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Ballistic June/July 2019

BALLISTIC is a magazine devoted to the modern firearms enthusiast.

United States
Athlon Media Group
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toughest man alive

→ Blown up, severely burned and nearly dead with bilateral femur fractures, Sergeant Omar “Crispy” Avila kept on fighting to help his teammates survive. Courage under fire? Try courage while on fire! Tank tough? This guy is simply a tank. As I type this, it’s exactly 12 years to the day that Avila arrived home in Texas from the battlefield in Iraq. Shortly after touching American soil, doctors put him into a medically induced coma for three months while he underwent dozens of surgeries. Then he woke to fight again. That’s a recurring theme with this remarkable man. In my nearly 25 years as a tactical, hunting and outdoors magazine editor, I’ve worked with a great team of colleagues to produce more than 1,000 issues. And yet I have never met or…

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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Nino Bosaz EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linas Cernauskas PRODUCTION EDITOR Greg Lickenbrock ART DIRECTOR/COVER DESIGN Rory Slifkin PREPRESS MANAGER Michael Toppin PREMEDIA Franco Nguyen DIGITAL MANAGER Matthew Hogan EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Richard Ortega CIRCULATION CONSULTANT Scott Hill/ProCirc COVER PHOTO Scott Baxter* CONTRIBUTING FIELD EDITORS* Scott Baxter; Scott Conditt; Will Dabbs, MD; Andre’ M. Dall’au; Mike Detty; Frank Jardim; Alan Korwin; Alex Landeen; Fred Mastison; Pat McNamara; T. Logan Metesh; Peter Suciu; Jon R. Sundra; Leroy Thompson; Sean Utley ballisticmag.com • tactical-life.com personaldefenseworld.com • realworldsurvivor.com EDITORIAL INQUIRIES editdesk@athlonoutdoors.com ATHLON OUTDOORS athlonoutdoors.com VP/GROUP PUBLISHER & CONTENT DIRECTOR Nicholas S. Seifert ADVERTISING SALES National Office 212-478-1910; sales@athlonoutdoors.com INDEPENDENT ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVES NORTHEAST REGION Scott Buchmayr; 978-462-6335 SOUTHEAST/UPPER MIDWEST Amos Crowley; 216-378-9811 WESTERN REGION Scott J. Cherek; 307-635-8899 MIDWEST/CENTRAL SOUTH Dan Flavin; 248-515-8654 DIRECT RESPONSE ADS Jim Coen; 212-478-1949 SENIOR DIRECTOR, MARKETING & OPERATIONS Carrie Roeder DIGITAL SALES DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING DIRECTOR Brock Norman ATHLON MEDIA GROUP CORPORATE OFFICERS PRESIDENT, CEO Chuck Allen CFO/TREASURER Mary Lee…

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brew ha ha

WOULD YOU RATHER… Have your spouse leave you or lose your entire gun collection to theft? Well, to be fair, a lawyer might say the former equals the latter. But romantics say true love comes but once in a lifetime. Unless of course true love is chasing down a herd of Texas hogs with night vision and a belt-fed 7.62mm mounted on a side-by-side. In that case, money can buy true love. The people have spoken, and 63-percent of respondents for our online poll said they would prefer to lose their spouses to their guns. Ouch. NOTABLE QUOTES INCLUDE: • “I don’t have this problem. Never have been, nor will I ever be, married. That’s because I’m too damn ugly.” • “I can replace the wife quicker, more affordably and without a background check.” • “You…

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1> BLACKHAWK T-SERIES HOLSTERS Balancing security with draw speed, the new L2D and L3D T-Series holsters from BlackHawk offer Level 2 and Level 3 retention, respectively. These duty rigs will hold your handgun securely until you activate the release with your thumb, following the “master grip” principle. Each holster is durable enough for rough handling, and the low-friction internal material ensures a quiet, smooth draw. Several fits are currently available. (blackhawk.com) 2> BUSHNELL NITRO 1800 The new 6x24mm Nitro 1800 takes all of the latest advances in laser rangefinders and packs them into a high-performance optic perfectly suited to long-range hunting or competition. With an Applied Ballistics engine, the Nitro 1800 can crunch bullet load and range data and effortlessly provide a perfect firing solution—while also communicating near-instantaneously through Bluetooth connectivity to the…

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roaring tommys

→ Developed by General John T. Thompson during the last years of World War I to fulfill the need for an “auto rifle” to replace the bolt-action rifles then in service without the complexity or cost of a recoil or gas system, the Thompson submachine gun was designed to act as a “trench broom” for clearing enemy trenches on the front lines before being introduced to the public in the early 1920s. It has been said that the Thompson is the gun that “made the ’20s roar,” but costing around the modern equivalent of $3,000, the weapon was definitely limited to those who had the means. The M1921 achieved most of its early notoriety in the hands of Prohibition-era gangsters like John Dillinger, George “Machine Gun” Kelly and Al Capone. So…

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purple heart of steel

→ September 11, 2001, forever changed the lives of most Americans. Almost everyone can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when the first plane plowed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. That morning, I was working in my Dallas office, and my pager went off: America was under attack, and my team was being deployed. I had just finished my training for one of FEMA’s Urban Search & Rescue teams. Working through the rubble of the aftermath would forever impact my life. Fast-forward 15 years and you begin to see how intricate our world truly is. I received a photography assignment from the editors of Ballistic magazine. Capturing a helicopter hog hunt that was organized by a group of North Texans for wounded veterans…