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25 Beautiful Homes December 2019

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We’re excited to present you with the December issue – our Christmas special – where we celebrate festive interiors, from richly decorated traditional spaces to pared-back rooms with just a touch of sparkle. This second approach is what works for me in my home; I gravitate towards a minimal take on Yuletide styling and there are more than a couple of houses in this issue that strike a chord with my simple approach. Rikke Graff Juel’s Copenhagen house (page 104) and Alette Sluijsmans’ farmhouse in the Netherlands (page 129) both combine foliage with twinkly whites to create serene, sophisticated schemes. Decorators at the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, will enjoy the decadent touches in the Victorian townhouse on the cover (page 20). Whatever your style, I hope you find…

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all is calm

When Kim Dawson first viewed a handsome Edwardian house in her dream location, she was unfazed by the multicoloured, dated interior, realising that with vision and determination, it could be totally transformed – just in time for Christmas. ‘I’m sure many people would have been put off by the riot of colour that confronted me when I walked in,’ says Kim. ‘The house was completely over the top, decorated in all colours of the rainbow dominated by yellows, reds and purples.’ Despite this being the first property she had looked at, Kim was smitten with the high ceilings, the generous proportions of the rooms and the potential to restore the original period features that had unfortunately vanished over the years. ‘Even though it was the middle of summer, I imagined the house…

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journey of discovery

As Carrie Brixey lovingly decorates her idyllic Tudor cottage in the run up to Christmas, she reflects on the almost overwhelming sense of history, emanating from every nook and cranny of this sensitively renovated home. ‘It’s humbling to think that more than 500 Christmases have been celebrated within these ancient walls,’ says Carrie. ‘If only they could talk, what incredibly fascinating stories they would tell.’ Carrie’s own tale began in May 2011, when she and her husband, David, moved into this quintessentially English cottage, after stumbling upon it by sheer accident. Although another house in the village, near Chichester, had originally piqued their interest, it was the stunning cottage next door that took their breath away. ‘At that time, we weren’t seriously house-hunting but, when we drove past, I remember commenting to…

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merry & bright

Sue Stacey is well-versed in the art of celebrating the festive season in warmer climes, having moved back to London after living in Singapore for several years. ‘Imagine cooking a roast dinner in 35-degree heat – madness!’ she says. ‘Our Christmas tree was imported at vast expense and barely lasted until Boxing Day.’ Happily, Sue and her husband Matt’s present home – a Victorian house – is more suited to her idea of a traditional Christmas. The couple bought the property when they moved back to the UK, but both agreed it needed an overhaul. ‘We have three children – Anya, Dylan and Joe – so the garden was a major reason for moving here,’ says Sue. ‘The plan was to create a modern feel, but also pay homage to the…

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new beginnings

With its collection of antiques and classic palette, you would expect this Georgian cottage to be the home of a seasoned period property decorator, but that could not be further from the truth. ‘Although I grew up in the countryside,’ says Jenny Lilley, who is a lawyer, ‘my fiancé Mark and I lived in a modern flat in central Winchester before we came here in 2015. We filled that place with contemporary furniture that suited our tastes back then, but since moving here, and embracing a different kind of life, we’ve replaced our modern pieces with furniture from local auctions and antiques fairs like Kempton.’ Jenny did take advice from a period property expert, however. ‘I remember reading an interview with Cabbages & Roses founder Christina Strutt,’ explains Jenny. ‘She advised…

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season’s greetings

When Jennifer and Edward Carmichael returned to London in 2018 after living in Hong Kong for 15 years, they were ready to put down roots. Their home in Hong Kong was a modern apartment, so they wanted a place with lots of space and character. A friend directed the couple to look at a beautiful tree-lined road with handsome detached Victorian villas, one of which was for sale. ‘Once we’d seen it, we knew we had to have it. It was perfect for us and our children,’ says Jennifer. ‘It had been in the same hands for over 30 years, but apart from putting in new bathrooms and updating paint colours, we didn’t plan on doing anything else.’ NEW ROOM That soon changed when another friend put Jennifer and Edward in touch…