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Canadian Running July/August 2017

Dedicated to getting runners the tools they need to succeed, Canadian Running gives professional advice and inspiration on everything you need to be faster, fitter and healthier. The magazine provides the latest on training, gear reviews, nutrition information and recipes, tips on the best places to run and race, and the inside story on the elite running scene.

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10 questions with mountain and ultrarunner cassie smith

A former national gymnast, Cassie Smith is a competitive ultrarunner and two-time member of the Canadian trail running team. She will be representing Canada this summer at the iau World Trail Championships in Badia Prataglia, Italy. When she is not running, Smith works as a psychotherapist at the University of Waterloo and is a passionate advocate for mental health. 1 What would you say are your defining characteristics as a runner? People tell me that I’m always smiling when I run. What they don’t know is that my “I’m in pain” face is indistinguishable from my smile. The truth is that, while I most certainly do suffer, I also find immense joy and peace in the highs and lows that come with running for hours and hours on end. It is in…

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breaking 2:15

In May, the running world was inspired by Eliud Kipchoge’s performance, where he f lirted with what was previously believed to be impossible – breaking the twohour barrier in the marathon. But perhaps we shouldn’t have been so in awe as, in a sense, the mark had already been broken. Paula Radcliffe did it 14 years ago. At the 2003 London Marathon, Radcliffe lowered her own world record from the previous year by nearly two minutes to 2:15:25. Today, that stands as over two per cent better than the second fastest time ever (2:17:01, run this April by Mary Keitany). According to reputable analysis done a few years ago in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Radcliffe’s world record translates to 1:59:55 by a man. This is arguably the greatest single performance in history…

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Dog-Gone Fun p.14 DIANA FOXALL ran for the UBC track team while in university, and has since retired from racing – at least for now. These days, when not working as a journalist, she can also be found on a bike, in the pool, or on a mountain. In addition to Canadian Running, Diana has written for publications across the country and produced radio for the CBC. Running in Riding Mountain p.42 TARA CAMPBELL is a runner and writer from Saskatoon, now based in Omaha, Neb. She’s a former elite level hockey player, who is now running her way back into competitive sport after more than a decade away. Tara chronicles her journey for Canadian Running in a weekly blog. Is your Achilles your Achilles? p.37 BRITTANY MORAN has been running her entire life. She…

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the warm-up

Waterloo, Ont. woman sets four-child stroller world record in the marathon Jenn Weatherall and four others crossed the finish line almost simultaneously at the Ed Whitlock Half-Marathon, a part of Waterloo Marathon weekend. The 42-year-old pushed two strollers, containing four children, for 21.1k. The double-stroller-pushing mother completed the half-marathon in 3:24:52. She opted for a push-and-pull method with one of the double strollers out front and the other trailing behind. Weatherall also had a GoPro set up to capture race footage. The Guinness World Record for fastest half-marathon pushing a single child in a stroller by a woman is 1:27:34 (although not currently ratified, Julia Webb ran 1:22:57 at the Rock ’n’ Roll Chicago Half-Marathon last July). Collect ’em all! Two of Canada’s world record holders, beer miler Corey Bellemore and joggler…

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Man chugs 13 beers during half-marathon, finishes in 1:43 University of Notre Dame senior Emmet Farnan drank one beer for each of a half-marathon’s 13 miles (21k). He opted to drink the beers via the shotgun method – poking a hole towards the bottom of the can and drinking through said hole after opening the tab – Farnan ran the beer half-marathon in 1:43:42, 4:45 per kilometre pace, while drinking, for 21.1k. He captured the entire run on camera – a requirement for recordkeeping purposes – and the video, which contains some nsfw language, has been seen more than 157,000 times on YouTube. The drinking was done as part of an official race, the Holy Half-Marathon, a student-organized event in South Bend, Ind. A friend carried the beer while biking alongside Farnan…

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dog-gone fun

If you’ve ever wanted to take running with your dog to the next level, it might be worth investigating your local canicross scene. The sport combines cross-country running with techniques and commands from dogsledding, and involves the runner being pulled behind the dog with the two connected by a tight line. It’s often the entry point to other canine-powered events like skijoring and bikejoring, in which the dog pulls its owner who is on cross-country skis or a bike, respectively. “Going out for a run with your dog usually means that your dog is at your side,” says Halifax canicross coach Sarah Peel. “It’s a little more relaxed than canicross – the communication is still there – but it’s not quite the same.“ Peel has been training dogs and humans to combine their…