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June/July 2020

Best Health magazine is dedicated to helping you “Look Great, Get Healthy, Eat Well and Embrace Life.” A new magazine from Reader’s Digest, it brings an inspiring voice to today’s contemporary Canadian woman. It’s filled with the latest health news, fitness tips, relationship and weight loss advice. Best Health stands apart with inspiring and approachable healthy lifestyle information on all aspects of your life. It’s like a day at the spa, not a trip to the clinic. You’ll appreciate its cutting-edge, no-nonsense information, delivered in the warm, upbeat tone of a well-informed friend.

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looking for something to do?

Why not commit to a puzzle. I have just the one; it’s called “Our New Normal.” Oh, it’s a doozy – five thousand pieces, all shades of grey. Frankly it seems impossible to master, but I happen to know the best way to start. Look for the wellness pieces – they’re the ones with flat edges. Like any jigsaw, this one won’t be easy to piece together. You’ll walk away from the table a hundred times, muttering about how stupid it all is (oh, is it just me who does that?). But, something will draw you back – a connector piece that’s been staring you in the face for days (Really? It was there the entire time?!?), or simply the sheer desire to master this challenge, the likes of which you’ve never seen…

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visit besthealthmag.ca for tips on how to have a fulfilling summer!

BEST EATS Over banana bread? Embrace strawberry season by making the fruit the star of your dishes. We’ve rounded up our favourite recipes, from shortcake to kale salad, to make with strawberries. besthealthmag.ca/strawberry-recipes BEST YOU Feel like summer’s been cancelled? All you need is our checklist of activities that’ll ensure you still make plenty of happy memories. From sangria Zoom calls to going barefoot in the park, here’s how to make the most out of summer 2020. besthealthmag.ca/summer2020 BEST LOOKS Of course, you’re wearing sunscreen as you soak up some vitamin D, but dermatologists also recommend wearing a hat for further sun protection. We’ve found the best ones to wear everywhere from a morning run in the park to cocktail hour on your patio. besthealthmag.ca/sun-hats WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA @besthealthmag.ca…

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gear guru

BUST If you need support, look for a suit with some structure, like a bracup-sized design that features underwire, extra banding or side panels. If you have a smaller bust, choose tops with extra fabric or padding. MIDSECTION Gathered fabric (ruching) adds extra coverage, so you can feel comfortable in your swimsuit when you’re hunched over the cooler looking for another LaCroix. Bonus: It safeguards against it getting transparent in the water. BOOTY If you want to enhance this area, look for a bold pattern. If you have a fuller booty, choose a solid bottom or one-piece. Also, look for bottoms with more fabric – nothing is more irritating than constantly tugging for more coverage. LEG HOLES Look for wider leg holes – yes, there is such a thing! – so that your swimsuit fits more comfortably.…

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wfh (workout from home)

SKIPPING It’s for you if…You have a plethora of kids’ toys in your garage. Why it works: A study from the University of Georgia found that just one hour of daily activity that increases your heart rate, like jumping rope, reduces depressive symptoms and increases self-esteem. What’s more, jumping rope is a serious calorie burner: Just 10 minutes can be the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. Start for free: Get in touch with your inner middle schooler, set a timer and go. Or check out an online video of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) jump rope workouts. DANCING It’s for you if… Music is your BFF when you’re down. Why it works: According to research, it constitutes a pleasure double play: Music stimulates the brain’s reward centres, while dancing activates sensory and motor circuits. Studies have…

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staycation nation

PREP AHEAD “Psychologists have run fascinating studies about how to maximize the benefits of a vacation, and one of the most recommended tips is to try to get every last drop out of those ‘anticipation moments.’ The joys and benefits of a vacation don’t just lie in the trip itself but also in the days and weeks leading up to it, when you’re excitedly making plans. Research the best restaurants to visit, new recipes to try and plan ‘vacation’ clothing, maybe treating yourself to a new outfit or two.” MAKE A NEW ROUTINE “If you normally get up at 6 a.m. for work and have a morning coffee before dashing out the door, perhaps your new routine is to sleep in until 8 a.m. and check out a new local coffee shop for…

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best interview

BEST SKINCARE “My skincare varies, but there’s one step that is an absolute must: sunscreen. Growing up, I hated putting on sunscreen, but now, at 31, I’ll do whatever I can to keep my skin healthy, youthful and plump. I’m still not a fan of that sunscreen smell, so I opt for moisturizers that have 50+ protection in them.” BEST SWEAT “Daily movement has been critical for my mental health during the COVID-19 era, but I live in a condo so I have to get creative. I’ve been participating in Zoom workouts with my local fitness studios, boxing, doing yoga and cycling. When my motivation is low, I find a simple walk does the trick.” BEST FUEL “I love training early in the morning, and I’ll typically do it fasted – if I eat right…