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No magazine is more in touch with Kiwi women than Woman’s Day, New Zealand’s most popular weekly magazine. For the one-in-three women who read Woman’s Day each week, it’s a treat – a chance to escape daily life for a titillating fix of the best showbiz stories, hot celebrity photos, inspirational real-life reads, a TV guide and a lifestyle section packed with tips, tricks, puzzles and great columns.

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my oh di! emma’s spot on

Stripe me pink! Royal watchers could have been forgiven for doing a double take when a Princess Diana lookalike popped up in Spain, radiant in a polka-dot dress and matching hat. But the pretty girl with the swish blonde ’do, bold ’80s power shoulders and coy sideways glance was none other than actress Emma Corrin, shooting scenes for the Netflix smash hit The Crown. Emma, 23, together with actor Josh O’Connor, 29, who portrays Prince Charles, were recreating the couple’s 1983 tour of Australia (which they combined with a visit to New Zealand, showing off their firstborn, nine-month-old Prince William). Season three of The Crown is set to premiere next month, with a whole new cast to reflect the ageing of the royals. Broadchurch actress Olivia Colman has replaced Claire Foy as The…

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almost heroes!

AMANDA SEYFRIED Green with envy? Amanda turned down the part of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, which went to Zoe Saldana. EMILY BLUNT Scheduling conflicts forced Emily to back out of playing Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in The Avengers. WILL SMITH Fresh Prince star Will didn’t want to “mess up people’s heroes” by becoming the Man of Steel in Superman Returns – the part went to Brandon Routh. JESSICA CHASTAIN Jessica must be feeling waspish after rejecting a role in the Ant-Man movies, a part which has caused a lot of buzz for Evangeline Lilly! MATT DAMON Unimpressed with the script for Daredevil, Matt let his BFF Ben Affleck take the lead.…

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editor’s note

Hate is a horrible negative word that I’ve banned my kids from saying at home, but when it comes to foods people detest, the h-bomb gets used a lot! This week we asked Kiwi chefs known for waxing lyrical about ingredients to tell us about those they’ve come to loathe. Yes, even celebrity cooks have food they abhor (see page 26). I have to agree with foodie Nadia Lim, who hates glacé cherries – they’re like eating plastic. And I can’t fathom how the flavour is supposed to relate to my beloved Christmas cherries. But otherwise, I struggled to think of foods I don’t like. I’m a piggy by nature! But the Woman’s Day team, on the other hand, are vitriolic in their hate of certain ingredients – mainly vegetables! Marilynn is mortified by…

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woman's day magazine nz

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dating on the sly ange ’s love secret

Wowing the crowds in a stunning purple Givenchy top, Angelina Jolie almost glowed with happiness in Rome last week as she teamed up with Michelle Pfeiffer to promote their new movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. With a mischievous gleam in her eye, she laughed and giggled as the cameras flashed and fans craned for a glimpse of the actress who’s never been far from the headlines since her marriage to Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt imploded in 2016. After three years of what she describes as feeling “small” and “insignificant”, these days the 44-year-old can’t seem to wipe the mega-watt smile off her face and, spills a Hollywood insider, it’s all because she’s finally ready to love again – so much so that she’s getting help from a dating coach! “Now that her divorce…

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elle of a good time!

Michelle isn’t the only Maleficent co-star Angelina has become close with. The mum-of-six has also developed a “very, very close” relationship with 21-year-old Elle Fanning, who plays Princess Aurora in the movie, and she recently took the young star on a family paintballing expedition. “I had never gone paintballing before,” laughs Elle. “And oh, she’s aggressive! We were the only people in the place, with all of her kids. She and I weren’t on the same team. I was so bad, I hit their security guard in the neck and he was on my team! But Angelina is really good.” Devoted mum Angelina relishes having fun with her brood, although she confesses her pranks sometimes go awry – like when she was filming the first Maleficent movie six years ago and decided…