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American Survival GuideAmerican Survival Guide

American Survival Guide

April 2019

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

United States
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For most preppers, their family is the group they focus on when making their preparations for avoiding or overcoming emergencies and disastrous events. Whether the concern is for catastrophes caused by natural or human-made events, the needs of the members of their household are at the center of the plan from day one. That’s not to say that they aren’t, in turn, part of a larger group; rather; it’s where most of their efforts and investments are centered.In the majority of these cases, there is one person who takes the initiative and responsibility to evaluate the family’s exposure to various types of risk and determines the best ways to prepare for these scenarios. In most families, there isn’t a vote or even a semi-formal process for deciding who will…

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new products

There is always a debate between investing in skills and buying more stuff. While skills are generally accepted to be more important, stuff can sure make our lives easier.A sharp cutting edge can be improvised or created in the field, such as through knapping stone or scavenging broken glass. Even so, carrying a good knife saves time and energy, both of which can be put to better use than building a knife from scratch in a true survival situation. Investing in quality tools doesn’t mean you can’t also devote time to learning and honing skills. This shouldn’t be an either/or proposition. 1 Rothco Tactical Single Sling Pack With laser-cut MOLLE webbing on the front and both sides, the Tactical Single Sling Pack can be easily configured with…

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betting against “the bomb”

What are some of the biggest myths about surviving nuclear war?Nuclear war, the very nature of which could bring total destruction across the globe, is a non-starter in just about every corridor of power on planet Earth. Certainly, Russia’s President Putin is causing some serious problems of his own: He and his minions have threatened several times to leave "piles of radioactive dust" after a nuclear attack on the United States (issues that were never once broached during the Cold War).And while we are not at all certain what motivates him—or, for that matter, fathoming his rationale while performing his day-to-day duties—Vladimir Putin is not the only individual in the former Soviet Union who would be responsible for pushing that ultimately world-redefining button.As with the United States and Britain,…

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it’s all in the family

In the world of survival and self-sufficiency, there is literally a ton of ways to get things done. Each person has their own way of doing things—and that is fine, as long as they work and don’t put innocent people in danger.What upsets me is the mentality of some of the so-called “experts” who seem to think they can conquer the world all by themselves. I call it the “superman complex,” and more and more people seem to have gotten it. I blame this mindset on the numerous outdoor survival programs on television that glamorize and exploit staged survival situations for the sake of ratings.When I played sports and when I served in the military, we worked as a team. We learned that there is no “i” in team…

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“family” checklist

To make this entire process work, you need to have a checklist of what—and who—you want. Just as you would have a checklist for your supplies, you need to have a checklist for those you plan to have with you, what they will do and what you want to accomplish. Have a plan. Without a plan, everyone will be “dressed up with no place to go.” As we all know, even the best-laid plans can go to dust, so always have a backup plan. Whether I am alone or with a group, I always have a plan A, B and C. Surround yourself with good people. Even though I was trained to “leave no man behind,” I accept that some people are just going to be wasted space. Your…

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train, train, train!

All the plans and all the stuff mean nothing if you and your group don’t know how to use them when you need to. It is very important to practice your skills under adverse conditions. This is the only way the members of your group will know what to do when it really counts. Turn off the power and set up a mock emergency scenario. Practice getting together and moving out according to your plan. Cross-train your group so they can handle multiple jobs. Work with those who are weak in certain areas. Head to the rifle range and train with your firearms. Take first aid classes as a group. Knowledge is power, and the more you all know, the better prepared you will be.The more you practice, the…