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easycook is a practical, down to earth and straight-talking food magazine. It aims to help busy people feed their families with a minimum of fuss and effort during the week, with more adventurous ideas for when there's a little more time at the weekend. The easy, speedy and healthy recipes are ideal whether you're an experienced cook or you're less confident in the kitchen, and they're all thoroughly tested so they will always work first time. In every issue; over 100 speedy, easy to follow recipes, family recipes for every day of the week, food kids love, store cupboard ideas, easy entertaining and easy baking.

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Sip a seasonal cocktail We all look forward to the Christmas break, don’t we? But we know it’s far from relaxing, what with travelling to see people or hosting a gathering. Here at Easy Cook, we want to make your festive season, well, as easy as possible. We know that not everyone likes turkey, so we’re giving you a choice of 12 mains. And we know that many people now follow a meat-free lifestyle or have vegetarian guests, so we ve got that covered, too, on page 28. And we have some truly spectacular offerings from a host of famous faces, including Mary Berry, Tom Kerridge and Nadiya. All this plus bags of ideas to keep your mealtimes simple and sensational over the festive holidays. Ho-ho-hope you have a great Christmas! Get…

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nice and naughty

Boozy brownie trifle Trifle gets a makeover with brownies and Maltesers • Serves 10-12 • Prep 25-30 mins, plus chilling • Cook 5-10 mins 500ml pot ready-made chilled custard (look for one with real vanilla) 100g dark chocolate, broken into pieces 400g shop-bought chocolate brownies 3 tbsp coffee 100ml Irish cream liqueur, plus 1 tbsp extra for soaking the brownies 121g bag Maltesers 500ml double cream 25g icing sugar 1 Put the custard and chocolate in a saucepan. Gently heat, stirring, until the chocolate has completely melted into the custard. Cover the surface with cling film to stop the custard forming a skin, then cool. 2 Sit the brownies in a trifle bowl. Mix together the coffee with the 1 tbsp of Irish cream liqueur. Drizzle all over the brownies. Use a rolling pin or…

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taste awards

Mince pies 6JG›$GUV›FGGR›ƂNNGF›OKPEG›RKGU››››RCEM››› £2, Morrisons "ÕÀ››Õ }iÛ››Ûi ›Ì›i›À› LÕÌÌiÀÞ›«>ÃÌÀÞ]›>› ›Ì›i›L>›>›Vi››v›ÃÜiiÌ›iÃÛ >› ›L››âi››››Ì›i›w››››}° Panettone Specially Selected exquisite panettone (800g), £6.99, Aldi 6i›ÛiÌޛÛvÌ]›LÕÌÌiÀÞ›>› ›}›› i››Ü›Ì›› ››ÌÛ›v›Û>››››>›››ÌiÃ]›Ì›i› ›Õ}›››Ã›››}›Ì›>› › L››››ÜÞ°›"›Vi›Þ›Õ›VÕÌ›››Ì›››Ì]››Ì½Ã›yÕvvÞ›>› ››››ÃÌ° Turkey 2GODTQMGUJKTG›DTQP\G›HTGG›TCPIG› turkey, £10 per kg, M&S This roasted to }›Ûi›>›››Ûi›Þ›}›› i››VÀ›Ã«›Ã›››°›/›i›LÀi>ÃÌ› Ü>Û›››ÃÌƛ̛i››i}Ã]›Ã>Û›ÕÀÞ›>› ›}>›iÞ° Vegetarian canapé Feta, spinach and pine nut spanakopita, £7, Waitrose & Partners ›Õ››››v›Ã«››>V›]›«››i››ÕÌÛ >› ›viÌ>›V›iiÃi]›Ì›iÃi› Üi›››Ãi>Û›i ›«>ÃÌÀÞ› «››Ü›ii›Ã›ÜiÀi›››Ûi › LÞ›>››››ÕÀ››Õ }iÛ>› › ÀiVi›Ûi ›ÛiÀÞ›››}›››>À›Ã°› Savoury canapé 10 spicy pulled pork tacos, £7, M&S We love the smoky, tasty ›i>Ì]›Üi›››V›››i ›Ì>V›Ã› -ÛvÌ›Þi̛ܛ̛›VÀÕ›V›®]›>› › ‘fresh’ cool soured cream >› ›Ã>›Ã>°›-V>ÌÌiÀ››ÛiÀ› Û›i›V›À›>› iÀ›>› ›Ì›iÞ› V›Õ› ›«>ÃÛ>Û›››i›> i° Smoked salmon Extra Special heather, honey and black pepper smoked salmon, £3.99, Asda /››Ã›ÃÜii̛Û››Þ›Ã>››››››Ã›Ì››V››Þ›Ã››Vi › >› ›i }i ›Ü›Ì›››iÀLÛ>› ›L›>V››«i««iÀ° Sweet canapé 5RGEKCNN[›5GNGEVGF›UPQYƃCMG›VKHƂP›KP› honeycomb & orange, £3.29, Aldi Easy to pick up >› ››› Õ›}i›Ì]›Ì›iÃi›V›Õ››Þ›Ã››Üy>›i›L›ÌiÛ>Ài› V››V››>Ìiޛܛ̛›V›iÜÞ››>›››Ü›>› ›VÀÕ›V›Þ›L›ÃV՛̰ Stuffing &GNWZG›CRTKEQV›CPF›YJKVG›UVKNVQP›UVWHƂPI›› £2.39, Lidl /›iÃi›ÃÌÕvw›}›L>››Ã›ÜiÀi››Õ}i›Þ› «›«Õ›>À°›7i›››Ûi›Ì›i››i>Ì]›vÀ՛̛ÃÌÕ i`›››››› >› ›Ì›i›L>›>›Vi››v›ÃÜiiÌ›>› ›Ã>Û›ÕÀÞ›››Ìið› Gammon Juniper-smoked spiral crackling…

