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C10 Builder Guide Spring 2018

Get all the exciting content to satisfy the classic truck enthusiast in you with C-10 Builder’s Guide.

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a fresh new exciting outlook for the c-10 culture

IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW either Street Trucks or C-10 Builder’s Guide online, you may not have noticed that we’ve gone through some changes over the past few months. A strong, consistent flow of new, unique content has been flooding our social media accounts recently, and the website has been lighting up almost daily with new interesting activity. Adding digital life to what was once primarily a print publication, along with the replacement of our starting quarterback, gave this brand new room to grow which is great for both the readers and the manufacturers involved. I’m proud to follow the long lineage of amazing editors who once directed these brands and I hope to fill those extremely large shoes accordingly. Communicating with our audience and providing feedback to our fans will be…

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all the latest parts for c-10s

Replica Stripes Vastine’s 1981-1987 pin stripe kits THESE KITS ARE DESIGNED TO BE AN exact replica of the original, including size, shape and colors. Vastine’s offers these kits in all original factory color combinations as well as producing over 100 custom-color combinations to choose from. The simple and easy DIY installation makes them perfect for any level of experience. The company uses only the highest quality material with UV protection to give your truck the durable pinstripes it deserves. Vastine’s Paint Garage 214-536-7007 vastinespaintgarage@gmail.com Rear End Housing 1960-72 Chevy C-10 Ford 9” rear end housing and axles CURRIE NOW OFFERS A FORD 9-INCH housing and axle packages for 1960 through 1972 2WD C-10 trucks. This is the perfect performance-rear end for your classic or custom C-10 build. The new Currie Centurion heavy duty Ford 9-inch housing is built…

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lady low

HOW MANY TIMES HAS MELESA FARMER heard, “Is that your boyfriend’s truck?” We’re guessing that she hears it, along with other similar comments, from people all the time. Sure, it probably gets annoying, but since the truck belongs to her and not her boyfriend (she’s engaged, actually), she’s learned to brush it off. It’s just one of those things—most people don’t expect a female to own a ‘bagged and bodied C-10, or any other type of customized truck for that matter. We’re not sure just how often Melesa actually takes the time to correct those who assume the truck isn’t a product of her own hard work, but we’re sure there are hints of surprise and jealousy in the reactions of those she does take the time to respond to. “I’ve always…

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short bed dreaming

IF YOU’RE IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW C-10, you’re going to hit a harsh reality: Short beds ain’t cheap. If you find one that is, it might have a shotgun hole through the headliner, or maybe it’s missing the bed entirely. Either way, if you’re looking for a good deal, you might want to consider a long bed. After all, you can always cut it down. Kyle at Metalox Fab has made his living doing just that for loyal customers from all across North America for the past few years. The resulting beds have a tiny scar down the front and back, and sometimes not even that. He knows these trucks so well that the job is done like a surgeon—clean and perfect. We were fortunate enough to spend some time…

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watch for the change up

“The intrigue behind it was getting much more intense, and the only question that popped up next was who the pro was who previously owned this thing?” WE ALL WANT something exotic, something just a little bit different from what everyone else around us has, even if that “thing” comes in the form of a story—a history that packs an unexpected twist to separate it from the pack. With trucks, especially C-10s, the ability to one-up the other guy is key to standing out in a crowd. In the Kansas area, one would think that these old trucks line the two-lane back roads just waiting to be bought on the cheap. That’s the dream anyway. The reality is very much different from that picturesque image, and to find this out firsthand, we…

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“It’s been a long journey, but now that Dave finally gets to park his ’72 in his own garage, we’re betting that he’s going to squeeze every last drop of fun out of it, one tank at a time!” SOME BUILDS SEEM TO HAPPEN in the blink of an eye, especially with all of the high-profile TV and SEMA vehicles that seemingly come together in the span of mere weeks. Unlimited budgets and folks willing to work unimaginable hours do tend to get things done in an amazing amount of time, but they are still few and far in between, no matter what the Internet would have you believe. Take Dave Herrera’s ’72 Chevy C-10, for example. It was seemingly cursed as far as he could tell, with setback after setback delaying…