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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics August 2017

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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doing it all over again...

Don’t believe that ‘nostalgia ain’t what it used to be’ rubbish. It is, and then some. The proof of this is in the recent Pro-Am Challenge at Knockhill. Think of it: take 16 identical Yamaha RD250LC bikes (well, almost identical, each one has a certain character) and plonk on top legends of old: one team of eight from south of the border and one team from north. Now, as battles go, England versus Scotland is kind of a biggie… Y’know, Bannockburn, Culloden, football, referendums, we can’t help ourselves. When I saw the team lists, I had to concede that the Jocks had the English whipped… but thankfully it was closer than that and it was a brilliant spectacle: check out the video on YouTube and check out more pics on page six of…

2 min.

Steve Cooper Bike lover (literally) He rides them and wants to take them home! See the Kwak Hybrid on page 30 and Benelli 750 Sei on page 38! John Nutting Master of MIRA Files The old smoothie compares new and old this month: can the latest Triumph Bonneville retro beat an original? Stan Stephens Tuning Legend Super Stan the Man gives us part two of his excellent RG400/500 Special (page 114). This issue: the rebuild! Ralph Ferrand Biker’s Toolbox bloke The DT175 gets its exhaust painted on the wife’s washing line and our Ralph sorts Blue Spot brake calipers. Mark Haycock Q&A King Master Mark is back with more Q&As but also is sorting more bits with his leaky Yamaha TX500 (page 80.) Gary ‘D’ Chapman Best photographer in the world EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! Gary ‘D’ Chapman is the man who did the cover shot, the Hybrid…

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pro-am returns!

What a sight and what a sound (and we’re not talking about the bar afterwards) but instead the amazing Pro-Am Challenge at Knockhill. It was Scotland versus England and eight Jocks versus eight Sassenachs and all aboard the Yamaha RD250LC around the tight and twisty Knockhill circuit. The Scots were led by our own Niall Mackenzie, with an excellent team of Brian Morrison, Iain MacPherson, Joe Toner, Donnie McLeod, Iain Duffus, John Crawford and Sandy Christie. The English team captain was Alan Carter who led Andy Muggleton, Curt Langan, Geoff Fowler, Dave Crampton, Graeme Mitchell, Dale Robinson and Charlie Corner. Our own Niall was claiming this was going to be revenge for Culloden in 1746, and on the day he took the win in the 12 lap race, with the Scots taking the…

5 min.
2002 bmw r 1150 rt

I’ve got a fair few anecdotes about my trials and tribulations with BMW’s R1150RT but you may laugh at this one most… I was once trapped between an 1150RT and my Fiat Coupe Turbo, while Swing Out Sister’s 1986 hit tune Breakout was playing at full volume. It was 2003 and BMW only specified a compact cassette player in this tourer, so I had resorted to digging out my varied selection of Eighties pop, whacked it on full-titty (earplugs and wind-noise means it’s the only way you can hear it) and I then proceeded to paddle backwards on my pock-marked drive. Many a slip twixt drive and road and verily I lost my footing on the broken concrete and was slapped mercilessly against my own (now dented) car. I was unable to…

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older and cheaper

Okay let’s talk older brother here and look at the major differences when it comes to wonga. The R1100RT first came out in late 1995 and cost a whopping £10,450. The core of the bike was the then (recently) new 1085cc air-cooled ‘oil-head’ boxer twin engine, first seen in the quirky-looking R1100RS of 1993. The RT was actually three kilos lighter than the RS and it was also incredibly good at what it did – touring – but also incredibly ugly, well at least from the front-on view. It looked a little like some strange fish that lives in thedepths of the ocean. This didn’t seem to put people off as 60,000 were sold before the 1150RT was launched with a big stab at making the thing look nicer. As well as the…

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café racer festival

Two hundred riders from all over Europe experienced the rush of charging around the historic banked Montlhéry circuit south of Paris at the fifth ‘Café Racer Festival’ in June. Watched by thousands of spectators, an eclectic mix of classic race bikes, traditional café racers and modern preparations were split into four groups according to their style, each group getting three 20 minute riding sessions per day. Typical of the quality of the bikes being given serious workouts were two fantastic Suzukis built by French enthusiast Philippe Beaubert for himself and son Vivien to enjoy. His XR69 endurance racer replica started life as a classic superbike project in Germany before Philippe set about modifying the frame and engine to period Yoshimura specifications. The GS1000S retains the standard frame, with the engine pumped up to…