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Allure September 2019

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

United States
Conde Nast US
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$27.75(Incl. tax)
11 Issues

In this issue

2 min.

MICHELLE LEE Editor in Chief Executive Beauty Director JENNY BAILLY Creative Director NATHALIE KIRSHEH Director of Editorial Operations AMANDA MEIGHER BEAUTY Deputy Beauty Director ELIZABETH SIEGEL Executive Beauty Editor JESSICA CHIA Senior Beauty Features Editor COTTON CODINHA Senior Writer BRENNAN KILBANE Assistant Editor KATHLEEN SUICO Editorial Assistant GABRIELA THORNE FASHION Fashion Director RAJNI JACQUES CREATIVE Visuals Director LINDA DENAHAN Art Director SARAH OLIN Digital Art Director AIMEE SY Junior Designer ALEXA DE PAULIS Deputy Visuals Editor KATHRYNE HALL Associate Visuals Editors JOELLE HYMAN, PAIGE VITI Bookings Director FELICITY WEBB Entertainment Editor EUGENE SHEVERTALOV PRODUCTION/COPY/RESEARCH Deputy Managing Editor NICOLE STUART Production Manager BRENT BURKET Copy Director CATHERINE GAMBRELL Copy Managers LESLIE LIPTON, DAWN REBECKY Research Director LORI SEGAL Research Managers AMBER ANGELLE, CRISTINA RIVERA Assistant Business Manager TAYLOR SHEA ALLURE.COM Digital Deputy Director SAM ESCOBAR Associate Digital Beauty Director SARAH KINONEN Digital Wellness Editor ROSEMARY DONAHUE Digital Hair Editor JIHAN FORBES Digital Production Manager MONICA PERRY Beauty Reporter DEVON ABELMAN Editorial Assistant ANGELA TRAKOSHIS AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL Director, Audience…

2 min.
what if it all sparks joy?

I always tell my husband that I don’t have an attachment to stuff. I like material things, but typically in a house purge, I freely and unemotionally toss items into the “these don’t spark joy” pile. If I haven’t worn clothing in more than a year, off it goes to Goodwill. I try to live as paper-free as possible. Souvenirs and trip mementos? I prefer longer-lasting digital photos that can be filed away and viewed regularly. Yet I’m still perpetually overrun by stuff. With two kids and a sentimental husband, our drawers and cabinets runneth over. (And as the kids get bigger—and their clothes get bigger—the laundry! My God, the laundry!) It’s not helped by the fact that I bring home shopping bags filled with beauty products to test almost every…

1 min.
beauty reporter

HEART OF GLASS “What is that?” you ask, staring at this photo. Some kind of flattened jewel? What the ectoplasmic soul of an iPhone would look like if iPhones believed in the afterlife? You would be not only wrong but foolish—this is a beauty magazine, and that is Lancôme Idôle. The 15-millimeter-thick bottle can only lay prone, as if in a constant state of relaxation—the blush liquid-filled glass is rimmed with blush-ier gold that gives a rosy tint to anything viewed through its prism. This makes it a beautiful object and a stunning worldview, with jasmine notes so crisp, it could shatter if you’re not careful.…

1 min.
clear headed

How clean is your scalp, really? It’s probably a lot less squeaky than you think—and the reason why is counterintuitive. Instead of leaving you with a fresh slate, many shampoos contain ingredients like silicones and petrolatum that can cling to the scalp, and even your face and upper back, after the rinse-off process. A recent case study from TRI Princeton found that two hours after stepping out of the shower, one subject still had shampoo residue on her scalp, upper back, forehead, and cheek. And dermatologists say those remnants can lead to limp hair, clogged pores, and breakouts. But this isn’t just about rinsing more thoroughly: Get a thorough clean with a formula that contains pore-clearing salicylic acid to remove build-up and clear away dead scalp skin, says Francesco Fusco,…

1 min.
pot of gold

Sol de Janeiro’s classic Brazilian Bum Bum Cream with cupuaçu butter is both richly emollient and nongreasy. Though that’s a feat in itself, the main attraction is its scent. It’s sugary, buttery, and beachy, like the fresh coconuts and sweet popcorn sold on many of Rio’s beaches. The aroma is so magnetic that more than one friend has asked to use it…and keep it…and proceeded to buy more. You’ll get your very own in the October Allure Beauty Box.* *Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is available, along with five other products, in the October Allure Beauty Box ($10 for the first month, then $15; allure.com/beautyreporter).…

1 min.
exclusive bounce back

The original Industrial Strength Boi-ing cream concealer has been around since 1995. It was one of the first products from Benefit that people actually talked about. Before, concealers were a dirty little secret. That little Boi-ing pot was different. It felt like a second skin: not too wet, not too creamy. It was gentle enough to use under eyes or over redness after a brow wax, but heavy-duty enough to cover zits. It was easy to apply, and it didn’t move. We spent two years working on the new liquid version of Boi-ing, called Cakeless, because the bar was high. Cakeless can be used all over, but the intense pigments give full coverage without thickness, so it’s ideal for the under-eyes. Since it’s the full coverage to the original’s medium,…