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Christmas Ideas® magazine serves and connects women who are passionate about decorating their homes for Christmas and the Christmas experience they create for their family and friends. Christmas Ideas inspires her to dream and gives her the confidence to move from dreaming to doing.

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Happy holidays! The most merry time of the year has arrived, and we bring you a multitude of ideas and projects to help you create beautiful trees, decorative accents with bling, faux wreaths made to display for many years, unique hand-embellished gift wraps, and more. We’ve packed these pages with tips, techniques, and traditions of the season. One of our featured homeowners, Heidi Parson, page 22, tells us her secret to tree decorating is cozying several large red bulbs deep into the branches. “They are my foundation,” Heidi says. “They look expensive, but they’re plastic. I place 10 or 15 of them, and I use wire to secure them in place.” Another homeowner, Michael Wurm, page 66, lives in central Pennsylvania. He says his winter weather lasts seven months a year,…

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Q&A with MICHAEL WURM inspiredbycharm.com Q. WHAT’S YOUR TREE—REAL OR FAUX? A. Nothing beats the look and smell of a real tree. But this particular tree is faux, prelit, and flocked. I tend to decorate early so a faux tree extends the life of my decor. Q. WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? A. Color is the first place I start and inspiration can come from anywhere—ornaments, ribbon, or just a new color scheme I want to try. This particular tree was inspired by a plaid ribbon I found at HomeGoods. Q. DO YOU HAVE ANY FAMILY SECRETS FOR CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING? A. My mom always used ribbon on her tree. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to fill it out, especially if you don’t have a lot of ornaments. I always start there. Don’t just wrap the…

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THE REAL ROUTE WHETHER YOU’RE A FIRST-TIME BUYER OR YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD ONE AT THE CENTER OF YOUR FESTIVITIES, HERE’S HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR REAL TREE. FRESHNESS CHECKLIST Needles should be green and flex when bent, so check before you buy. Make sure the tree doesn’t shed many needles when you run a branch through your fingers. And, of course, you want that fresh-tree smell. SMART MOVE Standard services (free or for a fee) at tree farms and lots include tree cutting, baling, and tying it to your vehicle. If it’s offered, do the machine shaking, which gets rid of dead needles, spiders, and other pests. ROOF RULES Two tactics prevent wind damage on the drive home: Wrap your tree in a tarp or blanket if it isn't baled, and load…

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Ornament Hooks These sturdy, 16-gauge wire hooks come in six finishes. 12 for $7; wirestormcreations.com Caroling Speaker Plug lights into the Holiday Brilliant Lights speaker to synchronize them to eight popular tunes. $19.98; homedepot.com Modern Classics Get the look of wooden garland without the work of painting and stringing beads. $19.95 for 10 feet; cb2.com Scented Sticks The ScentSicle ornaments make your artificial tree smell like a fir. $8.99 for six in White Winter Fir scent; scentsicles.com…

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where to take your final boughs

Most communities have curbside and drop-off options for disposing of your real tree. Some city departments recycle trees into mulch or compost. Check the procedures and restrictions on tree size in your area. Consider repurposing the tree with these ideas from Melissa J. Will, who writes the Empress of Dirt blog. Cut slices from the trunk to make ornaments and other crafts. (She recommends first debugging the slices by placing them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper in a 175-degree oven for an hour or two.) Use greenery as winter planter decorations. Or turn the whole tree into a bird-feeding station by stringing it with popcorn, berries, or pinecones covered with peanut butter and birdseed. LET GO OF OLD LIGHTS SWITCHED TO LED STRINGS? TAKE YOUR INCANDESCENT VERSIONS TO A HOME…

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TOO PRETTY TO OPEN These gift toppers might warrant skipping the wrapping paper altogether. Layers of heavyweight crepe paper create bracts with plenty of body. Lightly brushing on glitter glue gives the paper a light curl when dry. A mix of gold and silver glitter forms the centers. HOW-TO CREPE-PAPER GIFT TOPPER MATERIALS □ Heavy crepe paper □ Rotary cutter and mat □ Crafts glue □ Bone folder □ Bract templates □ Gold glitter glue □ Flat or sponge paintbrush □ Hot-glue gun □ Glass glitter □ Double-stick tape DIRECTIONS Cut eighteen 5-inch squares from crepe paper. Cut each in half on the diagonal. Stack two triangles together so the crepe paper grain aligns. Apply a bead of crafts glue to bind the long edges of triangles. Set aside to dry. Repeat for remaining 17 pairs. Open the triangles and flatten the center with the bone folder.…