Women's Fitness Guide

Issue 16

We all want to look and feel our best, so our Women's Fitness series provides you with your own personal trainer in bookazine form. Each edition focuses in on one aim, using expert advice from fitness professionals and nutritionists to help you reach your goals. You could try out the Women's Guide to Running, the Best Body Bootcamp, Tone up in Ten Minutes, Get Your Body Back – and numerous other titles all dedicated to helping you feel fitter and healthier at your own pace.

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Get Your Body Back is the ultimate guide for mums – no matter how long ago you had your baby! Based on personal trainer Wendy Powell’s post-pregnancy MuTu fitness programmes, this guide will teach you about the physical impact of becoming a mum and provides the exercises you need to heal your body and get back into brilliant shape. You’ll learn a holistic approach to repairing your mid-section, and lay the foundations for a flat tummy and trim waistline. You’ll discover a new lifestyle that will help you make friends with your new Mama body. You will combine exercise with nutrition, to rediscover your body confidence. Follow the tailored six-week exercise and diet plan and you’ll be fitter, stronger and leaner. Your mummy tummy will be history – and you’ll have a…

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how to use this book

This guide includes all the advice and action plans you need if you want to shape up after a baby – however long ago you were pregnant! The guide is based around a simple-to-follow six-week plan of home exercises that will rebuild your core and tone you up all over. You’ll also find simple diet tips that will help you lose pounds and feel nourished and energised. The plan has been tried and tested on hundreds of women who all loved the results. Take your time to read through the details in the plan before you begin. You’ll find vital advice to help you understand the changes your body has been through, plus how to exercise safely, eat well, and look your most radiant, beautiful self.…

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the science

What’s going on with your body? Aches and pains, stretch marks, ‘mummy tummy, wrinkly midriff – that’s all standard after pregnancy. And we expect it, of course. But wee leaking, prolapse and hernias? That’s more than most of us bargained for. Don’t worry though, my holistic approach will repair and restore your body, inside and out. It works because it deals with fixing the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, and because it understands your body. And that’s where you need to start, too – by getting to grips with what’s going on with your body. So not just the mummy tummy, but the reason you can’t shift it. You may know that something is ‘not quite right’ in your abdomen and pelvic floor. Now’s the time to understand what’s wrong and…

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meet your core

Your core is a group of deep muscles, which supports your stomach, pelvic floor and lower back. These areas are interconnected, so it’s pointless to try to fix one area in isolation. If you have backache, you need to strengthen your core. If you have diastasis recti, you need to find and engage your deep core muscles. Doing Kegels exercises and “squeezing like you’re trying to stop a wee” (common advice from GPs) won’t get your pelvic floor functioning properly. To do that, your core as a whole requires some expert attention. SOLUTION It’s vital to realign and reconnect with all your core muscles – and then to move your body dynamically, working the entire midsection. And that’s what you’ll be working on in the exercises you’ll learn in this book.…

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how to boost your mama body

After you’ve had children, your optimum fitness programme changes. What worked for you previously won’t necessarily be right for you now. This is not because you’re older, or you’ve become less able; it’s because your body has changed. So now when you exercise, you need to do it mindfully and treat your body with care. All mums have a weakened pelvic floor, and usually a degree of diastasis recti, after giving birth. If you don’t repair and strengthen your pelvic floor and all the mid-section muscles, your core will remain unstable. This will prevent you getting the body shape you want, and it can trigger other health problems. A weak core puts strain on not just your pelvic floor, but your back, hips and knees. Effective abdominal exercise for mums is about…

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first steps

ALIGNMENT Take a good look in the mirror. Consider your alignment, making adjustments where necessary to the way you stand, walk and move around. The muscles of your core work properly when you hold your body as nature intended. Similarly, your glutes will work better as you walk and run; your core supports your centre of gravity more effectively as you move and your pelvic floor muscles will be at full length and doing their job of holding everything in. GOING BAREFOOT To help maintain proper alignment, I can’t sing the praises of ‘going barefoot’ highly enough. Being barefoot, or wearing barefoot shoes, limits interference with your body’s natural alignment and helps you to engage and use your core properly with every move you make. CORE EXERCISE Your exercise plan should start with daily walking. As…