when he has a nap her favourite thing to do is relax with a cuppa and Woman’s Day. Claire…

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spiritual awakening rachel’s passage to india

‘I’d love to open up some type of wellness retreat. Somewhere I can go and do those talks ’ It’s fair to say that for someone who never had a career plan, Rachel Hunter is doing pretty darn well. The Kiwi supermodel, who turned 50 last month, is currently juggling a serious line-up of jobs: yoga and meditation teacher, brand ambassador and now, author. This month sees the launch of her first book, Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, based on the first season of the hit TV show which has been screened in 150 countries worldwide since its 2015 debut. It’s an experience that changed her life and began a love story with India – a country she now spends large amounts of time in. The book acts as something of a bridge…

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it’s a minefield! meghan & harry’s tour bombshell

As they touched down in the UK after their 10-day tour of Africa last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were basking in the success of their first official overseas trip with baby Archie. After months of negative headlines, the royal tour was being lauded as a great triumph, with the pair shining a light on a raft of admirable causes and showing their humanitarian sides. As well as visits to HIV organisations, mental health groups and female empowerment charities, the big highlight for royal fans was the eagerly awaited appearance of adorable Archie, who melted hearts on his visit with anti-apartheid campaigner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Prince Harry then made an emotional journey to Angola, where he followed in the footsteps of his late mother Princess Diana by walking through a minefield.…

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separate rooms! nicole & keith’s holiday from hell

A romantic Italian holiday following weeks apart should have made for a blissful reunion for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, but instead their European getaway was fraught with tension and explosive arguments. Now sources claim their make-or-break holiday has confirmed what they both feared – their 13-year marriage is in serious trouble. Alarm bells were ringing even before they touched down for their child-free getaway after a tense appearance at the Global Ocean Gala in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Known for their lovey-dovey displays of affection on the red carpet, this time Keith looked loath to pose alongside his wife, forcing her to plaster on a smile and have pictures taken solo. “It was so awkward,” says an onlooker. “It would have been better if Keith had just stayed at home because he did…

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surviving depression matt’s brave decision to quit

For most people, New Year’s Eve is a time for both celebration and making resolutions. But as the year clicked over to 2018, Celebrity Treasure Island host Matt Chisholm set himself just one goal: survive. “It wasn’t to have as much fun in life as I could, which would have been my resolution 10 years ago,” he tells. “It was to survive. That’s how I felt going into that year.” Already unhappy, he had no idea that the events in the months ahead would create a perfect black storm that would see him spiral downwards. Nor did he know that by December he would hit rock bottom. “I got to the end, met my last work deadline and I just collapsed,” Matt recalls. “And I allowed myself to feel and be honest and…