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Bicycling August 2016

Since 1962, Bicycling has been inspiring people to get more out of their cycling passion. Get Bicycling digital magazine subscription today for action-packed issues filled with proven secrets to go faster, stronger, longer. Increase your stamina; buy the best gear for your money; locate a great ride; improve your performance; perfect your technique; fuel your passion.

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What makes a tire the fastest in the world? Is it a low rolling resistance? Better traction? More grip? We say all of the above, but as riders, we’ve grown used to compromise. That’s because most tires are made from carbon black rubber. And most of these tires have a hard time being good at more than one thing. Call it a tradeoff, but nobody is happy with settling—especially when their job is on the line. With tires, we saw a challenge, and our solution came with a single, funny sounding word: Gripton® Invented by an industry-leading team of scientists and engineers, Gripton® is a proprietary mix of synthetic rubber and an activated Silica compound. Yes, this secret recipe is made in something of a black site lab, but the tires it…

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the selection

1I’ve seen the Tour de France from inside press cars barely matching the speed of racers scorching Alpine and Pyrenean descents, and from inside team cars handing bottles and food and strategy and hope to the riders, and from inside the barriers so close to the finish line that some of the toughest athletes on earth have collapsed and wept where I stood, from the back of a motorcycle pacing a breakaway that was desperate and doomed and furious and eating itself to stay alive but in a way was so much just another day’s work for the riders that one of them looked over and recognized me and made just that existential joke, and from a helicopter that made the whole race—cyclists and caravan and fans and landscape—appear to…

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the one thing that changed it all

INSIGHTS, IDEAS, AND INSPIRATION FROM ALL K INDS OF R IDERS When I was growing up, in a small town in Malaysia, I’d look out my window at the gravel road that ran through the paddy fields and wonder what lay beyond them. When I was 15 I borrowed a road bike from a friend. The first thing I did was ride until I got to the end of the road where cows and sheep were hanging out, wild and free. Kids were playing in the mud and jumping in the river. I thought, “Wow, cycling gets me to those places I’ve been wondering about.” Being on my bike gave me a sense of freedom I could only imagine when I gazed out the window. It still does: Now cycling is…

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dawn patrol

A SUNRISE COMMUTE My routine starts the night before. Coffeemaker filled and ready to brew. Cereal bowl and spoon set on the kitchen counter. Clothes chosen so I can dress in the dark. I try to make it easy on mornings I ride the 21 hilly miles to work, to make it excuse-proof. Otherwise I might not do it. And if I didn’t, I’d miss this: my neighborhood still shrouded in darkness, a window glowing with the lamplight that guides another early riser. The click of my cleat meeting pedal, more resonant in the predawn silence than at any other time. The glorious cool of the not-yetsun-infused air on a summer morning. The trees and buildings and blades of grass reclaiming their familiar shapes as the sky glows orange, announcing the…

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next-level adorbs

MICHAEL AND MELISSA SALVATORE, co-owners of the Chicago bike company Heritage Bicycles, started shopping for a balance bike shortly after the birth of their first son, Bennett, in 2011. But when Michael couldn’t find one he liked—“they all had the same stamped frame, same generic saddle”—he decided to make his own. “I wanted something that mirrored what we were doing with our locally crafted, carefully designed commuter bikes,” he says. Inspired by the geometry of Chicago’s iconic bridges, Heritage mechanic Arlan DeRussy designed the original $300 birchwood Bennett bike. “The triangular cutouts make the bike lighter and give it structure as well as a little nod to the city,” Salvatore says. Next came a hardier composite version ($270, pictured on previous page), available in five colors and made of recycled…

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claim your right to the road

When you’re facing an angry or reckless driver, avoid escalating the situation, even if that means riding away. Don’t give the finger or curse. You’re dancing with someone driving a multiton vehicle who may have a weapon. It’s hard to believe, but cops hear riders say things like, “I’m a pro cyclist, so I don’t have to stop at stop signs,” or encounter cyclists who refuse to give their names. But this is your chance to be an ambassador for cycling—be as respectful and polite as you can. Even if you think the police officer is wrong, accept a ticket if you’re handed one. You should fight the citation in court if you think it was unwarranted, but having that confrontation on the side of the road is never a good idea. If…