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BH&G Christmas Ideas 2020

Christmas Ideas® magazine serves and connects women who are passionate about decorating their homes for Christmas and the Christmas experience they create for their family and friends. Christmas Ideas inspires her to dream and gives her the confidence to move from dreaming to doing.

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Just because this year’s holidays may look different, the Christmas season doesn’t have to feel different. Now it seems even more important to deck the halls, wrap everything in cheer, and create Christmas magic for ourselves and the family members who share our homes. We hope you’ll find inspiration in these pages for creating your own magical at-home holiday wonderland. Take a peek at up-and-coming color trends (page 46) and our featured homes for a variety of palettes, themes, and designs—from mostly white (page 30) and brights (page 88) to black-and-white patterns (page 74) and pulled-from-nature decor (page 58). We also offer aha ideas for crafting wreaths (page 24), floral arrangements (page 38), custom gift wrap (page 66), and table settings (page 82). You may even be inspired to stretch your…

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TRIM the TREES BIG OR SMALL. FRESH OR FAUX. RED AND GREEN OR PINK AND SILVER. OUR RESIDENT DECORATING WIZARD, LINDSEY ELLIS BEATTY, DREAMED UP THREE DAZZLING LOOKS THAT WILL ADORN YOUR HOME WITH JOY. MODERN SENTIMENTS Traditional holiday symbols get a glossy makeover with simple shapes and loads of bright red and white. BASE A medium-size woven basket provides a tidier footing than a tree skirt. ORNAMENTS Dress branches with large red Gobstopper-like globes mixed with favorite holiday images. For an extra-sweet touch, suspend candy canes from the frosted boughs. GARLAND First hang the strands of lights, and then dangle a garland made from felt balls along the branches. TOPPER Try a homespun take on stars with a large matte wood version. WILD & WONDERFUL Twirl up a tree fit for any mountain cabin with a menagerie of…

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merry crimson

“I break out the boxes of red decorations and divvy them up. While they are the same from holidays past, they get allotted to different locations based on my annual whims.”—LOUISA CRAVEN, HOMEOWNER“My elegant black gift wrap is actually from a huge roll of kraft paper I purchased on Amazon.”—LOUISA CRAVEN“The secret to flocking greenery is in a product I order online. I spray the trees or garlands with water then use a flour sifter to shake on SnoFlock flakes.”—LOUISA CRAVEN A TRIO OF TREES IN HER OPEN-CONCEPT LIVING SPACE, LOUISA CRAVEN WANTS HER TREES TO COMPLEMENT ONE ANOTHER WHILE EACH EXHIBITING ITS OWN UNIQUE PERSONALITY. HERE’S HOW SHE DOES IT. 1 DINING ROOM TREE I (page 13) Louisa packed these branches with large and small faux-cranberry stems. Some already had snow or glitter…

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front & center

SEASON IN BLOOM Delicate as they are, the poinsettia flowers on this wreath will not expire with the holiday season. Kept out of the elements, these paper blooms can make an appearance year after year. Download, print, and cut patterns for blossoms and leaves at BHG.com/HolidayWreaths. Accordion-fold the paper to form a single section of a flower. Then hot-glue sections together for the overall bloom. Repeat to create as many flowers—in as many colors—as suits your design. Small clusters of double-sided crepe paper leaves and red-painted wood beads transform into graceful branches when hot-glued to stem wire and wrapped with florists tape. Secure finished flowers and stems to a white willow wreath with hot glue. TIGHT-KNIT CHEER Celebrate your love of knitting by dressing your front door with a wreath adorned in yarn.…

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cultivating style

All year round, my words are ‘magical’ and ‘dreamy’,” says Tammy Damore. “At Christmas, it’s taken up a notch.” Followers of her blog and Instagram account, The Cultivated Home, know this all too well. They see her pick a theme; generate ideas; shop for specific florals, linens, and accessories; and bring it all together in late October. “I carry around a paper planner all year long with notes about where I’ll put the tree this year, what colors I’ll use, where I’ll add garlands,” she says. In June, she reevaluates and tweaks her plans for the next year. Her motivation is not making the house pretty for photos—though her photos are beautiful—but making the house feel special when her children, grandchildren, and friends gather. In her childhood home, “Christmas was a…

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holiday blossoms

INGREDIENTS RED ROSES RED CARNATIONS SHORT-NEEDLE PINE INGREDIENTS GREEN SPIDER MUMS WHITE CARNATIONS GREEN HYPERICUM BELLS OF IRELAND “Use what you have for containers. A jar, wineglass, plant pot, or just about any watertight container can be used to hold your arrangement.”—WADE SCHERRER, PRODUCER INGREDIENTS WHITE SPIDER MUMS WHITE ROSES VARIEGATED PITTOSPORUM SEEDED EUCALYPTUS SHORT-NEEDLE PINE INGREDIENTS POINSETTIA BALSAM FIR RED HYPERICUM “Grocery store bouquets are a cost-effective way to bring fresh flowers into your home on a regular basis.”—WADE SCHERRER INGREDIENTS WHITE HYDRANGEAS RED ROSES SILVER BRUNIA THE IN-“GREEN"-IENT LIST HOLIDAY GREENERY When making a from-scratch arrangement, fresh greenery adds the perfect professional finishing touch. Take a look at some of our favorites to add to your purchased florals. Most are readily available in local grocery stores or floral shops (or take a peek out your window and trim them from a nearby tree!).…