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Artists Drawing and InspirationArtists Drawing and Inspiration

Artists Drawing and Inspiration

Issue 33

Drawing and the techniques to enhance your skills

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reader’s gallery

ARTIST DRAWING AND INSPIRATION magazine seeks to showcase the works of talented Australians producing art at a whole range of skill levels, whether they are accomplished creative people with a long history of achievements or beginners (of all ages) striving to build their identities and reach their particular artistic goals. This ‘Gallery’ segment provides a place to display pictures by people who may not have the means or the opportunity to be extensively featured in our magazine. Submissions are sought from such people for future Issues. This month we are pleased to display the work of another three enthusiastic artists. MAREE SIGANTO Now retired and living on the Gold Coast, Maree has been drawing in some form since she was a young child. She enjoys painting in oils but drawing is her first…

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my creative world

Though I’ve been drawing since I was a child, it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to invest myself in my art, as I’ve long hoped. As many self-taught artists find, mine has been a winding journey, driven by an undercurrent of passion, dedication, and hard work. It has been intermingled with other priorities, interests and needs at different times, and only really developed when permitted. Encouraged to pursue a customary vocation, I’ve worked as a paediatric Occupational Therapist, assisted in Health Research and have a Masters in Tropical Environmental Management. This background has tendered me knowledge and experiences that have influenced the art and the artist I am now. Darwin is my home, and has been for most of my life. It is a beautiful place, unique and diverse…

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goodnight quinn

MATERIALS • Paper Art Spectrum Colourfix suede paper – Tasman Sky• Pastels I use pastels of the following brands - Art Spectrum(AS), Rembrandt (R), and Faber Castell. And pastel pencils - Faber Castell and Derwent. Colour list • Dark: Mars Violet R 538/5, Burnt Umber R 409/3, Flinders Blue Violet AS D520, Caput Mortuum Red R 343/3 Middle: Burnt Sienna AS T548, Caput Mortuum Red R 343/7 Light: Burnt Sienna AS V548 and AS X548, Caput Mortuum Red R 343/9 • Fabric Dark: Flinders Blue Violet AS D520, Mars Violet R 538/5, Mouse Grey R 707/5 Middle: Raw Umber R 408/7 and R 408/9 Light: Yellow Ochre AS X540, Yellow Ochre R 227/10, Warm White AS P501 • Pastel pencils Faber Castell 1122 – 199 Black 122 – 177 Walnut Brown 1122 – 175 Dark…

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just do it

I loved art at school. It was my favourite subject! Then I left school, started working and life just took over. I married, had children, then became a single parent and worked. Life was so busy I rarely even thought about art. I would admire any artworks I saw in offices, and very occasionally would visit a gallery … and sigh. ‘One day’ I would get back into my art. About 10 years ago I married again, and we moved from suburban Adelaide to rural South Australia. We bought an old schoolhouse which was built in 1880 and sits on two acres of land situated about 20kms out of Mannum. It was the best move of our lives. We both love the country, its people and the lifestyle. There is a…

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MATERIALS • A3 size canvas sheet• Derwent Inktense Pencils• HB pencil• Fixative spray• Masking fluid• Plastic eraser• Kneadable eraser• Good quality watercolour brushes• Liner brush• Round well mixing palette• Paper towel• Derivan Matisse background Folk Black acrylic paint I am going to paint Neddy at three months old from a favourite photograph, using a sheet from an A3 size canvas pad and Derwent Inktense pencils. As the name suggests, these pencils are ink-based and can be used dry or wet, or both. They are especially interesting to use on canvas because you can build up colour with several layers and when needed, you can work off enough unwanted colour with water and a stiff bristle brush to go over with another colour. This I couldn’t do if I was using a watercolour…

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artist’s hints and tips

• When working from photographs, have several of your chosen subject. For portraits, animal or human, photos from different angles and in differing light can be extremely helpful. • With any set of colour medium create your own colour chart. They are invaluable! I create mine on a spreadsheet, with the name and number of each colour alongside the box. For my Inktense chart, I filled in each box with its relevant dry colour and then wet half of each colour. This shows me at a glance the colour both dry and wet. I laminated the chart to keep the colours in pristine condition. With 72 colours in my tin, and all colours more vibrant when wet, I would go mad without my colour chart! Oh, and I always store my…