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5280 Home June/July 2017

For more than a decade, 5280 has highlighted Denver and Colorado architecture, interior design, and home products in its pages. With 5280 Home, our mission is to deliver a shelter magazine that showcases the unique visual style and aesthetic of the Front Range in a sophisticated, yet accessible, manner. We will bring you inside the most beautiful houses in and around the Mile High City—and show you how to execute these looks in your own home. We'll talk to the most in-demand local designers. And we'll spotlight the hippest home goods out there. 5280 Home is a must-read for homeowners, designers, and anyone who has an eye for what's next in Denver decor.

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from the editor

MAKE IT YOUR OWN HAVE YOU PLAYED THE LATEST LOCAL dinner-party game? It goes like this: Someone brings up the topic of the city’s sizzling real estate market. One person tells a story about how long—how ridiculously long—it took for his sister/colleague/former football coach to purchase a house. Someone else jumps in with her own tale about how many over-asking-price cash offers her neighbor received hours after her home went on the market. Before you’ve even finished the appetizers, everyone at the party is offering similar anecdotes, and you’re all shaking your heads at soaring costs and low inventory. The moral of the stories is the same: The Denver real estate scene is not for the faint of heart. Can you relate? Maybe you’ve made it through the gauntlet and scored a…

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David Patterson PHOTOGRAPHER “As a photographer, I’m all about light, so my first renovation trick is to incorporate ample light sources, from windows to fixtures,” says Patterson, who shot “The Right Angles” (page 86) in this issue. “In my own kitchen renovation, we removed all the upper cabinets and put in seven windows. The east-facing windows flood the kitchen with morning light, making the space my favorite place to photograph my kids.” Patterson lives in Steamboat Springs and travels far and wide for clients including French Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, and Country Home. Christine Deorio WRITER “If I had the time and skills, I’d love to renovate an old home from top to bottom,” says DeOrio, who wrote “A Fresh Start” (page 78) about just such an undertaking.“But covering that project taught me…

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guiding light

RENOVATIONS DON’T have to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest way to take a space from sparse to sparkling is to change up the lighting. This Turkish metal globe pendant ($450) from Denver’s Lolo Rugs and Gifts can alter the entire feel of a room with the mesmerizing patterns it projects. These brass spheres are sourced straight from Turkey, where they’re handmade by designers who use hammers to pierce lacelike patterns into the metal. “The trend is moving toward a vintage yet modern look for lights,” says Lolo’s vice president, Alya Gennaro. “Customers put them in stairwells, and the light reflects off the walls in 360-degree views.” Home improvement never shone so bright. lologifts.com…

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eye candy

SWEET COOIE’S IS THE ULTIMATE tastemaker—in the realms of dessert and design. The Congress Park treat shop, which opened in a renovated space in February, is the sister store to LoHi favorite Little Man Ice Cream. But this time, owner Paul Tamburello pays tribute to his late mother—nicknamed “Cooie”—with a jewel-box interior that’s more enchanting and whimsical than any in the city. “Our family called my mother ‘the elegant lady from the East,’” he says. “She always put herself together in an elegant way, which inspired all the details in the shop.” The pretty parlor’s good looks come courtesy of interior designer Melissa Friday of Denver-based Xan Creative. “We wanted authenticity with a feminine spin to honor Cooie,” Friday says. “We want people to sit and take it in—all the fine…

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looks good on paper

Twisted Stitcher in Abbey Road, price upon request, Anna Redmond Collection for Abnormals Anonymous, walltawk.com Wavelength in The Seven Seas, price upon request, Anna Redmond Collection for Abnormals Anonymous, walltawk.com House Plants in Marina, $88 per roll, Miss Print, walltawk.com Quilt in Blue, $190 per roll, Heath Ceramics for Hygge & West, hyggeandwest.com Wheel of Fortune Grasscloth in 10,000 Leagues, price upon request, Abnormals Anonymous, walltawk.com Chromatic Stripe BP 4205, $175 per roll, Farrow & Ball, us.farrow-ball.com Falling Dots in Powder Blue and Metallic Gold, $20 per roll, Walnut Wallpaper, walnutwallpaper.com Persia in Eros, $95 per roll, Walnut Wallpaper, walnutwallpaper.com Magnolia Blossoms, $118 per roll, Anthropologie, anthropologie.com COURTESY OF ABNORMALS ANONYMOUS (2); COURTESY OF MISS PRINT; COURTESY OF FARROW & BALL; COURTESY OF ANTHROPOLOGIE; COURTESY OF WALNUT WALLPAPER (2); COURTESY OF HYGGE & WEST; COURTESY OF ABNORMALS ANONYMOUS…

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TO HEAR COLORADO green thumbs talk, having a successful garden is almost as taxing as a full-time gig. It can take months (years!) of planning, tending, and watering (oh, the watering). Growing prize-winning flowers or heirloom tomatoes may be an admirable goal, but it’s also a ton of work. Is it wrong to want a garden that’s easy? Crevice gardening, a rock-gardening technique that uses stones and small-growing plants to mimic a natural mountain setting, may be the hassle-free gardening hack you’ve been looking for. If you’ve ever seen weeds growing through a sidewalk crack, you’ve essentially seen a crevice garden in action. When flat stones are closely spaced, they create the same deep, narrow pockets of soil, forcing plant roots to stretch down and between the rocks where moisture collects. We…