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All Chevy Performance Volume 1, Issue 3 March 2021

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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firing up editor’s letter

Being editor of a monthly automotive publication, my work consists of a constant process of trying to put together an editorial package that resonates with as many readers as possible, so it’s important to check the most number of boxes when deciding what material to include in the magazine. For example, doing an article on the basic inner workings of an engine will generate interest with the newer and less-versed readership but probably won’t pique the meter of those well-versed engine gurus, whereas doing a technical piece on using thinner piston rings for horsepower gains just might. Just like a basic bolt-on suspension article will be useful to someone just getting into handling aspects of their project, it might seem somewhat elementary to someone wanting to learn about the relationship…

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parts bin

1. KICKDOWN BRACKETS Lokar introduces their new Throttle and Kickdown Cable Mounting Brackets for Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems, allowing for a clean and simple cable installation. The brackets are available for both early and late versions of the Pro-Flo 4 with 4150 or 3878 throttle bodies, and come with or without provisions for cruise control in Lokar’s Brite or black anodized finishes. All mounting hardware and return-assist springs are included and manufactured in the USA with a lifetime warranty. LOKAR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (877) 469-7440 lokar.com 2. CORVETTE-STYLE SPINDLE Classic Performance Products takes one of the best spindle upgrades to the next level. Now, their Corvette-Style (CS) spindles and hubs are available for the Mustang II suspension. Just about anyone with a Mustang II setup finally has the option to run much larger brakes and wheels…

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building a homegrown pro touring camaro has its rewards

Many classic Chevy enthusiasts consider the 1969 Camaro the pinnacle of ’60s American muscle badassery. The body lines are sexy and timeless–the car looks fast even while sitting still and its willingness to accept aftermarket suspension systems and engine swaps make it that much more desirable. That’s all fine for most, but Rob Torres has always gravitated a little more toward the unique style of the 1970-1973 F-bodies. “A friend of mine, Franklin, had a 1969 Camaro, and he was the one who inspired me to buy this 1971,” Rob says. As is the case with most projects, this one started with a good ol’ Internet search. “I was on a quest to find an early second-gen Camaro, and while cruising on craigslist.org I spotted this 1971,” Rob recalls. “The car…

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an engine-by-engine overview of the gen v small-block

Hard as it is to believe, the Gen V small-block—the “LT” family—has been in production for nearly a decade, after debuting in 2013 in the redesigned 2014 Silverado. Shortly after that came the LT1 versions in the C7 Corvette and Gen 6 Camaro. The LT engine architecture has its roots in the LS family that established unprecedented performance benchmarks and reinvigorated hot rodding, with the same sort of fundamental shift that could be attributed to the original small-block. While there is a lineage from LS to LT, the two branches of the small-block tree are significantly varied. There are essentially no interchangeable parts between the LS and LT families and all LT engines feature direct fuel injection. With the proliferation of LT engines increasing in production vehicles and as swap material for…

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a needy chevelle turns into a street monster

Mike Ingoglia had a good idea of what his son, Anthony, needed for his 16th birthday. You see, Dad had a long history with Chevy’s A-body, having owned several hot Chevelles since his youth. He figured the time had come for his progeny to experience the same exhilaration as he did back in the day, and Anthony couldn’t agree more with good ol’ pops. The youngster was ready to help build his own big-block–powered, backstreet bruiser to command the neighborhood streets. Mike had recently become the proprietor of a spacious three-car garage, so now was the perfect time to hunt down a builder for his son. A steady search soon commenced and it didn’t take long before a needy 1972 Chevelle was spotted on the side of a local road with…