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C10 Builder Guide Fall 2021

Get all the exciting content to satisfy the classic truck enthusiast in you with C-10 Builder’s Guide.

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letter from the editor

YOU GUYS ARE WILD! THE C10 community is an amazing group to be part of. The love and support we see shared and spoken at events and online is unlike any other tribe of truck enthusiasts on the planet. We speak the same language, we like the same entertainment and we all give praise to the almighty Chevy. It’s a strange bond we share so strongly with each other, yet is 100% absent from almost everyone else in our day to day lives. The real question isn’t, “Why do we love these trucks so much?” It’s, “Why don’t they live and breathe C10 trucks as well?” I mean really—what else is there to think about? It’s actually funny to see some faces of a non-truck person listen to some of our…

3 min
all the latest parts for c10s

Copper Header Wrap GENERATION II COPPER HEADER WRAP IMPROVES HEAT RESISTANCE UP TO 30% MORE THAN CURRENT TECHNOLOGY BY utilizing a new proprietary coating developed by Thermo-Tec: improved Thermal-Conduction-Technology (T-C-T). Generation II Copper Exhaust Wrap creates more horsepower and reduces under-hood temperatures, increases exhaust scavenging, withstands continuous heat up to 2,000 degrees F and contains no asbestos. Generation II Copper Exhaust Wrap is a Thermo-Tec exclusive. It is sold in 1- or 2-inch wide, 50-foot rolls with a low profile 1/16-inch thickness. Thermo-Tec 800-274-8437 www.thermotec.com ’67-’72 Outer Rocker Panels SUPERB REPRODUCTIONS OF THE ORIGINAL OUTER ROCKER PANELS WITH ALL CONTOUR AND detail for the 1967-72 Chevy and GMC truck are now available to order. They’re made with high quality steel with smooth stamping, making it easy to form during installation. Applied with black EDP coating to…

5 min
tow (the other woman)

TRUCKS HAVE CERTAINLY evolved over the last century. At first, they were simply built to offer more cargo room than cars, since they were pretty much just built on passenger car chassis. Once truck-specific chassis were made, they were able to carry heavier loads at the expense of a rougher ride. Once consumers had had enough of that, manufacturers figured out a way to not only increase cargo capacity, but also offer a decent ride. Today, well—we simply want it all. We all have our own ideas of what makes the perfect truck, but for most of us, hauling stuff is no longer at the top of the list! Chris Chandler from Campbell, California, can certainly relate. His love of C10s runs deep, but the only thing Chris was interested in…

6 min
the smoky mountain ’77

BRIAN WOJCIK IS THE lucky owner of this killer patina-clad ’77 C10 Scottsdale, as well as half-owner of the very shop that built it. Brian currently resides in Las Vegas, but the shop that he is very much invested in, Smoky Mountain Rod & Customs, is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Sure, that’s a big piece of space that stands in his way, but luckily Brian found himself a great partner in Rob Perry. The two are able to get together, make things happen and bridge that nearly 2,000-mile gap with constant communication and a likeminded devotion to creating the coolest custom vehicles. Brian has handled the financial aspect of the business from the start, and Rob handles the day-to-day business side of things, which means he is hands-on with the fabrication…

6 min
the hometown hero

LIKE MANY BOYS WHO GROW UP in a rural setting, when John McGraw, Jr., turned 15, his attention changed from Midlothian, Texas, youth sports to personal transportation. He would soon be old enough to drive, and his quest for independence would come in the form of a faded blue 1970 Chevy truck. The object of his automotive obsession was located right around the corner from his parents’ home sitting on rusted steel wheels with flat tires. John’s dad pointed out that the asking price was a bit high for a truck that didn’t have a motor. The young man would not be dissuaded, and his persistent pestering of the neighbor finally paid off. That weathered and worn stepside was eventually hauled home. John McGraw, Sr., is well known in the dirt track…

16 min
round and round we go

HERE WE GO AGAIN! EACH YEAR, the crew at the C10 Builder’s Guide collectively puts together its list for this year’s best wheel and tire options for your next project. Whether you’re looking to lift it, lower it, reset it or drag it, you can find something for your style over the next few pages. The trend of bright chrome or heavily polished rollers is still strong in this game, but colors and custom finishes have made quite the impression over the last few years, which is exciting to see. Now you have the ability to personalize and customize your vehicle without modifying its factory characteristics if that’s the path you were looking to take. We don’t only document the best on the market, but we also dive deep into the…