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All Chevy Performance Volume 1, Issue 6 June 2021

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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firing up editor’s letter

For the past 10 or so years I’ve been hearing the phrase “print is dead.” Now, I’ve been in the magazine publishing biz for the past 20-or-so years and today I can tell you print is not dead–it’s not on a respirator or even its “last leg.” Yes, I’ve been editor of a couple magazines that have met a painful (to me, anyway) demise, but I, and many others involved, saw the killing of those magazines as premature. Most were staples of our industry and continued to show profit but still suffered the ultimate sacrifice due to the company moving in a different direction. Now, I’m not going to pretend print is as popular as it was back in the ’70s or anytime prior to the Internet age, but I…

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parts bin

1. MINI FORCE BE WITH YOU The popularity of the Force Fuel Sump System has spurred the demand for an even smaller version to fit cramped engine compartments. FiTech now offers the new Force Fuel Mini. Like the other Force Fuel Systems, the Mini is fed through a low-pressure mechanical (or electric) pump, saving the need to modify the entire fuel system. The reservoir of the Mini is equipped with an efficient 255-lph pump and internal regulator to provide a consistent 58 psi of fuel pressure for your EFI system. To make installing the Mini easier, its mounting bracket is designed to be installed in four positions. The Force Fuel Mini is supplied with a high-pressure fuel hose, AN fittings, a liquid-filled gauge, 10-micron filter, and a return line bung. For more…

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chevy concept

The crew at Painthouse are no strangers to building high-end custom cars. They find their way into the finals of SEMA’s Battle of the Builders and take home big awards wherever they go. This latest project is being given the same treatment as many of their other builds, so you’ll probably be seeing it at the biggest events once it’s complete. Providing a foundation for this build is an Art Morrison chassis. Between those rails there’s a ZL1 Camaro engine along with an eight-speed transmission. With this combo, the project has been dubbed the ZL Camino. Custom design touches are numerous but subtle on this build. Era-correct hubcap wheels have been designed and will be machined in 18- and 19-inch sizes to clear a modern brake package. The front grille is totally…

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stielow’s newest 1969 camaro

Together, the Van Nuys and Norwood assembly plants pushed more than 243,000 1969 Camaros out of their collective doors. Mark Stielow hasn’t quite yet turned all of them into Pro Touring powerhouses, but with his latest build—dubbed Apex—he’s getting closer. In reality, the white, LT5-supercharged 1969 is “only” his 17th first-gen Camaro. Even still, he must be using up what’s left of the nation’s strategic reserve of 1969 models. This one started as an original, rust-free California black-plate car and its build consumed much of his stockpile of long-cultivated takeoff parts. “I used my last good, original grille on this one,” Stielow says. “The original parts are definitely getting harder to come by these days.” It has been 52 years, after all, since the iconic 1969 models were built, but Stielow’s cars have…

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updating your chevelle’s suspension with aldan american

One of the most innovative developments on the automotive aftermarket suspension scene was the introduction of coilover shock absorbers. Among the first to offer billet aluminum coilovers for street performance and drag racing was Aldan American. Forty years later they’re still producing quality products that are made entirely in the U.S. The obvious advantage to coilovers is that wrapping the springs around the shock absorber makes an extremely compact suspension system, and there are other advantages as well. Tuning the suspension by altering the spring rate is simply a matter of swapping the replaceable coil springs. As coilover springs they are available in a wide range of spring rates, finding the right one for any application is easy, quick, and affordable. In addition, altering ride height is just a matter of…

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pro touring 1965 chevy ii

California Car—two words put together that add value to just about any classic car, especially those seeking out a solid foundation for a ’60s muscle car build. That was exactly the case with Jon Henson’s 1965 Chevy II Nova. He was no stranger to the car as he had been helping his friend, Shannon Gaither, wrench on it for about 11 years. “I actually went with [Gaither] to look at the car and talked him into buying it, as it was in amazing condition,” Jon says. “It is a native California car with no rust, original paint, original trim, and sheetmetal, the windows sealed tightly, and the doors closed with a distinct ‘thud’—the perfect blank slate.” After years of the duo putting in work and the car nearing the finish line,…