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C10 Builder Guide Winter 2020

Get all the exciting content to satisfy the classic truck enthusiast in you with C-10 Builder’s Guide.

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stick with it!

OVER THE PAST year we have been diligently disassembling our ’65 Chevy C10 and replacing the original outdated components with new modern bolt-on replacements. The process has been painful, and the build budget was blown quite a while ago, but a combination of persistence and peer pressure eventually pushed us across the finish line and into the history books with another great magazine project build. We learned a lot of important lessons along the way, met tons of really cool, passionate people and most importantly, we finished what we started. Even with a predetermined project plan, expectations of unexpected issues and a little extra money in savings that we could throw at the build if need be, we were still pulling our hair out with aggravation at times. The trick is…

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all the latest parts for c10s

Grillin’ Out AUTO METAL DIRECT HAS redeveloped a full line of premium quality grilles for the ’73-’87 Chevy square-body trucks. A grille is one of those parts that is sure to catch someone’s attention; at a show or local cruise night, basically it is the face of your truck. That is where AMD can help keep you and your truck looking good. With the company’s all-new grilles, you can replace your well-worn grille with a brand new one. Known for top quality OE-style sheetmetal, each AMD grille features the correct shape, size, bends, tabs, holes and OE finish like original for the discerning purists looking for that original look. Installation is a breeze as AMD maintains all the factory mounting points. GM offcially licensed product ’75-’76 Chevy: Argent Gray ’80 Chevy: Argent Gray…

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we’ve been framed!

THE CHASSIS UNDER YOUR OLD TRUCK WAS ADEQUATE for its day. But that day isn’t today. They weren’t designed to handle the horsepower modern engines make, let alone meet the ride and handling demands we expect from our hot rods. It might be a good idea to slide a new Heidts Complete Chassis Kit under your vehicle. The kits feature a TIG-welded 10-gauge steel frame with body mounts, complete front suspension with disc brakes, a four-link rear suspension with a 9-inch Ford rear axle, and rack-and-pinion steering. Compared to the money, time and effort needed to bring your old junk up to snuff, a Heidts chassis can be money well spent. Heidts Superide II independent front suspension with stock-height spindles 1.25-inch upper and 1.5-inch lower tubular control arms Single-adjustable front and rear…

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hot lava

SHORT AND LONG TUBE HEADERS ARE A GREAT WAY TO IMPROVE the performance of an engine, but underhood temperatures may also increase from the excessive heat being radiated. Heatshield Products Lava Wrap significantly reduces exhaust-generated underhood heat while improving exhaust efficiency and engine performance. And the product is proudly made in the USA. Lava Wrap uses a specially formulated proprietary weave featuring volcanic rock-based fibers that function to keep more heat in the exhaust header to increase exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). The fibers are more durable and 25% stronger than traditional fiberglass exhaust wraps. Lava Wrap can withstand up to 1,200 degrees F of constant direct-contact heat—that is a real-world and reliable rating—and 2,000 degrees F of intermittent heat. Heatshield Products www.heatshieldproducts.com 844-723-2665…

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ls classic

LOKAR RECENTLY INTRODUCED A full line of parts and accessories designed to give your LS engine a vintage look. Among these parts are its new valve covers, which have the appearance of a classic Chevy big block from the ’60s and ’70s. The scaled-down cast aluminum valve covers are available in a raw finish, chrome or Chevy orange and bolt directly onto LS cylinder heads with no adapters. Only 2 inches tall, they come complete with a ported PCV fitting, internal baffle, screw-in oil cap and all associated fasteners and hardware. Made in the USA. Lokar Performance Products www.lokar.com 865-824-9767…

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shift your shifter

IF THE LOCATION OF YOUR MANUAL SHIFTER LEVER JUST doesn’t seem to “feel right,” then look no further than Lokar’s new patent pending AxiShift and AxiShift Pro. The AxiShift series of shifter adapters gives an almost unlimited range of adjustment, allowing you to orient your shifter lever into the perfect location. The standard AxiShift and the AxiShift Pro both allow you to make precise adjustments prior to locking in the desired position. This is achieved by providing 360 degrees of axial rotation of the shifter lever as well as having the ability to tilt 15 degrees in any direction. The standard AxiShift simply bolts onto Tremec TKO 500/600 and T56 Magnum shifters, whereas the AxiShift Pro requires replacing the shifter stub and ball joint assembly in the TKO shifters. The AxiShift…