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Banknote Reporter June 2020

The the most comprehensive monthly source of news and information on bank notes and all related fiscal paper. Each issue of Bank Note Reporter includes market values, calendar listings, news briefs, price guides, historical articles on paper money and why certain notes were created. Reports on the people, events and history that have contributed to this hobby make for fascinating reading. For both the new enthusiasts and the veteran collectors.

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tracking the history of elmore, minnesota

It is now the beginning of May as I write this article, and I am stunned (as all of you must be) that we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that much of the economic activity of the United States has been drastically curtailed. No coin shows, large gatherings of any kind, and much of the country is still controlled by shelter-in-place orders. I don’t know when we will get back to some semblance of normalcy; indeed, I don’t know when I will get to go to a coin show again, and I am itching to do so. That said, having to endure so much time at home gives all of us more time to spend with our collections. I have had time to go through voluminous…

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a misprint: the likes of which has not been reported

Treasury Department Office of Treasurer of the United States National Bank Redemption Agency Washington November 29, 1932 Director of Bureau of Engraving and Printing Attention: Mr. Swigart [Assistant Director Production] In accordance with our telephonic conversation of yesterday there is transmitted herewith for inspection the upper and lower halves of a $5 Federal Reserve note found in a shipment of canceled currency forwarded by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston under date of November 25. It will be observed that this note was prepared for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York whereas the serial number indicates that it was issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. It is understood that the note will be returned to this office when it has served its purpose with you. M. E. Slindee Superintendent National Bank Redemption Agency Treasury Department Bureau of Engraving and Printing Surface Printing…

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proof of the month

The decision was made in January 1913 to change the act date in the upper left part of the open field on the faces of the $10 Series of 1907 gold certificates from July 12, 1882, to March 4, 1907, to reflect the fact that the 1907 act authorized the issuance of $10 gold certificates. This impacted the plates bearing Napier-McClung and Napier-Thompson Treasury signatures, which were in simultaneous production at the time. The 1907 date was changed on still-serviceable existing plates and added to new plates made thereafter. The last plate manufactured in the Napier-McClung/Napier-Thompson group was plate 345 bearing Napier-Thompson signatures. The 1907 act date was inadvertently left off the plate. Two proofs were made, one without the date and the other after it had been added. The…

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reader’s showcase

Anyone who knows me knows that I am no condition crank. Paper money was made to be used. If you can’t respect that, you are in the wrong game in my opinion. What I celebrate the most are circulated notes that happened to survive that are still attractive. My idea of a truly nice grade is a solid Very Fine. The definition of Very Fine that I cut my teeth on was an overall clean note that retains the sheen from the sizing in the paper, that has no impairments, that has folds that do not break the ink on the paper, and that has not been doctored. As I was entering notes into the Wyoming census recently, just such a note went by from a Scottsman (St. Louis) February…

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pam west: bank notes are paper ambassadors

This month, I have invited Pam West, an expert on British bank notes to share some of her thoughts on collecting bank notes. Pam West is currently the author of English Paper Money 9th Edition (2017), the author of Isle of Man Paper Money with Alan Kelly (2014), the publisher of Paper Money of Ireland by Bob Blake and Jonathan Callaway (2009) and Paper Money of Scotland by Jonathan Callaway and Dave Murphy (2018). The latter three publications were awarded IBNS Book of the Year. Pam has been elected President of the International Bank Note Society as of June 2020. The IBNS celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021. Q. What inspired you to collect British bank notes? A. I was with Peter, my then boyfriend, visiting a stamp shop down on the south coast…

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heritage central states auctions captivate collectors

The Heritage Central States Numismatic Society April 22-27 auctions were moved to their Dallas, Texas, headquarters and worldwide on HA.com. Despite the change in venue, collectors were able to bring sales totaling millions of dollars to fruition. Two high-denomination U.S. currency issues: a rare Series 1934 $5,000 from the Philadelphia district, graded AU-55 by PMG; and a Series 1934 $10,000 from the Boston district, bearing the same grade lead the event’s currency auctions to an overall total of close to $4.8 million. There were currency offerings included in the Platinum Night Session Four from the J. Wayne Hilton Confederate Currency Collection. There were five note offerings that really caught my eye at the U.S. auction. The first, Lot 20008, was a James-Wilson signed, Continental Currency Yorktown Issue note dated April 11, 1778.…