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July 2021

Countryfile Magazine inspires you to explore forgotten corners of the great British countryside and provides knowledge of the people and wildlife that inhabit it. We want to tempt you into trying new things, seek out new places and make the most of Britain’s beautiful landscapes.

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United Kingdom
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a shore thing

“A confession. The coast isn’t my first choice for a countryside outing. I like freedom to roam to all points of the compass and the sea is an unarguable barrier to those on foot. And so I tend to head more for the hills. Yet at the loosening of the lockdown in Wales at Easter, my first venture with the family was to Strumble Head in Pembrokeshire. After so long confined to the same four walls and their hinterland, I felt my head become lighter at the opening up of ocean views, big skies and endless craggy headlands. The coast rocks – and rocky coasts rock most. Many of us will be heading to the coast this summer to find the same blend of peace, headspace, beauty and sunshine. So this…

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on the farm with adam henson

The Cotswolds will always be home for me, but there’s a wild, untamed shoreline in a lonely corner of the UK that will have a special place in my heart forever. North Ronaldsay isn’t a tourist hotspot, there’s no commuter traffic and it’s not even the sort of place you pass through en route to somewhere else. Hardly surprising when you realise Orkney’s most far-flung island is further north than the southern tip of Norway and closer to Oslo than London. There’s an old saying: “You don’t go to North Ronaldsay, you get there.” It’s a beautiful, low-lying place with a huge expanse of sky, and because the island is only three miles long and two miles wide, you’re never far from the wind and waves. The foreshore has an almost magical…

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britain’s best snorkelling locations

When the tide’s right, swim just a few metres away from dry land and you can glimpse a vibrant, colourful underwater world. Snorkelling is the simplest way to immerse yourself in another dimension of the British coastline, where blennies peek out of rock crevices and starfish move stealthily across the sandy seabed. There’s no need for fancy kit or scuba tanks – just a wetsuit and mask will do, and you don’t need to move fast or venture far from the shore to see the stars of the show. If you can swim, you can snorkel, so dip your head beneath the waves, relax and float to another magical place. Here are 14 locations around the country to explore. 1. ST MARTIN’S, ISLES OF SCILLY Take a three-hour boat trip to snorkel with…

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smugglers, shipwrecks and shanties at the inn

With 11,000 miles of British coastline, fishing has long been at the heart of our culture. There are numerous fishing villages with entire communities dependant on the industry, from fishermen braving unpredictable seas to the women and men onshore mending nets, baiting lines, processing the catch and selling fish. Multiple factors have resulted in the decline of many fishing communities over the centuries: steam trawlers replacing sail trawlers, overfishing and the Cod Wars. In 1983, the EU’s contentious Common Fisheries Policy, which gave each state a quota for what it could catch, coupled with greater allocation of fishing quotas to large companies, also had a negative impact on once-thriving fishing villages. In addition, the enduring charm of such villages has increasingly attracted holiday-home buyers, pushing house prices up and forcing locals…

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how to use os maps on your device

Discover hundreds of thousands of ready-made routes at your fingertips. No signal? No problem. Download maps and routes and use them wherever you go. Visualise your routes in full 3D, and print out as required. Use the AR Viewer to pan across the landscape and rediscover your view. Get access to the whole of Britain for only £23.95 for a 12-month subscription. HOW TO GET STARTED 1. To access BBC Countryfile Magazine routes, download a QR code reader app on to your phone. 2. Hold the phone above the QR code beside the map. 3. The map will appear on your device, and off you go!…

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inspiring reads for kids

LET’S GO FOR A WALK BY RANGER HAMZA, IVY KIDS, £7.99 (PB) Thischeerfulbookstars CBeebies’ popular adventurer Ranger Hamza, who encourages children to observe and engage with their surroundings while exploring outdoors. Bright, bold illustrations by Kate Kronreif accompany the ideas for activities, which are often in catchy rhyming verse: “Roses are red, holly berries are too. We’re looking for RED things. Can you find a few?” Suggestions include spotting colours, shapes and sizes while out and about, and noticing different textures. Aimed at children aged two-plus, this is best read while sitting outside or on a walk, as the text asks the reader what they can see around them. But the outside world doesn’t have to be countryside; the focus is on observing your surroundings, urban or rural, and paying attention to details,…