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apple park: inside the world's most expensive land-based spaceship

A SIGNPOST TO FUTURE INNOVATIONS IN OUR OWN HOMES Is it a donut? Is it spaceship? Perhaps, but really, it’s Apple Park – now officially one of the most expensive buildings on the planet. Following an official, but challenging assessment by Santa Clara County, the campus in Cupertino has now been valued at an astonishing $4.17 billion. Covering no fewer than 2.8 million square feet of land, Apple Park itself is worth $3.6 billion, with all of the computers, furniture, and custom-made equipment and features across the site making up the rest of the value (hence, the challenge the assessors faced in coming up with a precise valuation). Apple Park, which took nearly four years to build and plenty more to plan, cost around $5 billion to construct. To put that in perspective,…

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retail rivals crash amazon’s prime day party

The gravitational pull of Amazon Prime Day is so strong on shoppers it’s benefiting other retailers as well, according to an early analysis from a key data group. Large retailers that generated annual revenue of at least a billion dollars, enjoyed a 64% increase in online sales compared with an average period, according to Adobe Analytics, which measures 80 of the top 100 retailers on the web in the U.S. That compares to last year’s 54%. In addition, niche retailers, those with annual revenue of less than $5 million, had a 30% increase in online sales. Amazon’s fifth annual Prime Day, which this year began Monday afternoon, was created to drum up sales during sluggish summer months and sign up more users for the company’s membership program. Other retailers have introduced sales to…

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facebook faces $5b ftc fine, largest ever in tech

At $5 billion, the fine the FTC is about to levy on Facebook is by far the largest it’s given to a technology company, easily eclipsing the second largest, $22 million for Google in 2012. The long-expected punishment, which Facebook is well prepared for, is unlikely to make a dent in the social media giant’s deep pockets. But it will also likely saddle the company with additional restrictions and another lengthy stretch of strict scrutiny. The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets reported that the FTC has voted to fine Facebook for privacy violations and mishandling user data. Most of them cited an unnamed person familiar with the matter. Facebook and the FTC declined to comment. The 3-2 vote broke along party lines, with Republicans in support and Democrats in opposition to…

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superpower: macbook pro and air models refreshed

As Apple bids farewell to the MacBook for a second time, we take a closer look at its history, explore whether there’s a gap in the market for a 12-inch model, and get hands-on with the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks which serve as the MacBook’s successors… MACBOOK: APPLE KILLS ITS LIGHTEST NOTEBOOK In an effort to clean up the Mac family and add some distinction to each product line, Apple announced plans to kill off the iconic 12-inch MacBook notebook it revived back in 2015 . Apple’s lightest ever notebook lasted just four years under three generations, prompting many to question Apple’s new approach to hardware - and mourn what was one of the company’s most innovative laptops. Considered Apple’s “coolest” MacBook, the 12-inch model certainly wasn’t the most…

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apple says it’s fixing bug in walkie talkie app

Apple says it’s fixing a security flaw affecting the Walkie Talkie app on Apple Watch. The company said it has temporarily disabled a feature that could have allowed someone to listen through another person’s iPhone without that person’s consent. Apple says it’s not easy to exploit the bug to spy on a customer and there’s no evidence anyone has done so. The company says it plans to fix the problem quickly. Apple pledged earlier this year to respond more quickly to people who report vulnerabilities after a 14-year-old boy in Arizona discovered a serious FaceTime group-chatting bug that went unaddressed for more than a week. Apple later rewarded the teenager for his sleuthing.…

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apple, google continue inclusive push with new emojis

Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emojis that of course include cute critters, but also expand the number of images of human diversity. The announcement coincides with Wednesday’s World Emoji Day. Apple Inc. is releasing new variants of its holding hands emoji that allow people to pick any combination of skin tone and gender, 75 possible combinations in all. There are also wheelchairs, prosthetic arms and legs, as well as a new guide dog and an ear with a hearing aid. And then there’s the sloth, the flamingo, the skunk, the orangutan, as well as a new yawning emoji. New emojis routinely pop up every year. Earlier this year the Unicode Consortium approved 71 new variations of emoji for couples of color. Apple said its new emojis will be available in the…