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BBC Countryfile Magazine Special 2021

Countryfile Magazine inspires you to explore forgotten corners of the great British countryside and provides knowledge of the people and wildlife that inhabit it. We want to tempt you into trying new things, seek out new places and make the most of Britain’s beautiful landscapes.

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the wisdom of walking

“Walking has been heralded as the best antidote to lockdown, a means of mental and physical escape. It’s always been a cure for stagnant days in the office, a dream for when stuck on a train or a jolt out of a deep life rut. The simple act of following a path and freeing your body and mind provide a perspective and a rhythm to surmount life’s obstacles. And you never know what wildlife, weather, sites and sights you may encounter. Even my familiar dog walk surprises me. At Easter, on a well-trodden path, I met a huge grass snake among the golden saxifrage. It hissed at us. The thrill buzzed through me all day. I was particularly moved by Anita Sethi’s piece this month (page 44). Having endured racist abuse, she…

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walking in the country

COASTAL COLOURS Strolling between a field of ripe golden wheat and the brilliant blue sea, a walker enjoys a sun-soaked coastal ramble along the Roseland Peninsula in west Cornwall. Ahead lies St Anthony Head, with the gentle curve of Porthbeor Beach offering a tempting opportunity for a swim. This long sand and shingle beach is relatively remote and can only be accessed by a steep path, so is usually quiet and crowd-free. MEDIEVAL MIGHT There are few more dramatic or romantic ruins than Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire, the site of many historical intrigues perched on the edge of the North Sea. Reach the castle on an invigorating walk from nearby Stonehaven harbour; the cliff-top path offers tantalising glimpses of the fortress at every turn. EYE SEE YOU Much larger than rabbits, brown hares are tawny…

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walking events: fundraising walks for charity

1. ROUND THE ISLE OF WIGHT Walking around an entire island, especially one with 70 miles of coastline, is a fantastic achievement – and likely to inspire lots of charitable donations from friends and family. Complete the loop over a week or step up the pace and do it over a long weekend. Or get support along the way and sign up for the Isle of Wight Challenge for Cancer Research UK, on 10 July; see cancerresearchuk.org. Fancy another island adventure? Why not circumnavigate the Isle of Man on the 100-mile wildlife-rich Raad ny Foillan (Manx Gaelic for ‘The Way of the Gull’)? 2. COUNTRYFILE RAMBLE Taking place every autumn, the Countryfile Ramble includes a number of walks led by Countryfile presenters, but people of all ages and abilities are encouraged to go…

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find a walking group

Walking groups are a great way to meet new people with common interests. They encourage you to get out and get active and offer a means to discover landscapes with confidence that may otherwise evade you. No matter where you live, the chances are there will be a walking group nearby. Ramblers has a superb interactive map of walking groups in England, Scotland and Wales: ramblers.org.uk/ go-walking/group-finder. Those in Northern Ireland can find a group on the WalkNI website: walkni.com/clubs-groups/. Alternatively, ask friends and neighbours, or check local community posts.…

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how to keep children happy on walks

1. Play Pooh sticks Simply throw sticks or twigs over a bridge at the same time, run to the other side and wait to see whose stick comes out first. 2. Colour spotting Each family member picks a colour, then, as you walk, see if you can spot this colour – how many times can you see it in animals and plants? 3. Seasonal scavenger hunt Create a list of 10 natural items to hunt for on your next walk, such as a yellow flower, a feather, a catkin. Find scavenger hunt charts online or make your own. 4. Let the kids lead the way Be flexible and let your children decide which direction to turn at each junction. They’ll choose the way that intrigues them the most, keeping interest levels up. 5. Take pictures Kids love taking photos.…

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walking memoirs

THE SALT PATH by Raynor Winn Faced with economic ruin and failing health, Raynor and her partner escape to the South-West Coast Path to find solace in walking and nature. THE OLD WAYS by Robert Macfarlane A majestic and thrilling journey along pathways – ancient and modern. Why do paths form and how do they shape our physical and mental landscapes? THIS LUMINOUS COAST by Jules Pretty Roaming the East Anglian coast on foot and by boat, Pretty’s elegaic prose explores the wild and the human-shaped shores of this culturally rich but overlooked region. THE GREEN ROAD INTO THE TREES by Hugh Thomson Following the ancient Icknield Way across the chalklands of southern England, this is a gently meandering and very personal wander through history and landscape.…