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‘I just hope they realise its importance – it’s Jaguar’s Porsche 917’ Maybe it’s because I’m getting old. Maybe it’s because I caught the 24 Hours of Le Mans over the weekend, and few of the cars could be described as beautiful; certainly not the hypercars. Or maybe it’s just because I’m ignorant, and if you don’t know much you tend to go with the mainstream choice (like when you start drinking beer and think Fosters is fine). When it came to important old Jaguars, my thinking ran to the D-Type and E-Type and little further. Whatever the reason when I saw Jaguar’s Classic’s first finished C-Type Continuation I wasn’t ready for it, and the effect was profound. A half-eaten bagel dropped to the floor, my heart rate soared and I lost…

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audi aims sky-high

Audi is planning a private jet for the road. Its latest concepts – the luxury-lounge GrandSphere and the morphing, open-top SkySphere – are proof of its lofty ambition. After a few false starts, it wants to go from business class to the VIP elite. Design boss Marc Lichte and his deputies – exterior head Philipp Romers, interior head Norbert Weber and senior design director of Audi America Gael Buzyn – have been tasked with creating a next-generation A8 to have Bentley worried. On this evidence, they might just manage it. While the brains behind the GrandSphere and SkySphere concepts have taken inspiration from classic coachbuilt Horch models, they are firmly future-orientated, with advanced self-driving capability, electric power and sustainability all front of mind. The five-door neo-GT GrandSphere, which will eventually replace the A8…

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the crewe connection

Bentley is already doing a fine job as the VW Group’s luxury badge. On average, a Bentley sells for around £200,000 – £28k of that being options added during the customisation process. The Crewe factory is flat-out. Its waiting list is growing – and its operating profit for the first half of 2021 stands at €178m, €113m more than in 2019. Room for Audi to get punchier on price, then? Looks that way. The German marque could push well north of £100,000 while still leaving plenty of headroom to Bentley’s patch. Mercedes has similar ambitions. As Audi heads upmarket it’ll find itself up against the upcoming Maybach version of the Mercedes EQS.…

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georg kacher’s inside line

Merc struggling with e-G... new hydrogen Maybach... AMG Two takes on Rimac ► Even though it’s totally unsuitable for the job, Merc’s mighty G-Class will go fully electric very soon, as previewed by the Concept EQG at the 2021 Munich motor show. The heavy ladder chassis is currently limiting range between battery charges to a scant 155 miles. The next-generation G, designed with electrification in mind, might be as far off as 2030. That will have a longer wheelbase, spaceframe architecture and a wider lightweight body, albeit keeping the familiar boxy, rugged style. In addition to the e-driveline, it’s likely to retain a couple of combustion engine options. ► Via Maybach, Merc is keen to keep cashing in on the luxury car craze – but which model it will release next is…

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maserati’s lightning strike

Factfile POWERTRAIN 100kWh battery pack (est), three e-motors CHASSIS Aluminium and carbonfibre DUE End of 2021 1 SPARKING A NEW PATH It’s been a long time since Maserati teased a new GT car – the Alfieri concept debuted back in 2014 – but the ancient GranTurismo and GranCabrio are finally being reborn. The new ‘Folgore’ tag – Italian for ‘lightning’ – will be applied to every new Maserati EV. They’ll all have 800-volt architecture, like electric Porsches. 2 UNDER THE SKIN Maserati has released a video of its new EV powertrain, showing a carbon tub with an aluminium subframe housing battery packs and space for one front and two rear e-motors. The GranTurismo’s batteries will be built at the Mirafiori Battery Hub in Turin, and Maserati promises that (despite a lack of engine) the new GT will have ‘a unique,…

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schuey hits netflix

Many already knew Michael Schumacher was gifted long before he climbed into a Formula 1 car. He’d spent the ’80s cleaning up in karting and bagged two single-seater titles before joining Mercedes’ set-for-stardom/German boyband sports car squad. A seemingly oddball step for a man with his heart set on F1, the logic behind the move into endurance racing was sound. Outside of the scrutiny of F1 he’d hone his skills and racecraft, in all weathers and over long distances, get ridiculously fit, and learn how to be a part of a manufacturer-backed squad, with all the tedious politics and press conferences that entails. When Michael arrived in F1, he’d be ready. And he was. 1991-1995 FAST TRACK TO GREATNESS Schumacher makes his Fl debut in Jordan’s peachy 191. He’s never driven Spa before so…