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May 11, 2020

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jealousy could take kyle “to a dark place”!

The In Depth Story: Kyle isn’t exactly sleeping alone these days as he and Summer fantasize about their new future together. But that doesn’t mean he wants to see Lola in the arms of his greatest rival! “I think that is a huge fear of Kyle’s, whether he admits it or not!” chuckles portrayer Michael Mealor. “At the same time, Kyle knows that he has no say in Lola’s life anymore, so he has to sit back and watch [Lola and Theo’s relationship] play out!” Still, Mealor insists that his alter ego’s issue goes far beyond jealousy. “He worries about Theo’s intentions and whether they’re genuine or just another way to get under Kyle’s skin,” shares the actor. “And if so, that’s a pretty low blow. I feel like Kyle may…

1 min
tangled triangles

NIKKI/VICTOR/ASHLEY: Victor wined, dined and wed Nikki when he became smitten with the blonde bombshell during her stripper days. Still, his eye strayed to brainy, beautiful Ashley, which had this trio orbiting each other’s lives for years! SHARON/NICK/PHYLLIS: Sure, Nick and Sharon’s marriage may have crumbled after Cassie’s tragic death, but it didn’t help when he began a passionate affair with Phyllis before he and his wife divorced! JACK/NIKKI/VICTOR: Initially, Jack wooed Nikki to push rival Victor’s buttons — and she responded in order to make The Mustache jealous. Their plan worked, and they even fell in love for a short time, but unfortunately for Jack, Victor is the only man for Nikki!…

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write turn for alum

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Nia Sioux (ex-Emma) took to Instagram to announce some exciting news: the publication of her first book! “This has been a project that’s been in the works for over 15 months now,” she said of the children’s book Today I Dance, which was inspired by her own introduction to the dance world, and centers on a message of inclusion. “It’s about my first experience taking a dance class when I was super young and what it felt like to put on tap and ballet shoes.” Today I Dance will be released on Monday, June 26, and is available for pre-order at bookbynia.com.…

2 min
jordi vilasuso shares his family’s covid-19 scare

The In Depth Story: Kaitlin explained that after being with a friend who later tested positive for coronavirus, she, her husband and their daughters, Riley, 7, and Everly, 3, all fell ill. “[Kaitlin’s] symptoms were much more severe than mine,” the actor added. “I had a fever for two or three days and was just low… like you would [be] with any fluish virus. Then there was this thing that happened that made it so real for me: Two days [earlier], she lost her sense of taste and smell… and then I had it, [which] lasted for about a week. “I think the real scary thing about this whole virus is where are you on the symptom scale — are you mild or severe, and ‘mild’ being pneumonia,” he went on.…

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go abroad… while in isolation!

B&B kicks off Monte Carlo Week on Monday, April 27, beginning with a two-part, behind-the-scenes reality special that’s never been aired on broadcast television before! Fans will be treated to BECOMING BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, a documentary-style special that follows the B&B cast on location in Monaco in 2016. The episodes will feature “backstage” interviews with the actors involved in the remote shoot and will give viewers a glimpse into the logistics of bringing the soap to an international location. As the week continues, B&B will air the episodes taped during the remote shoot, along with another classic Monte Carlo episode. For a more detailed description, see page 10.…

1 min
a y&r family reunion… sort of!

The In Depth Story: Available at stonecoldandthejackal.com, the installment featuring Doug Davidson (Paul, Y&R) chatting with his onetime castmate and his buddy from GENERAL HOSPITAL (where Burton and Anderson play Jason and Spinelli, respectively) features the veteran actor discussing his start in Genoa City, his long friendship with Rick Springfield (ex-Noah, GH) and, of course, Burton’s stint as his surprise offspring! Meanwhile, over at Stone Cold And The Jackal, Burton and Anderson’s YouTube channel, you can find them answering 7 QUESTIONS WITH STEVE & BRAD and welcoming guests such as GH co-star Josh Swickard (Chase). “The fans are really responding,” says Burton, who works hard to bring the show to life. “I edit it and add some sound effects for fun.”…