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CBS Soaps In Depth

July 8, 2019

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phyllis goes after adam!

The In Depth Story: The gloves appear to be coming off for Adam and Phyllis (once again being played by Michelle Stafford). “Phyllis believes that Adam was behind her kidnapping, so she thinks he’s crossed the line and is ready to fight him at his own game!” says co-executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith. “Adam sees Phyllis as a worthy opponent and someone who is a kindred spirit. But that doesn’t mean he trusts her!” “Phyllis is ready to fight Adam at his own game!” Indeed, when Phyllis confronts him about his activities in Las Vegas — including his possible connection to someone who once lived in Genoa City — Adam realizes just how formidable his brother’s ex might be as an adversary. Still, Adam hasn’t spent the past few years as a professional gambler…

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someone’s gonna die!

The In Depth Story: Lies and deceit take a twisted turn this week, resulting in someone’s tragic and unexpected demise. Just when you thought the storyline surrounding the baby-switch secret couldn’t get any more explosive, new developments will send gasp-worthy shockwaves that will continue to reverberate for weeks, if not months, to come! By keeping the baby swap on the down-low, some characters privy to this damning secret have tried to convince others who are in the know that what’s done is done and that no one else will get hurt if they just keep quiet about what went down. But this week’s big twist proves at least one thing: The fallout from this heartbreaking fraud is as unpredictable as a gale-force hurricane — and there’s no telling who will have to…

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a baby for kim?

The In Depth Story: Scattering their son’s ashes at Mt. Kilimanjaro with Drew gave her a small sense of closure. But “she’s missing her other half,” portrayer Tamara Braun sighs. “It was just the two of them. So for better or worse, they were each other’s everything, and Oscar was the main relationship in her life.” “Kim’s not thinking clearly. She doesn’t want to deal with the fact that Oscar’s really gone.” Having decided that having another baby would be the only thing to fill the void, Kim approached beau Julian with the idea — and was shot down. But that did nothing to stop the determined OB/GYN’s mission, and this week, she will explore another avenue. “She’s not thinking clearly,” warns Braun. “It’s grief [speaking]. Kim’s generally a pretty rational and…

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will jennifer get “her” jack back?

The In Depth Story: Now that the journal containing the formula for Dr. Rolf’s memory-restoring serum has been found, Jennifer will urge her ex-husband to give it a try. But knowing what he now knows about the dark parts of his former self, will Jack really want to give up the person he’s become? And an even bigger question: What might remembering his past with Jennifer mean for his current marriage to Eve? Despite the risks, it’s a tempting opportunity. But Jack has questions. Look for him to seek out Kayla for more details about the magic drug and its other potential side effects… like the deadly brain tumor that Will developed! At the end of the day, Salem’s new mayor will need to ask himself if regaining the memory of his…

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cbs soaps in depth

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Y&R What Will Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis Do Next? IN Last week, Michelle Stafford resumed playing THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Phyllis. And pal Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael), like viewers, can’t wait to see where the Emmy winner takes her alter ego this time around! The In Depth Story: Stafford’s return completes the switch fans have been expecting for several months now, ever since it was announced that Gina Tognoni was being recast with the very actress she’d replaced. Tognoni made her final appearance on June 7, and while LeBlanc had nothing but praise for his exiting co-star, he tells Soaps In Depth that he’s thrilled to welcome his dear friend back to the soap. “It is an odd situation. Whatever show Gina is on, she is a huge asset. Gina was seamless, and made the…