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Allure October 2019

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

United States
Conde Nast US
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11 Issues

In this issue

2 min.

MICHELLE LEE Editor in Chief Executive Beauty Director JENNY BAILLY | Creative Director NATHALIE KIRSHEH | Director of Editorial Operations AMANDA MEIGHER BEAUTY Deputy Beauty Director ELIZABETH SIEGEL Executive Beauty Editor JESSICA CHIA Senior Beauty Features Editor COTTON CODINHA Senior Writer BRENNAN KILBANE Assistant Editor KATHLEEN SUICO Editorial Assistant GABRIELA THORNE FASHION Fashion Director RAJNI JACQUES CREATIVE Deputy Visuals Editor KATHRYNE HALL Art Director SARAH OLIN Digital Art Director AIMEE SY Junior Designer ALEXA DE PAULIS Associate Visuals Editors JOELLE HYMAN, PAIGE VITI Bookings Director FELICITY WEBB Entertainment Editor EUGENE SHEVERTALOV Bookings Manager MORGAN SENESI PRODUCTION/COPY/RESEARCH Deputy Managing Editor NICOLE STUART Production Manager BRENT BURKET Copy Director CATHERINE GAMBRELL Copy Managers LESLIE LIPTON, DAWN REBECKY Research Director LORI SEGAL Research Managers AMBER ANGELLE, CRISTINA RIVERA Assistant Business Manager TAYLOR SHEA ALLURE.COM Digital Deputy Director SAM ESCOBAR Associate Digital Beauty Director SARAH KINONEN Digital Wellness Editor ROSEMARY DONAHUE Digital Hair Editor JIHAN FORBES Digital Production Manager MONICA PERRY Beauty Reporter DEVON ABELMAN Digital Staff Writer NICOLA DALL’ASEN Editorial…

1 min.
high notes

1. CHANEL LES EAUX DE CHANEL LE VOYAGE. Fresh notes and citrus will always float my boat. Chanel is releasing a convenient set with three travel-size fragrances inspired by Deauville, Venice (pictured), and Biarritz. Perfectly dreamy. $240 for the set, each 1.7 oz. 2. MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN AMYRIS HOMME. Ignore the gender labels: This sophisticated scent with notes of rosemary and mandarin is a charmer on everyone. $215 for 2.4 oz. 3. FRESH HESPERIDES GRAPEFRUIT. Remember what I said about fresh and citrus? This is it, condensed into one vibrant spritz. $90 for 3.3 oz. 4. GUCCI BLOOM ACQUA DI FIORI. A lovely balance of florals and newly cut greens—it’s become one of my fall staples. $112 for 3.3 oz. 5. JO MALONE LONDON POMEGRANATE NOIR. I typically shy away from spicy fragrances, but this warm, fruity yet exotic…

2 min.
simply the best

As a teenager, I often felt like music saved my life. The intimacy of lyrics, the emotional release, a momentary sense of belonging. So I’m a particular mush when it comes to artists who’ve truly changed people’s lives and care about more than selling records. I can’t muster adequate words to describe how ecstatic I am to have Lady Gaga on our Best of Beauty cover. She’s not only had a massive year on the awards circuit for A Star Is Born; she’s also just given birth to a new venture that’s intensely meaningful to her: her beauty brand, Haus Laboratories. She practices and preaches about the transformational power of beauty. Creative and risk-taking with her look, Gaga has often subverted the image of a pop star. I’m convinced that she—like Rihanna…

3 min.
behind the scenes with lady gaga

The Haus of Gaga is not a glass-paneled manse carved into the Hollywood Hills, nor is it a magnificent leather citadel perched above a roaring sea, nor a makeup line brought to you by the magnanimity of Amazon (that would be Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories). The Haus of Gaga is a collective—Gaga’s creative team—that includes her makeup artist, hairstylist, and fashion designers who orbit their namesake Lady like a royal court orbiting a queen. Wherever Gaga goes, so goes the Haus, which is why she spent the day at her Allure cover shoot surrounded by a thicket of people who love her very much and who are also more or less employed by her. Gaga likes the term “Haus” for three reasons. 1. A haus is a home. 2. It refers…

1 min.
put a lid on it

Graphic eyeliner has evolved from far-out to beauty fixture—you’ve probably spotted declarative swoops of inky black, spare white, and screaming neons at a dive bar or brunch spot near you. Now we’re daring you to apply those lines to your entire lid—with the help of makeup artist Robin Black. She created this look with nothing but a dampened liner brush swirled into an indigo powder shadow (Chanel Les 9 Ombres limited-edition palette in Quintessence). Run it along your upper lash line as if you were drawing an exaggerated cat eye, then loop back well above the crease. Clean up the edges with a cotton swab—you want these lines to be crisp. You can also coat top lashes in a liner-matching colored mascara (Black used Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in…

1 min.
stealth management

One blazing summer day, a small and regal selection of faux-horn-trimmed Victoria Beckham Beauty products (her first independent beauty line) were escorted to this very photo shoot with the care and precision with which you might transport an actual royal. Or a kidney. They were later carefully guarded and motorcaded home after their portrait session. Ever since we heard about Beckham’s solo beauty venture, her nascent line has been the stuff of lore, legend, cave paintings, and one very good description from our executive beauty director, who once saw—and touched! (gently)—the products over a period of several minutes. At long last, here is the first collection, and it’s a celebration of your lids: shadows that apply like soft pastels, smudgy liners, and pots of smoky shimmer. Now, finally, you can…