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All Chevy Performance

All Chevy Performance

Volume 1, Issue 8 August 2021

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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firing up editor’s letter

“Ten percent. That’s it. A measly 10 percent! That’s all I need to get my project car beyond the proverbial ‘finish line.’” That’s what many of us have been telling ourselves since the beginning of time, well, at least since we started our projects, which in some cases can feel like the beginning of time. I know it’s not all of us, but I’m guessing a good number of us ends—just a couple “small” nagging things to take care of so we can get that feeling of accomplishment and that our car is finally done, even though they are never really “done.” are driving our projects while needing to button up a few loose Such is the case with my 1971 Camaro. It looks and runs great but I’ve been procrastinating…

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parts bin

1. HEAD PROTECTION Safety equipment is the most important thing that you will spend your money on as a racer, but that doesn’t mean you have to empty the piggy bank to afford quality equipment. The new Speedway Motors SA2020 Lightweight Racing Helmet is a great example. These helmets come with some impressive features, comply with the new SA2020 standards, and are surprisingly affordable. For more information, contact Speedway Motors by calling (800) 979-0122 or visit speedwaymotors.com. 2. TRUCK RALLYE WHEEL Wheel Vintiques is proud to introduce a newly re-tooled version of a classic truck design: the GM Pickup Rallye. The new 42 Series GM Pickup Rallye product line consists of three sizes, 15x7, 15x8, and 15x10, applied to two center designs, one with a 5x5 bolt pattern that features 16 rectangular windows and…

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chevy concepts

Even though it has a stock body, this Nomad will be all sorts of wild in many aspects. The first thing to hit your eyes will be the two-tone black and root beer flipping to copper paintjob. Wheel centers and some bits of trim will be treated to some Axalta paint in addition to the main body. Once your eyes process the slick paint, you’ll see the aired-out stance that almost puts the rockers on the ground. RideTech components combined with an Art Morrison Enterprises chassis accomplish the tasks of handling at ride height and looking good while parked. Backing up all the appearance items is a stout drivetrain. There’s an LT5 crate engine barking out its 755hp exhaust note through a Borla exhaust. Backing up the LT5 is a 10L90-E…

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1968 camaro

FEATURE OF THE MONTH SPONSORED BY OPTIMA BATTERIES “It was a very Arkansas design—the front bumper was off, it had Cragar wheels—fat in the back and skinny up front, and the back end was lifted really high via two long air shocks.” That’s how Jason Blain describes his 1968 Camaro when his dad brought it home from a Jonesboro, Arkansas, used car lot back in 1987. “My dad paid $2,650 for the car, which was actually in decent shape,” Jason recalls. “The body wasn’t perfect, but there were no major issues and the car actually ran OK. The paint was passable, and if you looked close enough in certain areas, you could see the original Rally Green paint and some sort of red color underneath that.” Not long after, Jason and his dad…

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a good engine build

With the propagation of crate engines over the last 30 or so years, it’s hard to believe that anyone would bother building a mild street engine from the ground up. Yet here we are, doing exactly that. Why, you may ask? Simply put, we find it to be both rewarding and challenging—two traits not typically associated with a crate engine build (unless you count the unboxing portion!). For those of us wealthy in the time department, taking a couple days (OK, weeks) to build an engine might make sense. Those of us with only a couple hours a week to spare on our project might look at the crate option with a little more regard. Either way, there is no wrong or right, just what works for you. Something that has…

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tri-five chevy gassers

Some married couples work out together, some take cooking courses, and some enjoy wine tasting at the local country club. But for Justin and Jenny Moses of Braselton, Georgia, marital bliss comes in the form of a screaming Chevrolet engine and a four-speed manual transmission. The couple campaigns two cars in the Southeast Gassers Association, which is a growing organization that focuses on reliving the glory days of drag racing with period-correct, heads-up racing. With authentic pound-per-cubic-inch classifications and a very strict rules package that applies to both the appearance and performance of the vehicles, this group races hard and thrills spectators all over the Southeast. With wild paint schemes, and even wilder antics on the track, the two cars might seem like the stars of their racing program, but Justin…