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C10 Builder Guide Winter 2021

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letter from the editor

TO SAY THE CHEVY C10 truck culture is hotter than it’s ever been would simply be an understatement. The sheer number of enthusiasts alone surpasses any previous number in history of daily average users. There are more bolt-on parts available for these amazing trucks than ever before, and the level of skillset it takes to restomod one of these trucks is more common than you may expect. C10-specific events are popping up all over the country with some bringing out up to 2,500 trucks for a single weekend get together. It’s crazy! Not only is the consumer side of the C10 community thriving, but the manufacturing side and even the media side has recently seen an increase in enthusiasm. Some of the best American-based facilities are pumping out super high-quality, very…

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all the latest parts for c10s

Deluxe Bench Seat TMI PRODUCTS RECENTLY DEBUTED THIS 60-INCH DELUXE BENCH SEAT with an all-new design that took more than two years to develop. It combines the best qualities of a bench seat mixed with the comfort and functionality of bucket seats along with a center console and a storage area. The Deluxe Bench was in response to customer requests for a bench seat that had all the functionality, comfort and storage of a pair of bucket seats with a console. Now you can get the best of both worlds. Bolstered bucket-style seats that, with one quick flip, turn into a three-person bench seat. TMI Products INC 888-460-0640 www.tmiproducts.com Hood Hinges and Latch IF YOU ARE TIRED OF MESSING WITH YOUR HOOD latch and rusty hinges that either stick open or closed, check out these pieces of…

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twin teslas from salvage to savage

WHAT IF WE said someone is swapping out the combustion engine in an old classic farm truck for a new fully electric Tesla motor. Pretty cool, but you’ve heard that one before, right? That’s what Mike Rolleri and the crew at Salvage to Savage thought when they were planning their next big build. So, when someone mentioned adding a second Tesla motor in the front, brainpower overtook horsepower and the excitement built up faster than the price tag, which is going to be massive at this end of this build. Do you think that factor even once left a doubt in Mike’s mind? With this one, money doesn’t exist, and only the absolute best will be considered. On top of all that, Mike decided it would be a good idea…

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chop suey

FOR ANYONE who is not familiar with the chaos that comes with building a car for SEMA, to make a long story short, it consumes you. Day and night, weekdays and weekends, the process and task of building a SEMA car in often under a year really takes over your life from beginning to end. For Henry Fisher, his build for SEMA was named “Chop Suey” because of all the chopping, customizing, fabrication, shaving, stretching and fitting they had planned for his SEMA debut. Once Henry saw his ’68 C10 out of the shop, he felt he had achieved what he set out to accomplish and build a truly one-off custom truck that will stand out in any crowd. With Henry being the guy that he is, he needed something he could…

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summit racing nationals

THE GOODGUYS 23RD SUMMIT Racing Nationals show in Columbus, Ohio, was a welcome sight to all. Presented by PPG, it was one of the first major events to return to Central Ohio since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the 2020 show was canceled, it wasn’t clear even at the beginning of 2021 whether the show would go on. Thankfully it did—and successfully. More than 6,000 people from at least 40 states were registered to show off their rides, featuring all makes and models. Despite a drizzly Saturday morning and rainy Sunday, the days were pleasantly cool as thousands of gearheads crowded through rows upon rows of show cars, restorations, and vintage muscle cars and trucks. It was a great time to gather the family, eat some good food and…

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is gas in the past

IN A SCENE DOMINATED by LS engine swaps, the C10 community is faced with very few motor upgrades that receive commanding attention, though the tried-and-true 350 or something along the lines of an LT mill are readily available and reliable. Of course, there are other alternatives to these selections, but one particular path has been disregarded as a legitimate source for power and torque—electric! That’s right. It is possible to build and drive a C10 without a gas-guzzling engine underneath the hood. All we needed was for someone to come out and prove to us that assembling the parts and fabricating the install is feasible, even though the entire process may still sound as foreign as building a spacecraft. But have no fear, and wait to cast any and all doubts…