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C10 Builder Guide Fall 2019

Get all the exciting content to satisfy the classic truck enthusiast in you with C-10 Builder’s Guide.

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concept to completion: do you have what it takes?

HONESTLY, HOW many times have you seen a close buddy or online acquaintance commit to a fully custom truck build knowing full well they’re never going to complete it? You can inspire them as much as possible with problem-solving suggestions or even a daily motivational quote you found online, but at the end of the day, you and I both know they don’t have the fortitude to see it through to the end. Some guys just have it, and some guys don’t. Which one are you? No matter how much planning, preparation and parts you have ready ahead of schedule, there’s going to be barriers along the way that have to be overcome, whether they’re financial miscalculations, family matters or health concerns. These trucks won’t finish themselves and they really don’t care…

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all the latest parts for c10s

Chevy LT Victory Pulley System CONCEPT ONE INTRODUCES AN ALL-NEW PULLEY SYSTEM FOR THE CHEVY LT family of engines. The LT Victory Series pulley system’s clean and simple design can be tailored with a variety of custom options and finishes for great appearance and function. Every Concept One pulley system incorporates top-quality components and a compact design—for ample clearance in both original and aftermarket chassis. Concept One Pulley Systems www.c1pulleys.com 1-877-337-0688 Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge APPLYING THE PROPER AMOUNT OF CLAMP LOAD TO A rod bolt is perhaps the most crucial operation in assembling an engine. Too much or too little torque can lead to engine failure. Measuring bolt stretch provides a 100 percent reliable method of getting the correct clamping load. Industry-leading fastener manufacturer ARP has taken accuracy to the next level with the introduction of…

7 min
the ghost

WITH THE hunt for good project trucks getting tighter these days, it must be nice to finally catch a break. Deals are still to be had out there, but definitely not like before. Expecting a little less while paying a little more seems to be the way things are headed when looking for an old truck to rip into, but every now and then, the universe has a way of rewarding a few lucky guys who deserve a bit of good fortune. Robert Crowley can definitely place himself in the category of guys who lucked out in a major way. The ’68 C10 he has now was handed down to him 18 years ago before the whole Chevy frenzy began. If he had the extra cash lying around back then, he…

4 min
pro sub

AS THE OWNER OF PRO Performance, Travis Dulgerian deals with a lot of awesome rides on a daily basis. Because of this, his standards are pretty high when it comes to building his own vehicles. Case in point: His ’64 Chevy Suburban is likely one of the most detailed you’re ever going to see, even if you don’t notice all of the intricacies right off the bat. And make no mistake—this Sub gets driven! Not only does it serve as the family taxi to shows and cruise nights, but it also serves double duty as a marketing billboard for Pro Performance’s new line of React Suspension components, so getting it out in the public eye is a priority. Subtle tricks by Matador Rods & Customs include improvements like filled hood and…

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square body paint swatches

WITH ’73-’87 GM trucks sprouting up with a vengeance, the demand for restoration pieces and parts for them has also spiked. As always, the aftermarket industry comes to the rescue when it comes to resto and straight up custom projects. When it comes to paint, however, those wanting to stick with a stock color (or as close to one as possible) have usually put their trust in their painter to recreate the original factory hues as best as they can. Some mixes and tints do come close, while others come in a shade or two off. That’s usually good enough for some but not for all—especially for the demanding purists in the crowd. There are always whispers about still being able to get the EXACT same paint for old GM trucks—you’ve…

2 min
eastbound and down

“For the past three years a group of truck enthusiasts gather along a trail with a common goal of ending up in Conroe, Texas, for one of the biggest and best shows in the South: The Lone Star Throwdown.” YOU MAY HAVE heard that the journey is the story and the destination is the result. Eastbound and Down to the Throwdown 3 did not disappoint. For the past three years a group of truck enthusiasts gather along a trail with a common goal of ending up in Conroe, Texas, for one of the biggest and best shows in the South: The Lone Star Throwdown. Some show up driving their classics, some are towing, and some are just rollin’ in their daily—but the group has gotten bigger and bigger, which means more fun…