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the gift guide

Yule dark chocolate log £20, Hotel Chocolat Let’s face it – chocolate is always a winner. This one is packed with >›››› Û>› ››>âi››ÕÌÃ]›>› › you’ll never guess it’s vegan. Alphabet mugs £10 each, Oliver Bonas A gift for the person whose mug always seems to go missing at work. 1N[ORKC›EJCORCIPG›ƃWVGU £3 each, Morrisons *ÀiÌÌÞ›yÕÌiÛ› i>››v›À›LÕV›¿Ã›wââ›››› Christmas morning, or as a posh present that won’t break the bank. Wooden salt library £9.95, halenmon.com Ƃ ›Ã›››››iÃÛ>› ›y>Û›ÕÀ›Ì›› your dishes with this selection of salts from Wales. The Lionel cheese box £29.99, thecheesegeek.com This has a great selection for the cheeseboard. Alternatively, send a box of cheese to someone you love. Tasting notes and pairing tips included. Lékué microwave grill £29.99, Lakeland Students will love this gadget. It’ll grill meat and veg, and make crisp toasties in minutes. Brussels sprouts tea £1, Sainsbury’s An unusual…

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let’s get the party started

Mai tai Shake together 50ml golden rum, 1 tbsp Grand Marnier, 2 tsp lime juice, 1 tsp almond syrup (optional) and 1 tsp sugar syrup. Pour into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Garnish with a pineapple chunk, mint sprig, 1 cherry and lime wedge. Serves 1. 4CURDGTT[›››GNFGTƃQYGT›Ƃ\\ Mash 10 raspberries with 2 tbsp elderflower cordial. Push through a sieve to remove the pips, then divide between two champagne glasses before topping up with fizz. Serves 2. 5NQG IKP›TQ[CNG› Pour 2 tsp sloe gin into a champagne flute, then pour over chilled fizz. Serves 1. Classic m › QLKVQ In a tall glass, crush a handful mint and 2 tsp caster sugar with the end of a rolling pin or pestle. Cut/2 lime into four, squeeze the juice from each wedge into the glass, then toss in the…

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mix it up

‘Tis the season to be baking and Dr. Oetker has everything you need to whip up simple, crowd-pleasing Christmas treats. The humble chocolate brownie is a staple bake that’s easy and satisfying to make, and rarely disappoints, while the mince pie is, of course, a hallmark of the festive season. But have you ever thought about what the two together would taste like? Baking extraordinaire Dr. Oetker has – and once you’ve tasted these mince pie brownies, you’ll realise they’re a match made in Christmas heaven. Mince pie brownies • Prep 20 mins • Cook 1 hr • Makes 16 FOR THE BROWNIES 300g Dr. Oetker 72% Extra DarkChocolate, chopped into small pieces250g butter6 medium eggs250g caster sugar175g plain flour½ tsp Dr. Oetker Baking Powder75g Dr. Oetker Cocoa Powder pinch salt400g mincemeat1 orange, zested FOR…