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Banknote Reporter September 2020

The the most comprehensive monthly source of news and information on bank notes and all related fiscal paper. Each issue of Bank Note Reporter includes market values, calendar listings, news briefs, price guides, historical articles on paper money and why certain notes were created. Reports on the people, events and history that have contributed to this hobby make for fascinating reading. For both the new enthusiasts and the veteran collectors.

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9 min.
kimball, west virginia salutes black soldiers during wwi

I received some positive feedback on last month’s article on Matoaka, W. Va., so I thought I would continue this month in the Mountain State. We are still in the grip of COVID-19 (hard to believe) and it looks like the situation and all the related shut-downs, closures and precautions will be with us for some months more until an effective vaccine is developed. So this month we will continue our visit to the southern West Virginia coal region and the towns of Kimball and Welch. Kimball is a small town in McDowell County incorporated in 1911. It was named for Frederick J. Kimball, President of the Norfolk and Western Railway which built its line through the mountains of southwestern Virginia into the previously untapped Flat Top-Pochahontas Coalfield in the 1880s. Kimball…

1 min.
the devil is in the details

Collectors have found hidden images in plain sight on some paper money. For Canadian currency collectors, this is the infamous and well-known “devil’s face” varieties – if you look closely, the devil is in the details. When a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth was issued on Canadian paper money in 1954, some viewers caused an uproar by saying that there was a devil’s face – complete with bushy eyebrows and a satanic smile – hidden in the queen’s hair. The design was quickly changed to adjust the hairstyle, making the so-called devil’s face or devil’s head variety rare and desirable for collectors. You can see a comparison photo attached. Heritage will be auctioning a few examples that are particularly high-grade in the September Paper Money Auction #4025, graded 67 and 68 out…

7 min.
misamis oriental and mountain provinces next for revision

This article is a continuation of a series of such updating my 1974 book on Philippine emergency notes that I started in 2009. It is possibly the last of its kind that I will prepare for Bank Note Reporter because I am now working together with an individual in Germany on a full revision which includes all remaining note issues not yet covered by my articles. MISAMIS ORIENTAL PROVINCE Misamis Oriental Province lies east of its occidental namesake straight across Iligan Bay. Its land area varies from irregularly long to very narrow in some spots. The Oriental Misamis Currency Committee was composed of Provincial Treasurer Ubaldo D. Laya as Chairman, Provincial Auditor Agapito Flores and Provincial Fiscal Antonio Tann Yacapin as members. There were two issues. The first, dated Series of 1941, amounted to…

2 min.
note of the month

You never know where research with short snorters is going to take you. For reasons now lost to me after 22 years, I showed this pair of Turkish notes that was obviously very carefully executed, perhaps to see if anyone had an idea about the significance of these pieces. Both notes have a listing of names and titles on either side. They bear a heading reading MILITARY & NAVAL SURVEY GROUP/IN TURKEY, May, June, July 1947 at top, with each note bearing titles and signatures of 16 members of this special group. Its primary task, as stated in an official bulletin, “was to determine how United States aid to the Turkish Armed Forces can be most effectively applied within the limitations of appropriated funds.” As luck may have it, a letter…

11 min.
1895 directive altered nbn title blocks

In 1895, the Comptroller of the Currency sent a directive to the Engraving Division of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing requesting that they insert the name of the town above the will-pay line in the title blocks of national bank notes in cases where the bankers had not included their town in their titles. This resulted in a suite of very distinctive looking title blocks where the town appeared in bold squat letters directly above the will-pay line. The purpose of this article is to provide the only documentation that I have found for this directive. Introduction The Comptroller’s definition of a bank title was the name of the bank including the name of the town, but not that of the state. This title was to be placed between quotes that…

1 min.
reader’s showcase

Attentive reader Adam Stroup reeled in this Gloversville note from the May 26, 2020, Heritage weekly online auction that has a “round” C in the right serial number. It is in the identical position as the round C on the discovery $5 Windham, NY, note featured in the May 2020 BNR Notes from Washington column by Jim Simek and me. The non-standard C was on a number wheel made for a numbering head on one of the paging machines used to prepare make-up replacement sheets that was accidentally swapped into a numbering head on a production press. It probably stayed there for some time to create these very odd varieties so there are certainly more to be found. The note brought double the estimate so someone else apparently saw it…