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C10 Builder Guide Summer 2020

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letter from the editor

YOU KNOW WHAT the great thing about our tight-knit community is? We all understand that there’s more to life than fortune and fame. Sure, we can all benefit from a little admiration and respect from fellow peers and family members, but profit and prestige are hard commodities to gain nowadays, even if you do build award winning one-off trucks. The vehicles we choose to feature are all unique with their own individual, owner-inspired details. Way more time, effort and money have been thrown into these projects than some people would ever expect. I mean, who starts a multi-year restoration project on a nearly 50-year-old rust-ridden Chevy without the financial means to finish it or an actual comprehension of how much effort it will actually take? Well this month’s feature stories are…

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all the latest parts for c10s

Independent Rear Suspension IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE ULTIMATE IN versatility in a suspension system for your Chevrolet C10 pickup, look no further than all-new bolt-on independent rear suspension kits and frames from Heidts Automotive. The back-half IRS kits allow for a wider tire and lower ride height while providing improved handling without sacrificing ride quality. Adjustable coilover shocks, Currie Enterprises third members, and C4 or Wilwood brakes round out a complete C10 solution. Available for popular 1967-’72 and 1973-’87 C10 models, the systems can be built into three unique kits—set them up as a standard IRS, or add Heidts’ full frame with IRS and IFS or full frame with IFS and a four-link rear. Heidts Hot Rod www.heidts.com 800-841-8188 Handle It! EDDIE MOTORSPORT’S BILLET ALUMINUM EXTERIOR AND interior door handles are equally stunning and well-designed. Precision CNC…

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garage goodies

Sign Up! SAY GOODBYE TO BORING WALLS with this two-sided 8-inch-by-40-inch metal Chevrolet Super Service sign with bold LED lights that look awesome lit or unlit. Summit Racing Equipment www.summitracing.com 800-230-3030 Spider Cords SPIDER CORD VARIABLE LENGTH HOOK BUNGEES GIVE YOU THE POWER to adjust the cord as long or short as you need. One Spider Cord can replace multiple fixed-length bungees and is great for camping, marine, automotive and general-purpose uses. Designed to go from 7 inches to 70 inches in one cord with no fuss! • Variable length: From 7 inches to 70 inches stretched to tackle any job• Longer Lasting: UV-stabilized and constructed from nylon braid, Spider Cords are 10 times more abrasion-resistant than traditional bungee cords• Smart Solution: Can be easily re-adjusted while still attached• Versatile and Handy: Replaces multiple fixed length bungee…

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take it easy

WHILE IT’S HARD NOT TO do everything in your power (and credit limit) to get everything needed to build the truck you want right this minute, taking things slow usually makes for better results. There is much truth to the whole “quality versus quantity” debate, as is there in the saying that goes something along the lines of “good work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t good.” A calculated approach is always suggested for a parts-heavy and labor-intensive project, and a cool head almost always prevails. Nothing was rushed, and all aspects of the build were properly prioritized—a true testament that timing is, in fact, everything. When Arizona native Andrew Barnett first started planning the build of his ’67 C10, the sky seemed to be the limit, but his feet were grounded…

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money shot

WHEN IT comes to a winning formula, there’s just something about a perfectly slammed C10 sporting the right wheel/tire combo, a gorgeous patina finish and that diesel chugga chugga. Wait, what? That’s right folks. Morgan Youngberg’s 1966 Chevy C10 may look like “just another patina C10” at first glance, but that’s where judging a book by its cover will get you into trouble. Yes, when you hear this super clean C10 fire up, there’s something creepin’ under the hood. Morgan wanted to do something a little different, and although a nice classically clean exterior presents itself, below the surface is much, much more. But let’s back up a bit here. Morgan had been on the hunt for a nice C10 build for a bit. He knew he wanted to start with…

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barbecuin’ with bow ties

YOU MAY NOT KNOW IT, but about nine miles northwest of downtown Phoenix is the town of Glendale, and once a year this small town transforms into a Mecca for classic Chevy truck diehards. Dino Battilana is a hardworking business owner during the day and one of the most hardcore Bowtie believers in the country. Building badass trucks and having friends over to your house for a cookout is satisfying enough for most men, but not for Dino. A once-per-year gathering of gearheads with limits on the line-up and no money needed is more his style. No registration and no admission are necessary—just show up hungry and be ready to talk trucks! For the last 10 years, he has been doing that exact concept, and the whole country is taking notice. The…