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5280 Home December 2017/January 2018

For more than a decade, 5280 has highlighted Denver and Colorado architecture, interior design, and home products in its pages. With 5280 Home, our mission is to deliver a shelter magazine that showcases the unique visual style and aesthetic of the Front Range in a sophisticated, yet accessible, manner. We will bring you inside the most beautiful houses in and around the Mile High City—and show you how to execute these looks in your own home. We'll talk to the most in-demand local designers. And we'll spotlight the hippest home goods out there. 5280 Home is a must-read for homeowners, designers, and anyone who has an eye for what's next in Denver decor.

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building a case for beauty

WHEN I WAS A KID and couldn’t fall asleep at night, I played a game: I thought of all the “homes” I had at that moment. I would tell myself, “I’m in my bed, in my room, in my house, in my neighborhood….” You get the idea. I would usually get so far as “in my solar system”—and then shiver a little at the smallness I felt in relation to those big, far-off planets. Even then, I knew I inhabited layers of home, not just a house, and maybe I even vaguely understood that part of my self was formed by my surroundings. There’s a line between person and place, but it’s blurry: Who we are is intimately connected to—and influenced by—where we are. Which is why we should all be invested…

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Q WHAT’S YOUR DESIGN RESOLUTION FOR 2018? David Lauer PHOTOGRAPHER It’s hard for architectural photographer David Lauer to choose the one element he loves best about our favorite home of the year—“Clean Slate,” page 92—which he shot for this issue. “The architectural design, clean lines, natural light, the mix of warm materials—it’s a perfect alchemy,” he says. Speaking of design chemistry, Lauer is renovating his midcentury home this year. His goal? “Get it done in time to complement the design with great landscaping in the spring.” Lauer’s work has also been published in Architectural Digest and Dwell. Amanda M. Faison WRITER “I’m so inspired by how restaurants use color, design, and space to set a scene,” says Amanda M. Faison, who wrote “Making A Scene” (page 58) about LivStudio, the Denver-based design and architecture firm favored…

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AT FIRST LIGHT We all want our homes to be welcoming; Nancy Benoit takes that idea one step further. The founder of Glenwood Springs’ Old World Lanterns by Benoit—a line of classic light fixtures handcrafted right here in Colorado—thinks we should set the ambience before visitors even walk in the door. “Here in the mountains, when it’s snowing and you see a flickering light, it’s so inviting,” says Nancy, who runs the 12-year-old company with her husband, Brandon. The appeal is all in the craftsmanship: Brandon personally builds each piece based on age-old designs and processes. The lanterns (which start at $250 each) caught the attention of Atlanta interior designer Jessica Brooke Bullis, who chose the Capital fixtures for her client’s traditional front door (pictured). “It’s never going to go out…

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dreamy decor

HEDRA ROUND WATERFALL 8-PIECE CHANDELIER > $4,495, Hammerton Studio, hammertonstudio.com “VISCERA” > photograph by Petros Koublis, $1,295 for 40 by 60 inches, petroskoublis.com SANDRINE SOFA IN OYSTER VELVET > $8,500, Shine By S.H.O., shinebysho.com LEATHER ROMANTIC CHANDELIER > $3,375, Ngala Trading Co., ngalatrading.com LARGE EASTON CHEST IN BOLERO > $3,575, Oomph, oomphhome.com ALEXANDRIA LAMP > to the trade, Moving Mountains, mvngmtns.com BIRDY SIDE TABLE > $79, Urban Outfitters, urbanoutfitters.com *PROS: Beth Armijo of Armijo Design Group; Miranda Cullen and Devon Tobin of Duet Design Group; Danielle Wallinger of Studio D Design COURTESY OF HAMMERTON STUDIO; COURTESY OF NGALA TRADING CO.; COURTESY OF OOMPH; COURTESY OF MOVING MOUNTAINS; COURTESY OF URBAN OUTFITTERS; COURTESY OF SHINE BY S.H.O.; COURTESY OF PETROS KOUBLIS…

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shape shifters

It all started five years ago in an apartment in Baker. Graphic designer Jon Ketchum and his wife, Deana, needed a dining table, but they couldn’t find anything that would fit the space and live up to their discerning tastes. So, like any good creative pro, Jon put pen to paper; bought lumber, a mallet, and a chisel; watched a few YouTube videos; and, over the course of a week, managed to create the perfect piece. That one table spawned the now-two-year-old New Collar Goods, a Denver-based furniture studio that’s becoming well-known for its sexy, modern-hybrid designs. “I wanted to take new shapes and line forms and design them into furniture,” Jon says. And he did. The company’s ultra-elegant—but practical—wooden and powder-coated-steel chairs ($1,495), planters (starting at $99), and tables (starting…

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design on demand

If you’ve ever found yourself staring blank-eyed at Pinterest while wishing you could summon a pro to create a living room you actually want to hang out in, we have good news: A new breed of so-called “design-in-a-box” services allows homeowners to hire designers for à la carte help—say, to envision a concept for a single room or to develop a home’s color palette. It’s a streamlined version of the full-service approach: Your designer gets to know you through a consultation or questionnaire, delivers a plan for the room, and then—here’s the kicker—lets you order and install the goods on your own time. The process naturally involves less back-and-forth than the standard approach, making it a budget-friendly choice for DIY types who don’t mind doing a little work themselves. While internet…