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CBS Soaps In Depth

February 18, 2019

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february sweeps preview

All of Thorne’s recent thoughts of his beloved, deceased Darla can’t be a good thing for his marriage to Katie! (HOWARD WISE/JPISTUDIOS.COM) Hope Holds Beth! Still grieving the loss of her own child, Hope will be sent into a downward spiral by the news that Steffy is adopting an infant daughter. “She wants to be happy for Steffy,” explains Bell, “but her own pain is more than she can bear. How is it fair that Steffy has two daughters, and she has none?” Hope’s inner turmoil reaches a pinnacle when she finally comes face to face with her stepsister’s new addition, who has been named after Steffy’s late twin. “When Hope holds Phoebe, her world is turned upside-down,” says Bell. “Will she discover that her beloved…

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will lola lose kyle?

“Don’t look now,” Kyle warned Lola, “but my crazy ex-girlfriend is standing right behind you. I said don’t look!” (HOWARD WISE/JPISTUDIOS.COM) “This is the first sign that this couple might be broken!” The In Depth Story: Lola is looking forward to her and Kyle’s double date with Mariah and Tessa, but her mood sours fast when Summer and Fen arrive at the GCAC. “Summer makes Lola feel on edge,” admits Sasha Calle, who plays the chef. “Lola knows that Kyle loves her, but it’s hard for her to pretend that Summer never existed — or that Kyle never had a relationship with her.”Especially when Summer goes out of her way to remind Lola of exactly that! “Summer is relentless and pushy!”…

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remembering carol channing

Actress Carol Channing, who guest-starred on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL in 1993, died last month at the age of 97. A longtime fan of daytime and friend of B&B creators Lee Phillip Bell and the late William J. Bell, the Tony- and Golden Globe-winning actress (best known for her lead role in Broadway’s Hello Dolly!) played herself on the soap when the Forresters staged a splashy Salute To Hollywood fashion show. The episodes also included legendary stars Charlton Heston, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows.“All of us at B&B mourn the loss of our friend, the legendary star Carol Channing,” read an official tweet from the soap. “She was a true original, and there will never be anyone like her.” She was a bright star. NBCU PHOTO…

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sonny’s in the danger zone!

Margaux and Sonny may have agreed to let bygones be bygones, but Carly wants the D.A. to say bye and be gone! (ABC) The In Depth Story: D.A. Dawson came out of the gate way too hot. Between targeting Mike, getting Carly sent to Ferncliff and playing such a shady game with Drew’s memories, “she didn’t do herself any favors,” sighs her portrayer, Elizabeth Hendrickson, whose character had fans empathizing with the don instead of the law. “Sonny needs to remain in that position [of power] or the show ends. But it’s also hard not to love him! I understand it.”Even Margaux has been forced to recognize the Mob boss’ infamous heart of gold. “Sonny got to her in a way that surprised her,” Hendrickson says. “Once…

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february sweeps preview

“There are many French things I can show you,” Ted whispered to Hope. “French bread, French fries, French kisses… ” (XJJOHNSON/JPISTUDIOS.COM) Who’s Got Charlotte? Abigail’s been keeping Chad at arm’s length, but when Charlotte gets kidnapped, the frightened parents join forces in an effort to get their baby girl back. The Old Jack Is Back! As Jack’s mayoral campaign heats up, Jennifer is beside herself when his ruthless side reappears. Meanwhile, learning Haley’s secret helps JJ to bond with her, but sharing it with his dad is a huge mistake! Will Jack betray his family to score a win? Will Kate Die? When Kate is drugged and left for dead, Rafe plays the hero — but can he save her in time? Rafe’s white-knight syndrome strikes…

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(SEAN SMITH/JPISTUDIOS.COM) Y&R Don’t Put Out This Glo Just Yet! STATUS THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Gloria hasn’t been stirring up trouble lately, but portrayer Judith Chapman is now causing all kinds of chaos on DAYS OF OUR LIVES! Does her new Salem gig mean that Genoa City’s seen the last of Gloria? Hopefully not! The In Depth Story: Chapman made her DAYS debut last week as Diana Cooper, who shares a romantic past with Salem hero John Black. And her new character also happens to be the mother of con man Leo, played, of course, by Y&R alum Greg Rikaart (ex-Kevin)! (Y&R fans need no reminding that the duo also played mother and son in Genoa City.) Y&R’s scrappy Baldwin clan became immediate fan…