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BBC Countryfile Magazine May 2019

Countryfile Magazine inspires you to explore forgotten corners of the great British countryside and provides knowledge of the people and wildlife that inhabit it. We want to tempt you into trying new things, seek out new places and make the most of Britain’s beautiful landscapes.

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secret waters

“If you look closely at a map of Northern Ireland, your eye will be drawn to something curious and rather thrilling in the south-west of the six counties. Here, along the border with the Republic of Ireland and across much of County Fermanagh, the land seems to dissolve into a great rush of waterways. Lakes, rivers and wetlands dominate. What is this place? Why haven’t we been there? So we sent Danny from our team to take to the water – his report is a lovely piece of writing that will draw you into another world, see page 18. For wildlife lovers, May is, of course, just about the best time to visit anywhere in the UK. The warmer, long days are ripe for adventure – wildlife is hyperactive and gardens…

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this month’s contributors

Daniel Graham, page 18 “Upper and Lower Lough Erne dominate Fermanagh, but a quick map scan reveals at least 60 more waterbodies – endless scope for slow discovery.” Twigs Way, page 60 “William Robinson was the Irishman who taught the English how to garden, and his estate at Gravetye Manor is the English garden at its very best.” Mark Hillsdon, page 32 “Three times the deep bellow rumbles across the landscape, before falling silent. That old bog blutter, the bittern, is awake – and searching for a mate.”…

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may in the country

must-see BLAZE OF YELLOW A yellow wagtail emerges like a phoenix from the glowing flames of oilseed rape flowers. This slender, graceful bird is the least well-known of our three wagtail species and is the only long-distance migrant among them. It arrives from Africa in late April to nest in arable fields, hay meadows and wet pasture in central and eastern England, but its numbers have declined sharply in recent decades due to agricultural intensification. It is similar to the grey wagtail, which haunts streams, rivers and canals, but is noticeably canary-yellow all over while the former has a slate-grey back. DEEP IN THE DALES Sheep take advantage of the flush of spring grass in the deep-cut valley of Langstrothdale near the hamlet of Hubberholme, which was described by the playwright JB Priestley as…

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may madness

4 MAY Ely Eel Day Cambridgeshire Once an island surrounded by marshland, Ely remembers its past reliance on the eel in this annual festival. Don’t miss the World Eel Throwing Competition (no eels are harmed!) and the carnivalesque Eel Day Parade. elyeelfestival.co.uk 5 MAY Knob Throwing Kingston Maurward, Dorset Practice your topspin – it’s time to toss that Dorset knob (a hard, round biscuit). Also guess the weight of the big knob, run in a knob and spoon race, or delight in competitive knob eating at this fun day out. dorsetknobthrowing.com 5 MAY Festival of Wormcharming Blackawton, Devon Prepare your potions and assemble your team of three – a Charmerer, a Pickerer and a Counterer – to enter the marvellously madcap annual wormcharming contest; £5 per team. wormcharming.co.uk 12 MAY Mud Race Maldon, Essex This is some seriously dirty fun! Ford murky waters and clamber…

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edale is the most popular place to start a walk

OS Maps has released a poster illustrating Britain’s most-trodden paths of 2018. The map (inset), based on data provided by OS Maps users, who share 2.95 million miles of walking and cycling routes, beautifully portrays the well-worn trails crossing our countryside, with Edale in the Peak District (left) topping the list as the nation’s favourite starting point. Snowdon is the busiest location for the sheer number of routes, while Carmarthenshire, west of the Brecon Beacons, is one of the areas with the fewest recorded walks. Understandably, the National Parks are the most popular places to find walks, with the highest number of routes plotted in the months of May, June and August.…