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YOU Play - 10 minute puzzlesYOU Play - 10 minute puzzles

YOU Play - 10 minute puzzles


Enjoy hours of fun with YOU Games: 10-minute puzzles. This fun magazine contains crosswords, number puzzles, codebreakers, word searches, games for kids and more – a great way to keep the family entertained.

South Africa
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I WAS recently at a family gathering on a farm where we often visited and played as children during school holidays. We wanted to relive our childhood and had plans to stroll through the fields, climb mountains and camp out under the many oak trees.Sadly bad weather meant we could not do everything we planned. Soon days when it was too cold or rainy to venture out we would stay indoors and playboard and card games and tell jokes until late at night and created many special memories.A few copies of YOU 10-Minute Puzzles would also have been perfect for our get-together because it really is an easy way to entertain the whole family. This is our fourth edition of this popular magazine and it is filled with a great…

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HOW IT WORKSThese classic crosswords are perfect for beginners eager to try a few word puzzles or experts who want something to do during a quick break. Answers run across and down, just follow the arrows. There are a few picture crosswords too.NO 1 Solution on page 70(ALL CROSSWORDS COMPILED BY GERDA ENGELBRECHT)NO 2 Solution on page 70NO 3 Solution on page 70NO 4 Solution on page 70(PICTURES: INPRA, LUBABALO LESOLLE)NO 5 Solution on page 70NO 6 Solution on page 70NO 7 Solution on page 70NO 8 Solution on page 70NO 9 Solution on page 70NO 10 Solution on page 70NO 11 Solution on page 70FAST FACTThe popular food flavouring vanilla is harvested from an orchid. The vanilla orchid’s pods and seeds are used.NO 12 Solution on page 70NO 13A…

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quick-break crosswords

HOW IT WORKSThere’s something wonderful about the labour of love that goes into completing a large crossword. But sometimes it’s great to give your brain a quick workout. If that’s what you need, these puzzles are just perfect. The sizes of these 18 puzzles vary so you’re bound to find something for a short break.NO 1 Solution on page 71(ALL QUICK BREAKS COMPILED BY GERDA ENGELBRECHT)ACROSS6 Talus (bone) (5)7 Aged (3)8 Deliberate exaggeration (9)13 Storage spaces (9)18 Cushion (3)19 First performance (5)DOWN1 Money (4)2 Leave out (4)3 Fermented drink (4)4 Unaccompanied (4)5 Brim (4)9 Popular SA magazine (3)10 Type of tide (3)11 Short for brassiere (3)12 Pot part (3)13 Western . . . (SA province) (4)14 Pea shells (4)15 Gambling chances (4)16 Deep red (4)17 Locale (4)NO 2 Solution on…

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celebrity puzzles

HOW IT WORKSDo you love TV series, movies and music? Well, you’re going to like this section! In these crosswords, use the clues to fill in the names of local and international actors and singers. See how well you know your favourite stars.NO 1 LOCAL TV AND MOVIE STARS Solution on page 72(ALL CELEB PUZZLES COMPILED BY GERDA ENGELBRECHT)ACROSS3 He played FW de Klerk in the 2013 movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and was a contestant in Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina in 2010. (3,2,8)9 This Durban-born star made her TV debut presenting SABC1’s Live and then Mzansi Insider. She’s also had roles in several local soapies. (6,7)10 She played Sofia in Isidingo, Terry in 7de Laan and Abby in the BBC miniseries Sisters in Love. (5,7)11 She was…

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crisscross puzzles

HOW IT WORKSCrisscross puzzles are similar to crosswords but generally easier: the words are listed and must be filled in the correct row across or down based on length and intersecting letters. In some puzzles clues are given to get you started but some don’t have any clues to make it more challenging (inspect the word lists to see if there are options that only fit in one spot).NO 1 Solution on page 72(ALL CRISSCROSS PUZZLES COMPILED BY GERDA ENGELBRECHT)3 LETTERSArcEyeRyeSagToeTotToy4 LETTERSLoadLullPeerThug7 LETTERSDredgedPalacesSettlerTurtles9 LETTERSConstructGrotesqueSucceededSupremelyNO 2 Solution on page 723 LETTERSAkaEweOvaRepSeeTeaWoe4 LETTERSAbleEarlSewnSows7 LETTERSCanteenEnablesPleasedSpatter9 LETTERSPer capitaRectangleReproduceTornadoesNO 3 Solution on page 733 LETTERSMooOcaSueTar4 LETTERSCuteDartHomeLootMineMopeSinsTyre5 LETTERSCallsCrackNoisyRakesSealsSidesSocksSuedeTotem6 LETTERSDancedSailed7 LETTERSAsceticDismissKneadedSecreteSkippedSoothed9 LETTERSAcappellaContortedCriminalsShepherds11 LETTERSCommemorateComplements14 LETTERSIndiscriminateInterpretationFAST FACTArthur Wynne created the first modern crossword in 1913. The British-born inventor worked in America at the New York World newspaper and made…

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HOW IT WORKSCodebreakers are easy to master. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by the same number throughout the puzzle. Use the clues provided to fill letters into the rest of the grid and work out the missing words of the puzzle, for example in the puzzle below E = 20, D = 5 and L = 2. Add the solved letters to the number grid guide either next to or below each puzzle.NO 1 Solution on page 73NO 4 Solution on page 77ANAGRAMArrange all the letters of the word given to form one new 10-letter word.NO 2 Solution on page 73NO 3 Solution on page 74NO 4 Solution on page 74NO 5 Solution on page 74The picture is the clue in this codebreaker. Fill in the first name…