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C10 Builder Guide Summer 2019

Get all the exciting content to satisfy the classic truck enthusiast in you with C-10 Builder’s Guide.

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a fresh new exciting outlook for the c10 culture

WITH ONE builder’s guide under my belt that has been published and passed around nationwide, I can already feel the love this industry has for not only the trucks, but the lifestyle that ultimately tags along. The messages I’ve received and the warm welcomes tossed my way make me grateful for the position, and it opens my eyes to see just how many enthusiasts are actually paying attention. The C10 community is an active audience that is quick to praise, although ready to throw shade if you need correcting. Mistakes will always be made, but it’s nice to know the fans always have your back. In this issue, we are bringing some heat as we break down quite a few incredible feature truck stories, event coverage from around the country and…

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all the latest parts for c10s

’73-’87 Fender Tubz! 1973-87 MILD TUBZ FOR C10 TRUCKS are designed to simply bolt into the factory locations. Designed specifically for static dropped or mild airbag C10s, Slosh Tubz are approximately 2 inches taller than stock and 2 to 3 inches wider in the turning areas. The company offers Tubz that contour around the factory A/C or another version designed for a smooth firewall. Surrounding filler panels for firewall fender fillers and core support are also available. The Tubz are made of fiberglass and gel coated gloss black on the engine side. Slosh Tubzwww.sloshtubz.net479-599-9664 C10 Seal of Approval THIS FRONT DOOR VENT WINDOW weather-strip set is a four-piece set that contains the main vent window seals and division post seals. All of the pieces were designed from original parts for a precise factory fit.…

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seal it!

Rod End Dust Boots SEALS-IT RODOBAL DUST boots completely isolate the rod ends in your suspension and steering from dirt, water and other types of contaminants. The rubber boots form an external cover around the rod end, while the seal keeps corrosive elements from getting inside of the rod end and potentially binding it. Firewall Grommets MADE FROM A DURABLE nitrile rubber material bonded to an aluminum bezel, Seals-It firewall grommets are ideal for passing wiring harnesses, hose, hard line, throttle shafts, etc. through the firewall into your interior. They’re designed to stretch to let components pass through, and then spring back into place to seal tightly. Your choice of one-piece or split grommets; the split grommets come in two half-part sections so they can be mounted over existing hose, line or wiring. Axle…

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slammed64 super-truck

WHEN YOUR CUSTOM VEHICLE resume is as impressive and extensive as Tony Leal’s roster, the problem generally becomes what to do next—and how do you top your previous builds? Leal’s shop, now known as Slammed64s, specializes in the lowest of the low and the baddest of the bad and just so happens to generally revolve around the year 1964. Why ’64? Tony’s answer came quick and easy: “Because pretty much everything built in 1964 was badass!” He has knocked out a handful of 1964 truck builds before (featured in these pages and others), including both Chevy and Ford versions. But for this build, there was quite a bit more on the line than just topping his previous personal builds. This one would be entirely different and mean much more, as this 1964…

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new products of sema 2018

SEMA is the mecca for all things automotive. It serves as a grand unveiling for new project builds and reveals fresh products released to the marketplace. The innovation on display at the big show in Las Vegas is amazing to say the least, and while there is hardly room in this issue to report on all the new wares and gadgets that were showcased during the week-long event, we’ve sifted through the piles of goods and briang to you some of our favorites that are guaranteed to impact the scene in 2019 and beyond. From suspension components to parts to upgrade interiors and exteriors alike, as well as performance products, there were tons of new goods that captured our attention at SEMA ’18. It’ll be exciting to see these parts roll…

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WHEN JOSH GIFFORD decided that he needed to showcase his shop’s capabilities, he knew that he couldn’t just build something ordinary. Sure, you can show off the quality of your skills while keeping things understated, but Josh really wanted something that would make even the average non-automotive type stop in their tracks. Creative Mobile Interiors specializes in custom RVs and buses, so something large-and-in-charge was a must. The tough part was finding a worthwhile candidate. Maybe a wild Sprinter van? Nah. How about a new Ford Transit? Nope, too boring for the masses. Add in the fact that Josh is a bowtie guy through and through, and he soon realized that he wanted to take it old school and build a classic GM RV. Luckily for Josh, it’s not terribly difficult to…