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BBC Countryfile Magazine November 2018

Countryfile Magazine inspires you to explore forgotten corners of the great British countryside and provides knowledge of the people and wildlife that inhabit it. We want to tempt you into trying new things, seek out new places and make the most of Britain’s beautiful landscapes.

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tall tree tales

If you go down to the woods today, what are you looking for? Adventure I think. Unlike a hill walk or a stroll over heaths and moors, woods don’t often offer glorious views. They offer secrecy; winding paths to hidden glades where the imagination is unshackled. All the time you are meeting organisms that have witnessed hundreds of years of life. We have a long relationship with forests, as Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough reveals on page 32. She finds that since prehistoric times, they have been places both of darkness to be feared but also havens that nurture us. It’s the latter that Shauna Lowry explores as a budding Forest School teacher, page 48. Studies have shown that playing and learning outdoors does wonders for children’s physical and emotional growth, so it’s stirring…

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how to contact us

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november in the country

TOWER OF VICTORY… You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a still from The Lord of the Rings film set: the Wallace Monument rising in low autumn light from the volcanic outcrop of Abbey Craig just north of Stirling. Built in the 1860s in Victorian Gothic style, it commemorates William Wallace’s victory over the English at Stirling Bridge in 1297. From Abbey Craig, Wallace was able to watch his enemies slowly cross the bridge, and so was able to time his attack when “as many of the enemy had come over as they believed [they] could overcome”. Some 5,000 English troops were trapped and slaughtered. URBAN STAG PARTY Four red deer stags appear to companionably share a wooded glade in London’s Richmond Park. But the deer rut can be as fierce in this…

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100 years of remembrance

On 11 November 1918, Germany signed an armistice, signalling the end of the First World War. This year, events are taking place across the nation to commemorate the centenary. Visit the Poppies Tour at Imperial War Museum North in Greater Manchester (above, until 25 November) and the Imperial War Museum London (until 18 November) as part of the 14–18 NOW tour. Meanwhile, at 7pm on 11 November, 1,000 Beacons of Light will be lit on hills and headlands across the UK to honour 100 years of remembrance.…

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enid blyton, the queen of adventure

Fifty years ago this November, one of the world’s most prolific authors died at the age of 71. Since publishing her first book, Child Whispers, in 1922, Enid Blyton is believed to have written some 700 books – including The Famous Five series – which have been translated into 40 languages, making her the most translated children’s author in the world, according to UNESCO. Blyton continues to inspire children and adults alike, selling more than one book a minute in the UK, amassing to total sales of 500 million copies worldwide. This autumn, celebrate the legacy of Blyton by visiting a literary festival near you (see opposite page).…

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spot seal pups

In autumn and winter, UK water temperatures begin to drop. It seems like an unusual time, therefore, for one of our most endearing sea mammals to begin birthing, but after a summer of fattening up, that’s exactly what grey seal females do. There are thought to be 120,000 grey seals residing along Britain’s coastline, with high numbers in Lincolnshire, the Isle of Man and Cumbria. For a glimpse, try these pup-spotting sites: • Blakeney Point, Norfolk • Donna Nook, Lincolnshire • Farne Islands, Northumberland. Photos: Philip Hartley, Anthony Devlin/Getty, Alamy Illustration: Lynn Hatzius…