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Allure March 2019

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

United States
Conde Nast US
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11 Issues

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2 min.
i woke up like this (not really)

I consider myself relatively well preserved. I’ve got good Asian genes, but I also have access to every serum, booster, and gizmo, plus a team of world-class dermatologists and specialists at the ready. My 10-step skin-care routine has kept my cheeks bouncy, and I’ve finally gotten a bout of eczema and cystic acne under control by drastically changing my diet. In other words, I work very hard to look like I haven’t tried hard at all. Still, years of less-than-ideal sun care in my teens and 20s have left me with dark spots on my cheeks, and two pregnancies gave me a stubborn band of melasma along my jaw. I’m pretty game when it comes to trying out skin-care treatments, but other than a quick zap of a freckle, I had never…

1 min.
earth studies

The inspiration for our favorite new makeup required a little digging. Igneous granite’s mosaic-like flecks have been reimagined as parti-color eye shadows. Polished agate’s undulating layers of color are rendered iridescent in a new face gloss. And mica’s prismatic surface is the unprissy version of metallic we wish had been discovered sooner.…

2 min.
{beauty reporter}

throwing shade New primers in warmer tones seamlessly lock in foundation on all skin colors. The whole point of a primer is to invisibly smooth and prep the skin for makeup. And yet so many are milky or pearly in color, leaving a pasty cast on brown skin. Finally, formulas are being released in shades of brown, like Stila Lingerie Soufflé Skin Perfecting Primer in Sunkissed and Beautyblender The Leveler Pore Minimizing Primer in Tan/Deep. That means women with medium or dark skin can create a base for foundation without worrying that a chalky film will peek through. And if your skin is pale? These primers are sheer enough that you can still use them—they’ll simply add a warming glow. —JESSICA CHIA LAB REPORT SO FINE Using a facial mist can improve your skin’s hydration for…

2 min.
queen of clean

Unless I’m appearing in public, I never wear foundation. I don’t mean to boast, but I don’t really need it. Back when I worked at a company, I wore foundation every day. One day I decided to be brave and go without it, and after about a week, the condition of my skin had improved noticeably. But I do wear sunscreen every day. Japanese women tend to put a lot of effort into their makeup, but the end result is to look like you’re not wearing anything. There’s beauty in being conservative—that’s the prevalent understanding of what Japanese beauty is. I learned from organizing so many people’s bathrooms that going through our makeup products raises our awareness of how we think about beauty. For a lot of my clients, organizing…

1 min.
natural-born beauty

VALUE: $97 YOURS FOR $10 allure.com/signupnow…

2 min.
golden girl

On sticky situations: “My mom uses tape to prevent her brow from furrowing as she sleeps, so I do, too. I put three pieces of medical tape on each night, one between my eyebrows and the other two across my forehead, in a crisscross shape.” On breaking makeup rules: “I put eye shadow on with my fingers. And instead of putting my stick bronzer directly on my skin, I get a bit on a brush and put it on that way.” On faking it: “My hair is really thin, so I apply masks as often as I can to make sure it looks its healthiest. I love the Garnier Fructis hair masks [Reyes is a spokesperson for the brand in Mexico]. They smell so good.” On an unexpected essential: “I have a little…