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Australian Stitches No 28-2

Australia’s leading dressmaking magazine is a favoured by all dressmakers in every age group. Fabulous garments, technical instructions and step x step photos help guide even the most novice sewer to complete perfect garments every time. All the latest patterns and fabrics are covered in every issue plus we trial patterns to give the lowdown on how to improve on each pattern’s instruction sheet. We showcase makeovers of real people, give wardrobe-planning advice and show the latest trends from the USA and Europe.

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great updates

A PRINT DRESS We talked about the new ‘winterized’ prints and the fresh ways to wear them in our fashion overview for the season last issue … but there is no fresher way to wear print right now than in a fabulously flattering dress (we showed an always-right wrapdress in that overview, and here’s another terrific version by New Look at left). Likewise, a rich dark or neutral print refreshes such a stand-by dress style, to make it a great modern dress look for any age. Sticking to two or three colours for that print as we show here also makes it dressy enough to go easily from desk to dinner … and from right now all the way to early spring. Save all those multi-coloured brights for more casual occasions…

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designer signatures: ralph rucci

Taking trends from the runway is fun, but there’s deeper inspiration to be had ... every famous designer has special signatures that make them great, and most are signatures that you can also incorporate into your sewing to help you develop your very own! This is the ›rst in a series of articles – a look at the inspirational signatures of the world’s top designers ... The abrupt departure last year of Ralph Rucci from the namesake label he officially launched back in 1994 (even though his first showing was way back in 1981) was shocking to a fashion industry who thought of him as ‘America’s National Fashion Treasure’ and the closest thing the modern New York Fashion industry had to a genuine couturier. In 2002, Rucci was in fact the…

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tips for knits

Jersey knit is known as single knit. It has a lengthwise stretch making it suitable for dresses, tops and lingerie. Double knits are firm. They have only moderate stretch which makes them suitable for jackets, suits and pants. Interlock knit has a fine rib and a very soft feel. This fabric is suited to active wear such as T-shirts. Sweatshirt fleece has very little stretch and a soft fluffy underside. It adapts to a wide range of clothing such as sweatshirts and tracksuits. Two-way stretch has a percentage of spandex fibre making it suitable for leotards, swimwear and gym clothes. When purchasing knit fabric for a pattern, check the fabric against the gauge on the back of the pattern. If the knit has more or less stretch than is required, the fabric is unsuitable for…

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more than a pop of colour!

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘add a pop of colour’ … well, now it’s add a whole lot of POP! Sixties pop colours including clockwork orange, acid yellow, fuchsia, lime, purple-people-eater and optic white are back! Colour-block the plain colours for a mondrian effect in a shell top or just-above- the-knee shift dress – or take one of the psychedelic abstracts and make wide-legged palazzo pants, a mock-turtle skivvy, a pull-on skirt or a button-through shirtmaker. Or, be inspired by Diane von Furstenberg and do the timeless wrap! Easy to sew and you’ll look sensational. Happy sewing, David from M & S fabrics. 1. Philosophy 33720, colour: Magenta, 94% polyester/ 6% spandex, 147-152cm wide. 2. Aria, 77151, design: 1785, colour Fuchsia, 92% polyester/8% spandex, 147-152cm wide. 3. Philosophy 33720, colour: Sherbert, 94% polyester/ 6% spandex,…

5 min
sizing your sloper

Knit fabrics can be our best friend when sewing. They’re usually comfortable, easy care, and forgiving. You can generally get away with a less-than-perfect fit because they conform to your body. You love designing your own clothes from your ‘body blueprint’, as called in the Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting system, but now you want to design and sew using knit fabrics. You know you’ll need to reduce your personal sloper size which is designed for woven fabric, but how much ease should you remove to compensate for the stretch of the knit? What an excellent question? In reply to this, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. What’s the stretch factor of the knit you’re working with? How well does it recover (return to its original shape) after being…

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a quick fix to a tight gown

There are pivotal moments in our lives; moments that we want to remember forever. And one of the most joyous, yet stressful, is a wedding. Judith has met many brides over the years, taking care of their wedding dress alterations. But, even when a dress has been purchased (or made) in advance, hanging in the wardrobe waiting for the special day, fate can throw you a curve ball. A few of my bride clients found themselves pregnant before the wedding, whilst other brides have called up frantic because the dress they ordered online is too small, “Even though I sent all my measurements!”. News flash – they do not MAKE a garment JUST FOR YOU. They take your measurements, and send a gown that is a close match. Hence it does…