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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics August 2018

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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3 min.
who got you started?

Well? Who was it? Was it your brother, father, sister, mother or uncle? Or maybe a best mate? It’s a nostalgic question that’s left me all dewy-eyed this month. We received a letter from reader Carl Clarke who wanted to say ‘thank you’ to CMM’s own Pip Higham for helping him get into bikes. You’ll see the letter on page 20, but the long and the short of it is a teenage Carl turned up at Pip’s bike shop with a crisp fiver in his hand and ended up leaving with a bike (sort of) of his very own. Suffice to say Carl’s still into bikes to this very day and wanted to say thank you. So who would you like to say thank you to? Perhaps we should include them in…

2 min.
millyard’s marvels

We know our very own Allen Millyard may get a little uncomfortable with the praise he’s about to receive, but then it’s a mark of the man that he’s so humble. Pictured here (and in an exclusive road test on pages 44-52) are the fruits of his many (often seemingly crazy) labours. He’s the man in specials building and motorcycle engineering who seems to make the impossible possible and the frankly foolish flight of mechanical fancy look ‘factory’. But then this was the man whose first special was a BSA Bantam with the engine from an Austin Mini. A man (well, lad) who – by the age of 18 – had already built a 180cc V-twin from two Honda C90 motors. He was so proud of the Mini/Bantam, that he took…

3 min.
are specials special? or just money pits?

Many people customise, thinking that they are enhancing their classic, and this can seriously devalue the machine yet in some rare cases it can enhance It’s all down to taste, but in general most customised classics are worth much less than a standard machine. Why is it being customised? Just because they want something different, or does the builder have a vision and the capability to carry out that vision, realise it and do it well? Classic Motorcycle Mechanics’ own contributor Allen Millyard immediately comes to mind. He has a vision of enhancing a Kawasaki two-stroke triple and grafts on two extra cylinders, works with all of the consequences and works relentlessly until it looks like a factory prototype. He has a vision and the ability to execute it beautifully. But such…

3 min.
the naked truth

For many, a standard motorcycle is the perfect starting point for creating a special, taking the result of millions of yen worth of R&D and setting about making it better. The Streetfighter scene is one sector of the used motorcycle market that simply fails to go away; some builds soak up ridiculous amounts of time and cash, but there’s no shortage of those that don’t! The origins of the Streetfighter can be traced back to the mid-1980s, with the race-rep craze sweeping the nation it wasn’t long before many of those crutch rockets ended up in the hands of insurance companies who had paid out to settle claims for various GSX-R/FZR/CBR models after they’d ended up crashed and bashed. The insurance men then resold them back into the market; some were broken for…

2 min.
the latest riding kit, top tools, tyres, retro clothing and more!

SHARK S-DRAK HELMET Apparently this S-DRAK lid is part of SHARK’s ‘metro’ division. We guess that means cool helmets for street use…They also say this is inspired by ‘neo-retro’ culture. What we can say is that this is a cool-looking lid, with a quick-release visor system, two shell sizes, removable/washable interior and it’s compatible with SHARKTOOTH communication and SHARK Easy Fit for specs wearers. Sizes XS to XXL. www.nevis.uk.com ACE SPITFIRE COLLECTION WATCH TW Steel’s collection of watches (these are ACE203 and 204) celebrate a number of things, the RAF’s 100th anniversary, its most famous fighter aircraft, Swiss-watch reliability and men with money who like watches. Around £899: www.twsteel.com SAMCO SPORT HOSES These are what the editor is going to use on his 1994 Honda VFR750 F-R RC36! It’s a full Samco Sport Hose kit…

1 min.
book corner

SPEED: THE ONE GENUINELY MODERN PLEASURE A superb book from Mat Oxley, this charts the marriage of the bicycle to the internal combustion engine and the search for speed since then. A hardback with 170 pages and many glossy black and white plates, it looks in some detail at the early years of man’s quest for speed on two wheels, where average speeds quickly moved from a sedate 27mph at Britain’s first motorcycle race in 1897 through to the later eras, where – by 1937 – the world speed record stood at a staggering 173mph! Highly recommended. www.matoxley.bigcartel.com…