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Australian Stitches No. 26-1

Australia’s leading dressmaking magazine is a favoured by all dressmakers in every age group. Fabulous garments, technical instructions and step x step photos help guide even the most novice sewer to complete perfect garments every time. All the latest patterns and fabrics are covered in every issue plus we trial patterns to give the lowdown on how to improve on each pattern’s instruction sheet. We showcase makeovers of real people, give wardrobe-planning advice and show the latest trends from the USA and Europe.

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from the editor

Welcome to another fabulous issue of Australian Stitches. We have a heap of ideas for you this issue, with our tips and technique articles. Also, make sure you check out Eddi’s resort report for 2018. Always a readers’ favourite, you will enjoy this year’s article. We also meet Katherine Tilton who can transform the boring white shirt into an amazing piece that will surely be an eye grabber. We also have all our regulars back with their tips and advice so you will love every page in this special edition. This issue is full of fashion ideas and sewing tips for you to enjoy. Make sure you take a peep at our new product and fabric sec›ons of the magazine. Please send us photos of your latest creations or altering, as we…

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signals of spring

RUFFLES Modern fashion now gives you lots of choice… but even with so much ‘fashion’ out there and so many options, all choices aren’t created equal. There are certain ideas or ‘signals’ that effect the biggest changes to your wardrobe when it comes to a new season. The strongest signal of change is in shape;- The direction toward a silhouette that is generally longer, looser and easier started a few seasons ago and reaches critical mass this Spring … We see it take effect with this modern twist on the classic Spring trench on this page; - in its clean, easy lines and longer length, its uncomplicated, simplified shaping and absence of any extraneous detail, it gives a fresh new proportion to anything you throw it over and is surprisingly flattering to…

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creating your own custom patterns is easy!

There are a number of ways you can use your block to create a variety of designs. Mix and Match As you now know the small alterations you need for your block pattern, you can apply the same changes to all of Connie’s patterns. You can also use all Connie’s Signature patterns and her Butterick line to mix and match the different designs. As they are all drafted consistently you can take the sleeve from one design and add it to another garment, change hems or skirts, swap necklines and collars. See images 1 and 2 for two different collar options for the same blouse. This will give you a much wider selection of styles while maintaining Connie’s signature fit. Playing with Ease Another way to take advantage of Connie’s patterns is to play…

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fitting solutions

Lesley has asked a question about darts. On her blouse pattern the side bust dart is too high and she would like to know how to fix the problem. Bust darts are there to cause fabric to cup over the bust and of course, as we are all different, sometimes the dart needs to be shifted to match our shape. The side bust dart should finish about 3cm away from the bust apex. This provides a smooth cupping and will not look puckered or pointed. The correct way to adjust a bust dart is to maintain the dart position on the side seam and then swing the point up or down by the required amount. If you try to move the side seam position you will distort the dart or change its size…

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the game - changing jacket that instantly pulls together any outfit!

The classic cardigan jacket may still be considered ‘ladylike’, but it certainly isn’t stodgy, staid or matronly … in fact, we see that perennial item in a fresh and sporty new light at left, when its traditional matching knee-length skirt gets switched for a pair of denim shorts. It’s those sort of unexpected pairings that give such classics a fun, youthful spin. Here we see the cardigan jacket growing up fast without looking past its prime. It is the perfect foil for a classic menswear-inspired shirt, another item that is making a comeback for Spring, (let the sleeves peek out for a contemporary feel.) This jacket style also effectively dresses up other basics such as a pair of cropped khakis for a more polished, agelessly elegant look that will look right…

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the long and the short of it – sleeve proportion

Be it long or short, the upper limbs are encased in high fashion this coming season. Look for styles that flatter your proportion, choosing sleek lines for the short, fuller arm and dramatic fullness for the long, slim arm. Adjust the pattern proportionately to maximise your fashion statement and enjoy the frivolous nature of today’s sleeve trends! Getting just the right fashion look is a matter of more than simple garment silhouettes. We need to look at all aspects of a style to determine its total suitability to our figure. Sleeve style is one such feature, often overlooked by the keen sewer. The length and width of a person’s arm greatly influences what sleeve types, armhole shapes, and shoulder lines an individual can wear to successfully complete a fashion statement. With…