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Canadian Living Special Issues SIP no.3 - 2019

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tapping into premium quality maple syrup

Canada is world-renowned for its maple syrup. The Maple Treat Corporation, a division of Lantic Inc., is a proud pioneer of the maple syrup industry and one of the largest single purchasers and bottlers of maple syrup in the world. Our 100% Canadian owned and operated company works with over 1500 maple farmers who deliver their maple syrup directly to our facilities. How do we maintain our incredibly high benchmark for quality? Every drum of syrup we receive is independently graded by an accredited third party and verified by our rigorous quality control. The result: high-quality maple syrups that are 100% natural with absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. The Maple Treat Corporation is proud to put premium quality maple syrup in the hands of consumers around the world. It takes 40 litres…

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happy baking

The holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year! When it comes to celebrating this season, we know how important it is to be prepared for hosting relatives and friends, impromptu get-togethers and being a party guest. So by reading this special issue, you’ll have taken the first step to delighting in the merriment the holidays offer, and you’ll be inspired to bask in the joy of baking. With a vast assortment of delectable goodies, you can trust you’ll find a treat here for everyone—even those anti-dessert types (we all know one, right?). Start with our first chapter, where numerous showstopping cakes featuring heavenly flavours and intricate designs await. Next, peruse a veritable showcase of everything chocolate, from fudge, truffles and brownies to squares, doughnuts and mini cakes. Then, take…

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maple a canadian classic

It's the classic syrup Canadian families have been pairing with pancakes for generations. Maple syrup is more than just a national cultural symbol—it’s a product with a proud Canadian history. The Maple Treat Corporation, a division of Lantic Inc., is synonymous with world-renowned production standards for high quality, 100% natural maple products with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Discover exciting new possibilities for making mealtimes even more memorable! Mix it up with Maple! WHY NOT TRYÉ • Swirling maple flakes into yogurt or oatmeal• Swapping maple sugar in for other sweeteners in your hot beverages, smoothies, and baked treats• Sprinkling maple flakes for added sweetness and crunch to salads…even fresh fruit• Getting creative and adding maple flakes or sugar as a unique flavour twist in other favourite foods! DID YOU KNOW? Both maple flakes and…

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presented in partnership with Robin Hood® TEST KITCHEN TIP Do you love to bake? Then reach for Robin Hood® flour–for consistent excellent results every time. Meringue Cake with Clementine Marmalade MAKES 6 TO 8 SERVINGS HANDS-ON TIME 45 MINUTES TOTAL TIME 7 HOURS 1 cup Clementine Marmalade (see below)¾ cup egg whites (5 or 6 eggs)1 cup granulated sugar¼ cup brown sugar1½ tbsp cornstarch1½ tbsp white vinegar1 tbsp vanilla Ganache 2½ cups whipping cream (35%), divided3 oz orange-flavoured liqueur7 oz dark chocolate, chopped⅓ cup sour cream Garnish 1 sugar-coated clementine Preheat oven to 275°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper; trace 4 circles of different diameters, with largest one of 9-inch diameter. Using electric mixer, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. In separate bowl, mix together granulated sugar, brown sugar and cornstarch; beat sugar mixture into egg white mixture 1…

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the canadian living test kitchen

Eggs & Baking • All recipes in this book were developed using large eggs.• One large egg yields about 2 tbsp egg white and about 1 tbsp yolk.• Unless otherwise specified, let eggs come to room temperature. However, cold eggs separate more easily than those at room temperature.• To separate eggs, use three bowls. Crack each egg over one bowl and pull shell apart, keeping one half upright holding yolk and pouring white in other half into bowl. Pour yolk into other half shell, letting white drip into bowl. Repeat until as much of the white as possible is separated from yolk. Pour yolk into second bowl to hold yolks. Pour white from first bowl into third bowl to hold whites. Continue with remaining eggs, always using the first bowl for…

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All-purpose flour: A combination of milled hard and soft wheat that is bleached, regular all-purpose flour requires no sifting before measuring. It works in most baking recipes, from biscuits to cookies to cakes to pies. There are two other types of all-purpose flour: an unbleached version, which is cream-coloured and becoming more available and popular, and a whole wheat version. Both can be used cup for cup in place of regular all-purpose flour and require no sifting before measuring. Bread flour: For yeast breads and buns, there is hard wheat flour that may contain increased gluten. It comes in versions such as white, multigrain and whole wheat. They require no sifting and can be replaced cup for cup by all-purpose flour. Cake-and-pastry flour: Recipes for cakes and pastry often call for cake-and-pastry flour,…