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American Art Collector April 2019

Previewing upcoming art exhibitions from coast to coast, American Art Collector is a unique monthly magazine specially designed to bring living representational artists, galleries and active art collectors together in one place.

United States
International Artist Publishing, Inc.
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the first

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about galleries and their importance in the art market. This made me think about collectors and their role as well. As a collector, think back to when and where you purchased your first piece of art. I would venture to say that more than 90 percent of you made this purchase from a gallery. Galleries have always been the most accessible place for people to start acquiring works for their collections. Maybe it was a trip to Jackson Hole or Santa Fe or Scottsdale or New York City or San Francisco. After lunch or dinner, you took a stroll down one of these now-legendary art destinations and something caught your eye in the window of a gallery. We all know this feeling. You…

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american art collector

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interview with jesse draxler

As I walk into the studio, I’m greeted with an exceptionally high ceiling, austere yet inviting-looking interior design, a giant bookcase full of books and several lights clipped to stands pointed downward at four neat, almost perfectly placed rows of white sheets of paper. On each sheet of paper is a different yet slightly similar looking design made out of what appears to be charcoal. My friend introduces me to the owner of this pristine and intriguing studio and curious charcoal designs. Jesse Draxler is a fine artist based out of Los Angeles. He’s soft spoken and his presence has a calming effect on me. He sees me staring at the rows of paper on the ground and begins speaking. Draxler is articulate and I can immediately tell, profoundly intelligent…

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up & coming

“Emerging artist” takes on a different meaning when an artist begins a painting career after a long and distinguished career in another field. Frances Roosevelt received her Master of Architecture degree at Yale in 1981. She worked for Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown and eventually headed her own firm from 1996 to 2006 when she turned to painting full time. She says, “After many years of practicing the precise business of architecture, I am happy to be painting the landscapes of South Carolina Lowcountry, and the fields of Chester County, Pennsylvania, where I currently spend most of my time. I like to paint from memory, in a mostly abstract style, with a 3-inch brush. My paintings are informed by my interest in psychology and the evolution of consciousness.” Blue Creek emerges from…

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artists & galleries

ANTLER GALLERY 2728 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR, (503) 284 -6757 gallerist@antlerpdx.com www.antlerpdx.com ARCADIA CONTEMPORARY 39 E. Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91105, (626) 486-2018 info@arcadiacontemporary.com www.arcadiacontemporary.com GALLERY VICTOR ARMENDARIZ 300 W. Superior Street, Chicago, IL 60654, (312) 722-6447 mail@galleryvictor.com www.galleryvictor.com SOMERVILLE MANNING GALLERY Breck’s Mill, 2 Floor, 101 Stone Block Row, Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 652-0271 www.somervillemanning.com PAIGE WALLIS Boston, MA, (617) 458-1203 soothed.by.rainfall@gmail.com www.soothedbyrainfallstudios.com…

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art show calendar

12 APR 2019 LOS ANGELES, CA THE GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY AT MOCA LA Art Book Fair Sister to the NY Art Book Fair, the LA Art Book Fair is one of the top international events for the distribution of artists’ books. Welcoming hundreds of exhibitors from around the world—including a wide variety of artists, small presses, institutions, galleries, antiquarian booksellers and distributors—the event takes place at The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art. www.laartbookfair.net Through April 14 20 MAR 2019 ONLINE INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF REALISM Winter Salon Online Juried Exhibition International Guild of Realism’s Winter Salon Online Juried Exhibition presents juried artwork online with up-and-coming art collectors in mind. www.realismguild.com Through May 20 4 APR 2019 PHILADELPHIA, PA 23 STREET ARMORY Philadelphia Fine Art Fair The first Philadelphia Fine Art Fair is a tightly curated boutique and fair providing attendees a casual viewing experience with price ranges…