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Almanac 2019

ArtAsiaPacific's special annual issue, the Almanac, is a unique alphabetical tour d'horizon of the 67-odd countries covered in ArtAsiaPacific, spanning Afghanistan to Vietnam. The Almanac includes intelligent analysis of the art events of the past year as well as forecasts of the key trends of the year to come. The Almanac also invites influential art world figures to comment on the major cutural events that have shaped the past 12 months. The Almanac is a valuable resource for artists, curators, art professionals, collectors and the general public.

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ALEC MADELENE ABARRO is a graduate of philosophy. She currently works for the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. SHAWON AKAND is an artist, researcher and curator based in Dhaka. He is the author of An Outline of Bangladesh Folk Art and Tendency of Modern Art in Bangladesh. POJAI AKRATANAKUL is a curator based in Bangkok, Thailand. She works for a forthcoming museum, and is part of a curatorial collective Charoen Contemporaries. PEDRO DE ALMEIDA is a Sydney-based curator, writer and editor. He is the business manager at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. MIRNA BAMIEH is an artist from Jerusalem. She uses storytelling and food to create live art performances. Her works include Potato Talks (2016) and Palestine Hosting Society (2017). DAPHNE CHU is an artist studio manager and writer based in Taipei. NAZ CUGUOĞLU is a…

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hyundai motorstudio & hyundai blue prize

The first ever Hyundai Motorstudio, launched in Seoul in 2014, was born from Hyundai’s vision for a unique, inclusive creative space that merges the company’s innovative spirit with contemporary art. Just a few years later, Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, the sixth and newest site, opened in November 2017. Located in the heart of Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing is an interdisciplinary base centered on the concept of “Creative Energy,” presenting not only a diverse and experimental program of exhibitions but also the company’s pioneering technological research into sustainable development. The Beijing Motorstudio’s flagship art program, the annual Hyundai Blue Prize, recognizes emerging curators with unique and insightful approaches to the complexities of contemporary Chinese society. Each year, applicants are asked to submit exhibition proposals responding to a theme that reflects…

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future humanity: our shared planet at hyundai motorstudio beijing, seoul and moscow

Hyundai Motorstudio, in collaboration with Ars Electronica and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Visual Art Innovation Institute, has developed the three-part exhibition “Future Humanity: Our Shared Planet,” which asks how humankind can redefine its collective identity and responsibilities in an era of instability that is exacerbated by breakneck technological advancement and global political turmoil. The exhibition series, staged in the Beijing, Seoul and Moscow Motorstudios until February 28, presents works by a total of 19 artists and collectives from 11 countries. In keeping with a collective ethos, the exhibition is co-curated by Martin Honzik, Lee Daehyung and Qiu Zhijie, each bringing their own cultural perspectives on issues including the ways that technology has disrupted pre-existing systems of belief, understanding and communication; the cultural implications of radical shifts in the human-machine…

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hyundai artlab & global art projects

Hyundai ARTLAB was launched with the belief that the development of advanced technologies, from autonomous navigation and robotics to artificial intelligence, must go hand in hand with a comprehensive understanding of human nature. Art is essential to Hyundai as it has the capacity to reflect the complexity of human intellectual, emotional, social and cultural life in a way that transcends borders. Hyundai Motor has partnered with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, in Seoul, Tate Modern in London, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to support the creative work of artists and curators. With Bloomberg, the company’s global media partner, ARTLAB examines and envisions the current and future integration of art and technology. ARTLAB continually contemplates and pushes the boundaries of the value that art…

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cultural accumulation

As ArtAsiaPacific completes its 14th year of publishing an annual review on art from across the Asia Pacific to the Middle East, we have come to reflect on how the Almanac is a living archive of the region’s cultural activity and present history. Whether the information comes to us on paper, in the form of invitations, posters, announcements or press releases, or if we find it online, we’ve been accumulating and actively collecting material throughout the year. The Almanac is our opportunity to synthesize and then share our findings about the events and exhibitions that have happened over the past 12 months in the art worlds of 53 countries. What we print on these pages ranges from hard statistics such as arts funding, the number of foundations supporting artists and contemporary…

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maintaining integrity

Recently, while scrolling through the 2018 photo album on my phone, I noticed an abundance of fruits and vegetables—heads of cabbage lined up in neat rows; lemons stacked into massive pyramids; clusters of oyster mushrooms; a pile of strawberries; many heaps of tomatoes; a green mound of gai lan (Chinese broccoli). I took these pictures at a weekly pazar in Istanbul, at wet markets in Hong Kong, and on trips to Tbilisi, Athens and Seoul, largely because I liked the arrangements the vendors had made. They were sculptural, without meaning to be; or at least that’s how I saw them. In the latter part of this year, I started reading Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing’s ethnographic study of the economy and culture of matsutake mushroom pickers, The Mushroom at the End of the…