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Classic Bike Guide December 2020

Classic Bike Guide is a down to earth, practical - and sometimes irreverent - magazine that gets right to the heart of the classic bike world. With a mixture of features, tests, reviews and event reports it is the title that has become a must for the active rider and restorer. Classic Bike Guide magazine - with the biggest and best readers adverts - FREE! Enjoy the digital edition - and save over 50% on the print susbcription price.

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HERE’S TO EVERYONE ENJOYING THE final flurry of nice riding days! Although I do love those surprise autumnal or winter days where the roads are dry and the sun, for a few hours, is our friend. That’s the glory of not having immaculate bikes – they are always available for an impromptu ‘blat’ out. Here at Hullville, we can tell it’s getting colder; not because the bike meets are getting quieter and darker; not because that jacket liner gets put in. We can tell because come late evening, the slugs move into the kitchen. I just cannot find where they come in, slimy little buggers. The kids think it’s hilarious. I don’t. They’ve been seeking warmth for years; just like my BSA not starting when it’s still warm. Dynamo and magneto are…

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catalina grand prix

Between 1951 and 1953 the small island of Santa Catalina, 27 miles off the West Coast of the USA, hosted the Catalina Grand National enduro, an event designed to test both a rider and machine’s prowess on-road and off. After those first three years, the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) didn’t like the rules the Catalina event ran to, so withdrew their permit. Not put off, the event continued to run independently, growing every year – 1956 saw more than 1000 entrants. The 10-mile lap around the island’s paved roads, dirt tracks and ‘oiled dirt surface’ affected everyone on there and the sheer number of people gave tremendous economic benefits. Because the race had few rules – there were two classes, below and above 250cc – many manufacturers including NSU and BSA were using…

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i want-a triumph tr6c

A WELL-THUMBED PICTURE OF A 1967 TR6C Trophy hangs in Allan Seggie’s garage. He’s not a chap to indulge in sentiment, but nevertheless will admit to going giddy at the knees on sight of Triumph’s iconic green and white Street Scrambler. “The majority of TR6C Street Scramblers were made exclusively for the American market,” Allan informed me while I was photographing his Trophy ‘special’ for this month’s build feature. “The yanks loved them,” Allan continued, “and Triumph twins were more popular throughout the Sixties than Harley-Davidson’s own home-grown V-twins. Not only did our vertical twins out-perform and out-handle Harleys, they out-sold them for almost a decade, keeping Triumph buoyant throughout troubled times. But unfortunately for UK enthusiasts, most TR6C production ended up overseas to meet US demand – with just a…

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cbg contributor caylee hankins

Classic Bike Guide contributor, Caylee Hankins, tragically lost her fight with cancer on October 31, 2020. There wasn’t much this talented young lady couldn’t do; I met her racing dirt track on a Harley-Davidson in Croatia, but she was also a professional photographer, gifted writer and film producer. There are few that can ride and shoot as well as Caylee could. I only met Caylee a few times, but it was her personality that was so addictive and made her shine. Without trying, without wearing the right clothes, she seemed always to be the coolest person around. A regular competitor in the Dirt Track Association (DTRA) in the UK, Caylee had been riding for just a few years and had already ridden around Vietnam and more recently Morocco, both times carrying photographic…

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classic news

IMPORTERS TAX HIKE TO FOLLOW EU DEPARTURE IF YOU ARE planning on importing a classic motorcycle from Europe, it might be worth getting your wallet out now, as you may have less than a month to do it without incurring extra costs. Cross-border parts buyers and sellers can also expect longer delivery times, as new tax rules relating to the UK leaving the EU come into force. Importing a classic motorcycle more than 30 years old from Europe does not currently incur VAT payable in the UK or Duty. The Government has decided that such machines will still not incur Duty, but will be liable for 5% in VAT. A spokesman for HMRC said: “Vehicles over 30 years may be classified as collectors’ pieces, which incur a 0% duty rate and a 5% VAT…

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Premier Trophy BTR helmet £300 fowlers.co.uk I was looking for an old-style, full face helmet when Premier showed us this Trophy. Not only does the shell represent the Seventies shapes so well, but the paint job is amazing and really makes this new helmet look like an old one. The shell is composite with the EPS (polystyrene to you and I) multi-density and the lining is really sumptuous with leatherette edge and moisture-wicking fabric. The cheek pads are removable for washing, the double-D ring is anodised and the whole helmet has a quality feel to it. In fact, it’s more comfortable than a lot of contemporary helmets I’ve tried. But with a retro look, comes retro features; or lack of them. The visor has no anti-mist coating and as the helmet has…