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BBC Countryfile Magazine February 2019

Countryfile Magazine inspires you to explore forgotten corners of the great British countryside and provides knowledge of the people and wildlife that inhabit it. We want to tempt you into trying new things, seek out new places and make the most of Britain’s beautiful landscapes.

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spring beckons

“I think of our February issue as a sign of brighter days ahead. Winter’s hand lies on the land but nights are shortening. In Bristol, home of Countryfile Towers, I long for 18 February: the first day when it is still light at the end of the working day. And at sunrise, the dawn chorus is already in full voice (including the woodlark if you’re in the right place, see page 30). Spring is near. So this issue looks to the future and how we are all going to make the most of the warmer, more active months ahead. First up, a place I’ve never been to but its name alone – Roseland – conjures delight. It’s a peninsula in Cornwall that the crowds somehow sweep past, yet its rugged coves…

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this month’s contributors

Mike Dilger, page 30 “The woodlark should be considered as one of our most highly rated songsters and a poster boy for sunny heathland in spring.” Jack Thurston, page 34 “Swooping down a hill on a bicycle is the closest most of us come to being a bird in flight, and the sights, smells and sounds are so vivid.” Charlotte Smith, page 62 With five fellow judges, Charlotte helped whittle down your nominations to create shortlists for this year’s magazine awards.…

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how to contact us

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february in the country

SUNSET PROMENADE Bournemouth’s iconic pier has had many makeovers since it was first built in 1856, yo-yoing in length like the ebb and flow of the tide that surrounds it. Storm damage, corrosion and the threat of German invasion in World War Two were responsible for the half-dozen major structural revisions. Today, stretching out more than 300m into the English Channel, the pier is the best place in this seaside town to watch the winter sun sink, but wrap up warm and don’t forget your hat and gloves. WINTER’S RED FLAME Whoever said February’s vegetation was dull? Dogwood certainly makes a lucid counterpoint, its slender winter stems a striking fusion of tangerine and red. One of the best places to see ‘midwinter fire’ – dogwood’s epithet – is at The Winter Garden in…

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winter workshops

1 Valentine’s Day flower count: Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire, 9–17 Feb Find out how many different blooms are growing in the National Trust grounds. Normal admission applies. 2 Apple grafting: Cotehele, Cornwall, 16–17 Feb Learn how to graft your own apple tree and take it away to plant in your garden. £5 per tree, normal admission applies. 3 Tree ID course: Chirk Castle, Wrexham, 9 Feb On this one-day course you’ll learn how to identify all your favourite trees; £30, booking essential. 4 Orchard tree planting: Scotney Castle, Kent, 16–22 Feb Take part in the restoration of the orchard at Scotney; £5 per tree, normal admission applies. 5 Build a bird box: Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, 18–22 Feb Celebrate National Nest Box Week; £7.50 per box, normal admission applies.…

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n is for night walking

When the winter sun goes down, some strange spell binds us to the house. The nocturnal countryside, we think, is for the owls; we shiver at the thought and draw closer to the fire. And yet, for intrepid explorers willing to break the taboo, the night is a magical world. When the moon is full, this secret landscape glows with an eerie sense of the eternal. It’s like walking into your dreams. Ridges and hilltops make good night walking, the open sky sparkling above. A shimmering moonrise over sea or lake startles with its sombre beauty. Spend your time slowly and silently. You’ll return blinking in the light, feeling like new.…