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C10 Builder Guide Spring 2019

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letter from the editor

WHAT’S UP, C10 NATION! SO FAR, it’s been another amazing year for this tight-knit community of diehard classic truck fans. All three sectors of this industry, including truck owners, builders and parts manufacturers, have seen nothing but growth in 2019. Everything from bolt-on weekend modifications to fully engineered and custom fabricated chasses are on the rise all around the country. W With this record number of parts hitting the market, along with new trucks hitting the show scene, we feel it’s a pretty good time to break down some of the best suspension choices for your next C10 project. Whether you’re in the mindset to build a Pro Touring corner carver or a pinch-molding planted body drop, your options are abundant, and sometimes the lingo can get confusing. In this issue…

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all the latest parts for c10s

Compiled by C10 Builder’s Guide Staff Small Block Serpentine YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH BASIC BLACK. TAKE EDDIE Motorsports’ Raven Series S-Drive Serpentine Pulley Drive Systems. They feature CNC-machined billet aluminum brackets and engine-driven accessories—170 amp alternator, GM Type 2 power steering pump, water pump, Sanden A/C compressor and Gates belt tensioner (where applicable)—in your choice of black anodized, black powdercoated and matte black powdercoated finishes that will look good in any engine compartment. Like all S-Series drive systems, the Raven Series systems use either a six- or eight-rib serpentine belt depending on the application, and systems for GM LS engines come with an SFI-approved harmonic balancer. Eddie Motorsports was even thoughtful enough to use stainless steel fasteners. Eddie Motorsports Raven Series S-Drive Serpentine Pulley Drive Systems are available for these engines: ▪ Small…

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project raven stage 1

IF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ALONG closely, which we hope you have been, you remember from the last issue that we stripped the rear frame rails of all the factory parts and installed a new Performance Online full cell on Project Raven. This will give us the ability to remove to factory gas tank in the cab to gain a little more legroom as well as evenly distributing the weight of the fuel towards the rear of the truck. That part of the project went smooth as expected, but now it’s time to get a little more technical. The original coil spring suspension on these trucks worked as well as expected back in 1965. They were able to haul a large load and absorb the bumps in the road without bouncing…

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the grinch

Ultimately, I built this truck because building trucks is what I love to do. That’s not to say that nothing about the process was easy, but going in with patience and the desire to see a final product, I’m always down to take on a challenge. THIS ’65 C10, lovingly dubbed The Grinch by his owner, Ricky Holly, has that look of pure intimidation, even when it’s parked. A lot of work went into whipping it into its current state, and the truck even ended up taking on a life of its own during the build phase, which is almost to be expected with a truck as slick as this. In a period of 10 months, a carefully selected group of talented hands were able to revive the once-haggard pickup into…

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a band of brothers

CHANCES ARE GOOD you’ve heard of Brothers Trucks. The company, based in Corona, California, has been supplying 1947-1987 GMC and Chevrolet truck parts since 1995. Since then, it has established a large, consistent customer base, quickly making Brothers an industry leader. C With its enormous following, the Brothers Trucks staff hosts an annual gathering—the Brothers Trucks Show and Shine—that celebrates all things GMC and Chevy trucks. If you like variety, the show hosts everything from mild to wild. This year’s event took place on July 7, 2019, featuring some of the West coast’s nicest 1947-1987 GMC and Chevrolet trucks. Now staged at a new location, Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California, the 21st annual show went off without a hitch despite some uncertainty about the new location. This most prestigious event was…

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the legend of iron horse

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” A TIMELESS QUOTE, fitting for a timeless truck. As many of us in the auto world, Alabama resident Doug Kerr had been very close to his father his entire life. From father figure to role model to best friend and much more, Doug’s dad, Larry, played a big part in who he grew to be. The 1966 Chevy C10 Stepside you see before you actually has some Kerr family history to it as well. Starting as a parts truck for Doug’s brother, it was scooped up in true hotrod OG fashion by Larry who didn’t want to see it go to waste, and he began a full, frame-off restoration of the Chevrolet. Doug received the truck from his father about 10% completed and began to…